Stephen Horner and those like him are dispicable idiots!

Whenever something is going well for the great majority of people, there is always “that guy” to make sure everyone is just as miserable and dispicable as he is.  Stephen Horner is “that guy.” 

In order to drum up more ticket sales and awareness of their product this past season, the Colorado Rockies held some Wednesday night ladies night promotions.  So ingrained in our culture is the ladies night that 30 years ago it was the title for a Kool and the Gang album.  For the Rockies, it is a smart move from a business standpoint.  They held many promotions this past year, two of which my kids were a part of

But to Horner and guys like him, such promotions are discriminatory.  He can’t enjoy the perks so no one should be able to.

“I was denied equal privileges at the Rockies game because of my gender,” Horner wrote in his complaint.

What a complete jackoff!  To make matters worse, it turns out that Horner has made a regular habit of calling out ladies night promotions at bars and taverns that dare try to make a dollar by getting women through their doors.

Horner has filed 14 suits in Denver and Aurora municipal courts over ladies night promotions.

Thirteen were against bars that held the promotions, and one was against a newspaper that advertised a ladies night.

So far, he’s lost all four of the cases that have been before a judge, including the one against Westword, which ran the advertisement.

There is nothing more pathetic than the man that claims to be harmed by some person or policy that in actuality, has no effect on him.  Like the man that claims a woman sexually harasses him, such people are masking their monetary ambitions with claims of “equality” and gripes about “fairness.”  And in the end, the general public pays the price.  Since promotions aimed at kids discriminate against older people, say bye-bye to those.  And since giving women cheaper drinks on one night of the week is unfair, male and female alike suffer.   Thanks Stephen Horner!  Way to fight for a worthy cause you retard!

As a sidenote, this case has been looked at by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission last June.  In their infinite wisdom, they decided this:

“Ladies’ night promotions may not involve price differentials or other differential treatment based on a protected class, whatever the intent,” reads the resolution it adopted. “The Commission strongly discourages ladies’ night promotions and recommends instead that establishments consider neutral promotions involving perhaps free or reduced admissions to a limited number of customers who appear before a certain time.”

Apparently its okay to discriminate against people who are late but don’t you dare give a lady a $1 daiquiri in a plastic cup!  WTF?

UPDATE: For a comprehensive look at the twisted mind and racist worldview of Steve Horner, check out the comments here.  And for a funny comedy central spoof showing just what an ass clown Steve is, click here.

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  1. Well, Jesus, we better drop discounts for kids and the elderly, too! Age discrimination!

  2. This seems like something that will be corrected once it gets high enough, though. It affects too many people and is too patently ridiculous. Either that, or the Rockies could just have “Lipstick Night”.

  3. It would appear that Horner has found the way to get his fifteen minutes of fame. He may be a jerk, but the true idiots are those so politically correct and nervous about being ‘tolerant and inclusive’ (like the mental midgets of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission) that they continue to trample over the rights of the private property owner and the average individual in society. We’ve railed against such stupidity and warned against it’s encroachment on our culture here on Conclub for years. We are ever vigilant.

  4. Horner is a bitter man angry because his wife left him a few years ago and he insists on taking out his anger on the female population. If I were his wife I would have left him too. He is an ignorant man that thrives on causing problems for people that have nothing to do with him. Ladies night helps to keep these businesses running. He needs to get a life.

  5. Good points by Stephanie. Especially the “he needs to get a life” part.

  6. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha. I am so overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction after reading the above comments. Anytime I’m able to shove the burr of patriotism under the saddles of the idiots,cowards,and bastards it just absolutely makes my day. Thank you idiots,cowards,and bastards.And, for an important update,last week I finally won two back to back ladies’night settlements in Denver county court.Next stop: District Court where the big bucks are paid out for civil rights violations.I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank after I find myself discriminated by some national chain…I’m on the lookout for that ripe and juicy sexist and self-serving bar and/or nightclub.Steve Horner from

  7. So after clicking to Steve’s site, it is clear that such a man should absolutely not be coaching anyone on how to parent. Instead of coming on here to vigorously defend his position, he acts like a 10 year old and only affirms the fact that he is a money grubber. Nice work Steve. And if people like you are not “idiots, cowards or bastards,” then I will wear the term as a badge of honor. You, sir, are a disgrace!

  8. This guy was roaming around Minneapolis in the mid- nineties complaining about this same stuff what a total loser.

  9. Thank you Steve for clogging up our already overburdened court system with your useless tripe. Because of you every bar I go to will now be even more of a sausage party than they already were. Thank you for reminding me why I hate lawyers.

    But he’s got a point we should also get rid of kid’s menus if I want to go to my local diner and have the Mickey Mouse then Damn it I should be able to! And why are people with disabilities and children allowed to board a plane before me? Why should they get preferential treatment? Why is it only women are allowed in the ladies room? It so much cleaner in there.

  10. Can anyone even for a moment put yourself in this obviously pathetic man’s shoes? No, you can’t because your not a loser. This geek will go down in history as the biggest “B-hole” in the world (it says B-hole, because this loser doesn’t deserve the A!)

  11. Whatever. All of you are bitching about something that, if the roles were reversed, you would be screaming until you were blue in the face. The fact of the matter is, it is ILLEGAL to discriminate against someone based on their gender. End of story, stop crying and live with it. Letting women into a club for free but charging men is sexual discrimination and is illegal. Most people say they don’t care, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is wrong. All of you list stupid examples, like how there won’t be any women at your favorite bar anymore. Well, what about people who go to bars for reasons other than taking home drunk sluts who won’t go to bars without incentives? What if your car insurance was more expensive because of your gender? Oh wait, I forgot, insurance already costs more for men. What about health insurance? Why can’t I open a bar and have a “No Mexicans” policy? You people are so selfish and pathetic, it is obvious you don’t give a shit about anyone’s rights, especially when those rights interfere with your opportunity for preferential treatment.

  12. Well, what about people who go to bars for reasons other than taking home drunk sluts who won’t go to bars without incentives?

    You mean losers?

    What if your car insurance was more expensive because of your gender? Oh wait, I forgot, insurance already costs more for men. What about health insurance?

    Insurance premiums are based entirely on statistics. They are quantifiable, measurable numbers not taken from polls, but from real, hard facts. For example, I would suggest that Steve Horner would be rated as a high risk candidate thanks to his litigious history. Therefore, if I were selling insurance (particularly auto insurance), I’d charge more than I would for normal people.

    Why can’t I open a bar and have a “No Mexicans” policy?

    Consistently and constantly disallowing entry is discrimination, providing temporary incentives to attract a different crowd who might not otherwise come is a business strategy. Disallowing women as members in the Augusta Country Club is discrimination. What Steve Horner sues after is actually the opposite of that, because it’s comparable to if Augusta Country Club offered discounts to women who wanted to join to get more of them in there. Is that preventing or discouraging men from joining? No, because the men pay the same amount they did before. If the discounts for the women ended, the men would not get that discount. They are not being penalized in any way, shape or form.

    Steve Horner’s crusade will ultimately fail. And when it does, he will be left a bitter, lonely man without a legacy or future.

  13. In February 1996, he (Horner) filed a human rights complaint against Hooters Restaurant at the Mall of America after the manager refused to hire him as a waiter. When Dolores Fridge, then-deputy commissioner of the Human Rights Department, didn’t respond favorably to the complaint, Horner began a campaign of harassment against her on the phone. “I was just trying to incite her to enforce the law,” he says in his own defense. The Ramsey County District Court didn’t see it that way, and Horner ended up with a 30-day sentence on three gross misdemeanors and one count of harassment.

    When Whatever says “You people are so selfish and pathetic, it is obvious you don’t give a shit about anyone’s rights, especially when those rights interfere with your opportunity for preferential treatment,” I can only say that at least I don’t harass women to the point of getting a 30 day sentence.

    Selfish indeed!

  14. Selfish? Seems to the Beast that men wanting women to have free drinks and free admission to a club or bar (at our own expense) is the very apotheosis of selfish.

    Ulterior motives notwithstanding, of course.

  15. OK, so let me see if we have this right. Everyone wants equal rights until a certain group wants exclusive goodies? Is that what we’re saying? Only children, the aged, and women should get free swag and no covers? Why? Are we special? So under 18, over 65, and the fact that you were born with a vagina gets you freebies? What kind of garbage is that? I have worked hard to have my achievements speak for themselves. I don’t need a free ride because I’m female. Sorry folks, but I’m on Mr. Horner’s side on this one. It’s people like him who are going to allow me to be my gender and keep my dignity. I’ll pass on the entitlement crap.

  16. OK let’s have a little reality check here for once and for all. It’s just frickin ladies night. Spare me the deep political debate going on here and get a grip. This is hardly an assault on equal rights and honestly I’m getting more than a little tired of this whole discussion. And please don’t start with that slippery slope nonsense. Not on this one.

    People in the military get discounts in some clothing stores and in most car dealerships these days. College students get all sorts of discounts as well. I don’t hear anyone barking about equal rights in these cases. Spare me the equal rights BS unless ou planning on going all the way and eliminating these promotions as well. They’re all over the place so you may want to quit your jobs now and get started because you’ve got your work cut out for you.

    Steve Horner is not an activist he is a self serving jackass who doesn’t care about feminism or equality. He’s just looking to make a buck and a name for himself.

  17. After a point it is insane to participate.

  18. Steve Horner is an IDIOT! This morning was the first time I heard his name, but found out who he was last night when I went to the Rockies game on a Wednesday and didn’t receive my free ladies night ticket like I did last year. This is a perfect example of one BAD apple spoiling the whole bunch. The Rockies organization offers “deals” based on gender. If you want to go on ladies night (Wednesday) you can get tickets to every Wednesday home game at a significantly discounted price. BUT they also have the same deal for “guys night” on Tuesdays. WELL, if I have a vagina and a job that precludes me from going to games on Wednesdays but can go on Tuesdays (guys night), should I SUE the Rockies organization for discriminating against my vagina on Tuesday nights? I don’t go to bars much during the week so I don’t give a crap about the whole ladies night thing at the bars (although from a principal stand point it also reminds me once again of why I hate lawyers) but does this mean that those bars that offer happy hour from 4-7 should be sued for discrimination by people who work the swing shift and have to pay full price for their drinks because they cannot be at the bar from 4-7? Give me a break.

  19. One more thing regarding those free tickets that the Rockies gave to the ladies on Wednesdays last year… I saved mine up and used them to bring my WHOLE FAMILY (men and women) to the game, so where I was the only one to get the tickets, there is no rule on who can use them. I plan to let everyone I know (and that’s a lot of people) and spread on the internet what a f*&king moron Steve Horner is.

  20. I’ve always said that my fight against ladies’night isn’t about that stupid ol’ bar and nightclub promotion which violates state civil-rights laws by places of public accommodation granting favors to women because of their gender.Rather,it’s all about practicing consistency in law enforcement.If it’s a law,it ought to be enforced fairly.And,if you don’t like the law,you ought to get up off your fat butt and work on changing the law.My ladies’night battle proves that most people are happy complaining,but not doing anything about making changes.And,as my then teenage son once told me while seeing the 1995 Minnesota ladies’night issue unfold on national television,”Gee,Dad,one guy CAN make a difference.” Priceless.

    • I agree with Steve Horner. White power! Down with women, blacks, and jews!

      • As someone that shares the name, I’m appalled and hurt at the shameful behaviour that appears upon googling myself (which I do on a weekly basis).

        P.S. Just found out tonight, I quite fancy horsey women.

  21. Well, I’ve been mining for gold and I found a funny post!

    Thanks for the laughs Steve Horner. I’ll be sure to look for one of your books. Should be handy next time I need to start Granny’s stove!

    /Begin Stupid Remarks/
    I think it’s time to take a stand against preferences for animals. Why should pets get to stay at hotels and motels for just $10-$25 when another person will cost you more?

    Also, how come there are no pads or tampons in the men’s room? Or urinals in the ladies for that matter?

    If a guy wants to be a lesbian, does he need a sex change?

    Is it true that no amount of psychologists can change a lightbulb unless it really wants to change?

    If I only THINK I’m sitting here typing this stuff, but I’m actually I’m just dreaming about doing it, then what?

    Finally, I know it’s big, but what comes after infinity on the number line?
    /End Stupid Remarks/
    Your friendly neighborhood idiot, coward, and/or bastard (please circle all that apply).


  1. Still more on Steve ‘I’ll sue you’ Horner « Constitution Club

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