Still more on Steve ‘I’ll sue you’ Horner

A few weeks ago I posted about “that guy” who is so damaged by ladies nights that he feels compelled to waste the time and resources of society to enrich himself.  It isn’t that I just find him a dispicable idiot as my last post was aptly titled.  There is just something very wrong with a person that makes of mockery of the system and then doesn’t even have the decency to put forth a compelling argument for why he is such a horses ass.  Earlier today, Steve responded to that last post with this comment:

Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha. I am so overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction after reading the above comments. Anytime I’m able to shove the burr of patriotism under the saddles of the idiots,cowards,and bastards it just absolutely makes my day. Thank you idiots,cowards,and bastards.And, for an important update,last week I finally won two back to back ladies’night settlements in Denver county court.Next stop: District Court where the big bucks are paid out for civil rights violations.I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank after I find myself discriminated by some national chain…I’m on the lookout for that ripe and juicy (emphasis mine) sexist and self-serving bar and/or nightclub.Steve Horner from

Just to check the veracity of his claim, I went to Westword and found this from last Thursday:

We certainly did not agree with his position,” (Rockies spokesman Jay) Alves says. That’s because the Rockies will extend the ladies’ night deal of a voucher to a free game to anyone who asks for it — and when Horner initially complained to the team’s management this summer, he was not only sent two vouchers, but also a baseball signed by Matt Holliday. . .  Horner did not appreciate the gesture, instead equating it with a “certain degree of payola.” And at one point, he left this message for Rockies general counsel Hal Roth: “Well, anyhow, I think I would be a phony if I didn’t file some kind of charge against you folks, and I think I’ll just go through the, you know, I’ll go through the tax-paid trail of filing with the Commissioner of Civil Rights here in Colorado and, um, you know, they are a bunch of phonies, too…unless, of course, the person happens to be black, crippled, Jew, in a wheelchair or gay and lesbian. But I don’t fit any of those.”

In Steve Horner-land, everyone is an idiot, or a coward, or a phonie. . . except for Steve.  And what better way to judge the monikers of this upstanding citizen except by his own actions.

He recently tried to enroll at the University of Denver Women’s College, was denied because classes there are “just for women,” he was told, and filed a complaint with the feds. Although that complaint was dismissed, Horner plans to file another one at the state level. And in the meantime, he’s looking for a target that’s “ripe and juicy,” (sound familiar?)he says. “Probably a national player with deep pockets that, with these Denver County wins, I can take to Denver District Court. People can say I’m going for the money or going for the throat, but I’m just going for what’s right,” he concludes.

Since Steve is reading this site, I invite him to come on here and make a legitimate argument as to why he thinks he has been wronged by ladies night promotions.  I would also encourage him to press his claim that he is actually working on behalf of societal interests by his actions and not using these promotions as a leach uses its host. 

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  1. I’m accepting your challenge to answer your question about why I’m working diligently to bust ladies’nights.I would’ve answered earlier but I’ve busy with no less than a dozen radio interviews each day talking about my two recent court wins against ladies’nights.So, let’s see,if I say I’m working on eliminating discrimination,you don’t believe me and,instead,continue to insult me.If I tell you I’m working on preventing larger forms of discrimination by teaching the lesson of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you still don’t want to believe me and continue to insult me.When I say that the Marxist,idiot,feminist ,social-services industry preaches equal rights for all,yet they give preferential treatment to women in child-custody cases,you say it’s irrelevant,even while the underlying issue(for me)on ladies’nights is the unfair practice of giving women special favors simply because they’re women while denying men equal services at these places of public accommodation simply because they’re men.So, it seems as though you aren’t really interested in my motives and you’re allowing your own ignorance and malice to cloud your thinking.Your biases are the problem…not my failure to explain my motives for standing up for my rights.Steve(the patriot)Horner

  2. Mr. Horner, you at times appear condescending and insulting. I think using terms like “idiots,cowards,and bastards” proves that. Your self-stated motives seem to be financial. The “ripe and juicy” comment comes to mind.

    At other times you hide behind the cloak of patriotism. This you do condescendingly as well. You tell us our “ignorance and malice” “cloud” our thinking. Apparently it clouds our thinking to the point that we do not realize the great sacrifices you are making on our behalf.

    The truth is that you are a greedy, embittered, small man “coach” Steve. You are wasting OUR time and money. You are taking up precious court time.

    It would be one thing if you were fighting the good fight against some of the more pernicious aspects of the “Marxist,idiot,feminist ,social-services industry” as you put it, helping to knock off some the sharp edges so to speak. Unfortunately they consider you a fool. A disgruntled man who in his dimwitted, women hating, zealotry is helping their cause. Feministing put it this way…

    lol, this cracks me up. He thinks he’s hurting us but he’s doing us a favor.

    But hey — I would rather have an anti-woman dude using up his money and his time fighting these battles, than us having to do it.

    Amanda Marcotte, as only she can, put it this way…

    Now, some people might say that Horner is a fucking fool if he thinks that feminists are behind the practice of ladies’ night. Some people might even say that feminists as a general rule find the practice to be the result of male dominance. Some people might even say that feminists are prone to saying things like, “[M]en basically run the nightclubs and women are desired to be seen in them, women get a secondary power of being able to manipulate male power for small favors,” or will even say things like, “The intended outcome is attract very young, very drunk girls for the amusement of the older drink-buying male clientele.” But don’t let feminists saying things about how ladies’ night is really there to please men fool you; those statements are part of the feminist conspiracy to hide how they have contrived a world where women oppress men through the use of half-priced drinks.

    Ms. Marcotte went on to offer this theory…

    I like the closeted gay theory. It at least makes more sense why he would have such a single-minded drive to get women out of places he socializes.

    Ouch! That’s got to hurt. I am not trying to be harsh, but dude you are the one and only topic I can find common ground with Pandagon and Feministing. We concur that you are a self-serving fool.

  3. Just as I said above at an earlier date: My true motives on closing down ladies’night is irrelevant to the losers club of America simply because the blatantly discriminatory and hypocritical promotion serves the comfort zone of those so-called men who can’t get laid without getting a woman drunk,and for women who have been inculcated with the notion that their gender dictates they need special favors…same principle as with the illegal immigration issue, only for them the criteria is race.For me,the issue isn’t about people,it’s about consistency in law enforcement but for me to promote that principle to the losers club of America is the same as putting a Bible in front of an atheist: She knows what’s between the book covers but has long ago decided not to go there because the going is much too difficult.Steve Horner from

  4. I would think that someone who is interested in selling books would understand the economic motives of businesses that seek to draw more people to their establishments. You, for example, choose on your website to give people a glimpse of 30 pages of your latest book for free. Naturally, this discrimminates against the poor soul that has no internet access. You yourself are guilty of pandering only to those that can access the freebies just so you can make a buck. Shame!

    But when you make statements like “serving the comfort zone of those so-called men who can’t get laid without getting a woman drunk” and then compare the issue to illegal immigration, you basically invalidate any shred of credibility you have. A statement you made in your first comment was that you want to “eliminate discrimination” and “teach the lesson of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” All are worthwhile goals until we consider the fact that you are not on an anti-discrimination crusade at all. You are on a pro-Steve Horner crusade. You statements about money say as much. You compound your credibility when you broaden the scope of your disdain by saying, “Marxist, idiot, feminist, social-services industry preaches equal rights for all, yet they give preferential treatment to women in child-custody cases.” This has absolutely nothing to do with getting twenty-somethings through the door of a bar, but keep pretending.

    My point is this; various people face various forms of discrimination all of the time and yet few feel compelled to make money off of the practice. What should we do about the discrimination of those who wish to work on December 25? What recourse is there for the eighteen year old who wishes to buy a beer? What about the customer that can’t be served with their shirt off? What about the golf course that requires one to wear a collared shirt? What would Steve do about the firm that refuses to hire someone with multiple piercings and tatoos? Or perhaps more importantly, what would Steve do if and when a businessman or music group only offered their services to those that can afford the luxury of a computer and internet hook up?

    By litigating every instance of supposed discrimination, you create a society that tolerates no differences. And since you take conservative positions and describe yourself as a patriot, I would think you would be weary of a society that seeks to eliminate all discrimination. When that happens, every person will face the discrimination of totalitarians.

  5. Mr. Horner, your entire alleged basis for this crusade of yours (other than your candid slip-up about your greed) is that free drink nights for women “unfairly discriminates against men,” and it perpetuates the idea that “women need preferential treatment.” In fact, both of your claims are provably false, so perhaps I’ve just saved you a great deal of time.

    First, ladies night promotions don’t discriminate against men, they help them. Second, they are not borne out of the ancient and ingrained ide that women are the weaker sex, but by the far more mundane idea that womean are more likely to go to a bar with free drinks than one without. And, no, these promotions have nothing to do with the idea that men “can’t get laid without getting a woman drunk — presumably, if women were clamoring for lemonade on the rocks, bars would offer this instead.

    And here’s the rub that utterly demolishes your argument. Your entire legal argument is that companies simply can’t make any distinctions based on sex. All ladies nights want to do is get ladies to come to their bar, period. They don’t want to benefit one sex or burden the other; they aren’t seeking to pamper women or impoverish men. They just want chicks to show up, because they know that if chicks show up, the men will come.

    So your beef isn’t with businesses for unfairly creating distinctions based on sex, but with the human race for doing so. Since upwards of 90% of males are attracted to women, a definable distinction between the genders ALREADY EXISTS, whether you want to pretend it doesn’t or not. I would suggest that you should more reasonaby be suing all men for the entrenched and pervasive discrimination they continue to show in their sexual desires, but I wouldn’t want to give you any ideas.

  6. Just as I’ve maintained from the beginning:If I side with the calendar by saying it’s Monday,but it might serve your liberal,idiot agenda by you claiming it’s Tuesdaay instead,then we’re at an impasse.The more popular term might be polarization and that’s why America is in such sorry shape.The bottom line is that two county judges,along with the Colorado Civil Rights Department have all ruled in my favor: Ladies’night provides differential pricing based on gender;a clear violation of law.Seems to me that your complaint should be with those who wrote the law,not me. I’m just the whistleblower and you seem to have a BIG problem with that.I think you need to work on fighting the enemy of apathy,get off your worthless ass,and change the law…wimp.Steve Horner from

  7. Again, Steve never answers the allegations I posed in the original post. He calls me a liberal and a wimp because I won’t fight the discrimmination of cheaper drinks. To Steve, wimps and liberals are apparently those who have no deisre to gain from “ripe and juicy” targets like a welfare crack whore. Get off the dole and make a real living Steve!

  8. Attacking “Ladies Night”? How unamerican! What’s next – banning wet tee shirt contests? The Beast doesn’t want to live in such a world.

    E. don’t waste your considerable talents on this fellow – he’s obviously gay and bitter that he’s not being bought drinks at a discount. Real men don’t worry about this crap.

  9. Yes, Beast, but he’s wielding real power by shutting down Ladies Night operations. Steve Horner still ignores the salient legal point: Places can make minor, inoffensive distinctions based on gender that they can’t make based on race, because there’s no constitutional amendment banning the former while there is the latter. This is so, because HUMANS fundamentally distinguish based on gender. By his bizarre logic, a court should require Steve Horner to begin having sex with men. Otherwise, his choice of sex partners is patently discriminatory.

  10. By his bizarre logic, a court should require Steve Horner to begin having sex with men.

    I don’t think he needs a court order.

  11. Over and over and over again you keep missing the point. You saps continue to tell me your opinions of what motivated and inspired me to shut down ladies’nights but all I see with those arguments are YOUR biases coming through.The point is,now take off your blinders and unplug ears because I’m going to tell you,is that feminist/Marxists wrote the 1973 Colorado civil rights laws believing that “equal rights” for all would only pertain to women and “people of color.” But I have pulled the sexist and racist carpet out from underneath them by proving,through the ladies’night argument,that white guys like me are also entitled to Constitutional rights.Obviously,by the low-brow comments on this site assailing my good character,I’ve hit my targets and that makes my day.Once again,the legal courts have ruled in my favor.Your real problem is that you lack the gumption to change the laws.You’d rather be a hypocrite and drink free drinks. I can’t help you with that.As for the notion that I’m discouraging free enterprise,are you saying that I’m hurting the same industry(liquor)which bows to the whims of feminist/Marxists and makes their bartenders responsible for drunk drivers and have allowed the same do-gooders to take tobacco out of their private establishments? Are you talking about that industry of sheep?Steve Horner at

  12. Welcome to ConClub Steve.

    A few random thoughts:

    Nature provides men with a prime directive: reproduce! Scatter those seeds far and wide!

    Unless you’re a rock star, this can be tough enough without making the time-honored strategy of getting ladies a bit likkered up even tougher. Free or reduced price drinks draws women, who drink more, which draws men, who get laid more. Everybody wins. Feminists have been discredited because their ideology denies the biological and spiritual realities of gender; chicks are supply and men are demand. The exigencies of their biological role is to devote considerable physical resources to bear a child, which makes them choosy. Booze makes them less choosy. Booze allows men to occasionally compete outside their weight class and bag an occasional trophy that sobriety would never have allowed them.

    But it works in reverse, too, proving nature has a sense of humor. See: Coyote Chew.

    Steve, in your pursuit of an empty minor victory for ‘principle’, you have screwed up everybody’s fun. Don’t expect thanks.

  13. Well put, Beast.

    Let me just add this, Mr. Horner: You keep assailing us as “liberals” while holding yourself out as someone standing up to the “Marxist/feminist” agenda. But those of us who have criticized you are all conservatives. We disdain the notion of litigating every aspect of society, including the way the sexes meet and mate. By using the leftists’ tool to supposedly stick it back at them, you are affirming the notion of courts as a High Council ruling us plebes. You also affirm the ridiculous notion that society ought not distinguish between men and women. Despite your pleas to the contrary, there is nothing at all conservative about that. On the contrary, your litigation has been a bonanza for the postmodern feminists and legal absolutists.

  14. DFV,

    The Mutual Admiration Society proceeds apace. Excellent points!

    To put the final boot in – The fact is that women get free drinks either way – if the bar pays for their drinks, we don’t have to!!!

  15. As I continue filing complaints against Denver-area bars and nightclubs for their gender discriminatory promotion known as ladies’night,I’ll be happy to put an additional two cents of argument in defense of my motivations on this site for the welfare of the idiots,bastards,and self-serving cowards who know I’m talking about them.First,let’s take the Obama/Clinton presidential race. All I hear about those two from the mass media is how they’ve been able to rally the troups with such new-found passion and inspiration that matches that of JFK. Yet, imagine if either one of those bozos,the uppity negro or the child butchering(abortion)feminist,were to say to their 40k-plus audience,”Let us ask not what government can do for us but,rather,what we can do for the government.” Now, while you ponder those famous words of JFK spoken at his inauguration,let me present this scenario.Rush Limbaugh is a favorite of neo-conservatives yet he assails John McCain for not being a conservative.Meanwhile,Limbaugh praises the Jewish state of Israel which is the hub of international liberalism and skulduggery simply because “they are the chosen people.” Makes no sense to me.That’s really what I call blind faith.Yet,meanwhile,limbaugh’s neo-conservative audience,which is generally void of any person having ever lifted a finger of patriotism in their lives such as lobby for or against public policies,now come to cry on Limbaugh’s shoulder because,through public apathy and feminist public policy,we now have over 12 million illegals,they want to shut down the borders and blame McCain for “not having done enough.” They’re a bunch of phonies and I hope they all get what they deserve.And,as I’ve said many times before,there are becoming new reasons before me every day for shutting down ladies’night but,as I was taking my morning walk today in the brisk mountain air,I feel as though I must be honest with you.One of the foremost reasons I enjoy shutting down ladies’night as much as I do is that it serves as revenge against male and female members of Know-Nothing-Do-Nothing USA who have become victims of feminist/Marxist-styled victimization believing the world owes them a living(and favors).I really hope it pisses you off.I’m doing exactly what the Constitution affords me to do while you sit on the sidelines and piss and moan.I really hope it’s pissing you off,chumps.And,for the record,I’ll be a happy camper if either the uppidy negro or the baby killer becomes president because then members of Know-Nothing-Do-Nothing USA will quickly see how bad things can get…especially if(when?)we get hit again by the middle-east zealots whom the feminists have royally pissed off over the years by shoving their pro-woman,anti-male agendas down the throats of the historically patriarchal societies.They won’t have it and are obviously ready to die for their cause. We see that every day.The moment we stop funding Israel and let them go it alone with their frickin’ liberal policies,the better the world will be for all of us except,possibly the Jews who would probably get the message to shape up virtually over night.You see,as I’ve said publicly hundreds of times before, my ladies’night fight isn’t really about that stupid bar and nightclub promotion;it has a thousand sidebars. Steve Horner

  16. I don’t even know where to begin as to what an ignorant comment that was. I must congratulate you for your ability to be a woman hating, anti-semite and racist all rolled into one and somehow be magnanimous about it. You are so deluded it amazes me. Generally speaking people who are as utterly devoid of consciense as yourself but are convinced otherise are locked away and heavily medicated.

    This was a joke right? No seriously you are joking are you not?

  17. Well.

    How can you argue with that?

  18. And this is where I was going all along with this Steve. You readily admit that your lawsuits have nothing to do with legal jurisprudence or true discrimination. Its just some axe to grind with society. Last November when I made the original post I said,
    “It isn’t that I just find him a dispicable idiot as my last post was aptly titled. There is just something very wrong with a person that makes of mockery of the system and then doesn’t even have the decency to put forth a compelling argument for why he is such a horse’s ass.

    Well sir, it took you two months but thanks for telling us why you are a horse’s ass.

  19. LOL. Friends, I give you “Coach” Steve!

  20. OMG

    He’s written a parenting book!

    Discover parenting success with Coach Steve’s nine-step system for moms and dads. This is the perfect coaching resource for single parents AND two-parent families.

    It should be titled “Nine Steps To Raisising The Perfect Racist Sociopath”

  21. Yep, good old “Coach” Steve. I cut and pasted his racist manifesto to emails I sent to the people he lists on his testimonial page. I thought they might be interested.

  22. Jesus. He’s like a sissy version of Timothy McVeigh.

  23. I just blew coffee out my nose when I read Wes’ comment. Quite fitting Wes.

  24. Mr. Horner, one word:


  25. I feel foolish now; I tried to make some reasoned arguments to Steve Horner. Turns out, that’s like trying to teach Latin to a random kindergarten class.

    It’s kind of interesting though, that the MSM and the courts have treated him as some sort of reasonable person with a clever argument. It fell to E and Conclub to expose him as a paranoid, bitter dimwit.

  26. I cut and pasted his racist manifesto to emails I sent to the people he lists on his testimonial page.

    Nice PG!

    The fact that he has written a book on raising children frightens me. I guess someone has to guide the new generation of Hitler youth.

    It is amazing how quickly he has retreated to his true troglodytic form.

  27. I think the conservative, moderates and progressives of Conclub all agree on this one: Mr. Steve Horner is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. I too agree that I am shocked that he has not been laughed right out of every courtroon and human rights commission meeting he has ever attended. I wonder what they would think of such tortuously illogical racist and sexist ramblings.

  28. Wes, you really cut him down to size. That comment was hilarious! PG, perfect response. Emailing his comments on this blog to his “supporters” may clue them in.

    Well done ConClub!

  29. I second the thought, very nice,… gentlemen.

  30. Absolutely perfect.Give ‘em enough rope and the idiots,bastards,and cowards will hang themselves everytime.I knew my “uppity-negro” label would draw the slime out from under the walls, but does the slime criticize the NAACP for calling blacks “Colored People?” No, of course not,because they conveniently sidestep the obvious double standards because the NAACP,along with the NOW and the ACLU all trot to the same feminist/Marxist drum beat of giving favors to the “oppressed and disadvantaged” folk which is the hallmark of feminist/Marxist policies. For,without “oppression and disadvantage” the bastards, idiots,and cowards have nobody to rally around to broaden their lists of government eligibility(I know this must be getting heavy for some of you dopes so you’d better bow out now if you’re feeling a headache coming on).The whole concept of government handouts is intrinsically racist and sexist because it says some people,based on their gender and race, aren’t capable of rising to the challenge.And then you criticize me for name-calling but where is your chastisement when I get called misogynist,Nazi,and gay(none of which is true)? The answer is that you’re standing in the shadows then because it’s not the name-calling which irks you. For you it’s all about who is calling whom what which makes the difference.If the name caller fits your greedy agenda,then name calling is permitted.Hypocrite.Finally, in regards to being revengeful and litigious in my ladies’night fight,you’re right,I am being revengeful.I”m being revengeful against all the other groups who have used the Constitution as a shield for their self-serving lawsuits: Abortionists(same as feminists); feminists(one in the same); fagots(same,same); ACLU(same). So, once again,with the idiots,bastards,and cowards,there is no consistency in law enforcement; it’s all about who is doing what to whom and whether or not the activity fits your agenda.Obviously my shutting down of ladies’night pisses off a whole shit load of bastards,idiots,and cowards for a whole variety of reasons and I’m loving it.You have to hand it to me…it’s a hell of a lively topic and I have said all along,it’s a topic which spotlights everything that’s wrong with the USA.And, as the effects of that dysfunction comes around to slam the idiots,bastards,and cowards(what goes ’round,comes ’round),be sure to remember that I’m on the sidelines with a cold beer,laughing.Adios,chumps.And now it’s off to bust more ladies’nights. Steve Horner

  31. And then you criticize me for name-calling but where is your chastisement when I get called misogynist,Nazi,and gay(none of which is true)?

    That is because we agree with those people “coach”. Well not about the gay part. Why insult homosexuals? That’s a rhetorical question, you don’t need to answer it, though I am sure you will try.

  32. This debate is closed. I have nothing more to say to this fine upstanding citizen and protector of freedom. He missed his calling as a great orator and voice for the oppressed. He is Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Lech Walsea, and William Wallace all rolled up in one. What ever would we do if women were allowed cheaper drinks so that men would gather in greater numbers at an establishment? DOWN WITH OPPRESSION!

  33. Didn’t someone mention something about paragraphs? Your insane ramblings are bad enough without having the additonal attribute of being unpleasing to the eye. It looks like a cult leaders manifesto.

    Have you considered the fact that you may be schizophrenic. There is a condition called graphomania

    which can also be a symptom of schizophrenia which causes one to write excessively without meaning and is closely associated with typomaina which is an obsession with seeing one’s name in print which you clearly have. Your writing style especially the non-linear sentence structure and lack of breaks for paragraphs display characteristics of graphomania

    You also present with irrational affect and feelings of persecution. Most disturbing though is your rampant narcissism. Or maybe you’re just an a-hole but I wouldn’t want to resort to name calling.

    You are right that it is not the name calling which “irks” us. It is the source. As a narcissist you feel that your actions are somehow saving this country and you present yourself as some sort of great equalizer while you clearly hate, black people, Jews, homosexuals. and women. If you want to be a hatemonger that is your right as an American and I won’t begrudge you that but don’t paint yourself as something you so obviously are not.

  34. It is an interesting jump in logic that ladies nights at the Rockies game or the local drinking establishment somehow personifies ‘everything that is wrong with the USA’.

  35. I am impressed with Tom/ME’s diagnosis!

  36. all work and no play makes steve a dull boy.all work and no play makes steve a dull boy.all work and no play makes steve a dull boy.all work and no play makes steve a dull boy.all work and no play makes steve a dull boy. . .

  37. Little Steve Horner
    Sat in the Corner
    Crying about ladies night
    He stuck his thumb
    In society’s eye
    And said, what a good boy am I

  38. We’re wasting time with this lunatic.

    As the saying goes, it is useless to wrestle a pig – you both end up filthy and besides, the pig likes it.

  39. I was wrong. I had to come back for another drink with you morons. Remember, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts proclaimed last summer in a public school integration ruling, “We’ll never rid ourselves of discrimination as long as we continue discriminating.” The law says ladies’nights are illegal discrimination based on gender. You saps don’t like that because you feel as though you need to get a woman drunk to get laid,and the ditzy women you hang with don’t have a pot to pee in so they like the free drinks.You think it’s a win-win thing but meanwhile you’re promoting a mixed message.On one hand you’re saying we need to stop discriminating,while you continue to promote discrimination at ladies’nights.Now,you’re saying ladies’nights are a trivial example of discrimination.Well,who draws the line on what is serious discrimination and what isn’t?I sure hope it isn’t you chumps.The fact is,it’s the lawmakers who make the decisions and the truth is you haven’t raised a finger to change the law in this arena.You wimps truly are the wimps in this issue but you’re too stupid and cowardly to face up to the facts. That’s the inherent problem with stupid people:they’re too damn stupid to realize how damn stupid they are.Now,remember,my calling you names is justified because they are more than names…they are labels…just as a weasel is a weasel and skunks are skunks…bastards,idiots,and cowards are bastards,idiots,and cowards.There is no kind way to put it,sorry.It must hurt,but the truth always does.Now,last night I busted another ladies’night and this one was the fat and juicy national company I was on the lookout for.So,now it’s time for district court where the six figures awards lie.I learned all about those six figures awards from blacks and women who have taken their frivolous civil rights and sexual harassment complaints to district courts over the years and have won big bucks.I can’t wait. Yuck,yuck,yuck.

  40. Can we please delete this thread? Or at least take away his links?

    Edit: Nevermind, I did it. If someone wants to restore them, they can. I think he left his URL somewhere in one or five of these messages.

  41. Thank you Wes I fully realize it’s a wase of my time to even bother arguing with him but I’m just too damn stubborn to quit and let him get the last word in.

  42. Remember,chumps,it was President Truman who once said, “The only reason they call me ‘Give ‘em Hell Harry’ is that I simply tell them the truth and they just think that’s hell.
    I guess you’ve found that out firsthand.Steve Horner

  43. Oh,I see how it works with you Marxi-fascists. You retain the anti-Steve Horner comments,but erase the pro-Steve Horner comments. Cool.Steve Horner

  44. Did somebody delete a comment? Wes and I have just have been disconnecting his links.

  45. So, now I know you’re liars,too.Steve Horner

  46. Nobody is lying “Coach” Steve. We just do not see why we need to help promote your books. I have nothing but love for you. I think everyone else is ignoring you though.

  47. The only pro-steve horner comments are from your dumb ass. Oh, and it’s called a space bar for a reason. Useitdummy.

  48. I have no idea what your “spacebar” comment is all about,but that’s not unusual when I consider the source.All I know is that I’ve had people e-mail me to tell me they’ve written complimentary comments on this site but they were quickly erased.In response to your misperception of people “ignoring” me,you’re wrong again.I’m still doing 4-6 radio interviews a week and recently interviewed by Small Business Fortune magazine…a nationally-distributed magazine.So, you see,there is interest in me,the angry prophet who denounces the hypocrisies of our times.Steve Horner

  49. An Editor’s Note: Despite the whinings of Mr. Horner himself, no comments have been deleted from this thread, only some ‘delinking’ by one of the Conclub bloggers. We wouldn’t want to promote any delusions of grandeur more than we have already.

    It would appear that Mr. Horner is divorced, and it is increasingly apparent why he is alone in life not to mention a bit angry and bitter at the opposite gender as well. If only he would use his ‘power’ for good.

  50. And the spacebar is that long button at the bottom of the keyboard. Try using that once in a while when you type. Paragraphs are a nice invention as well.

  51. I didn’t ask what a spacebar was…I asked what the “spacebar” comment was in reference to. But,you see, that brings up a great point about today’s polarization of social politics.When I’m interviewed by radio hacks who disagree with my battle against ladies’nights,they never allow me to speak of my sixteen years of full-time single-parenting or my Vietnam Purple Heart. That’s because those two experiences might cast a light on me that is different than what they want to project.Same as with you weasels:You refuse to discuss the issue at hand,rather you attack minute and irrelevant details such as spacebars and paragraphs and whether or not I’m lonely in life. But naturally,if given the chance to interview the uppity negro who is soundly defeating the abortion-promoting chick for the Democratic nod for president,you’d be kissing his ass with all sorts of flowery and complimentary questions.And that’s how it is today in America:stupid,malicious,and self-serving,and that’s exactly one of the major reasons I’m putting down ladies’nights…to piss off the stupid,malicious,and self-serving bozos and,from the writings on this site,I’m getting the job done.As far as you denying that you delete complimentary comments toward me,that’s Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sex with that woman.” You’re liars.Steve Horner

  52. I’m still doing 4-6 radio interviews a week and recently interviewed by Small Business Fortune magazine…a nationally-distributed magazine

    See what I mean about the narcissism.

    Steve if we wwere deleting comments don’t you think we’d delete yours? And this whole thread?

    Damnit I can’t believe I got dragged back into this.

  53. comment on other threads if you want to Steve but lets just consider this topic closed. Please do not respond to Steve “I only want to talk about Steve” Horner. Like a child, it only encourages him.

    Perhaps you might like to discuss an array of other topics on this site, Steve. Politics? The Presidential race? Sports? The War on Terror? My guess is that you only like to talk about you.

  54. What’s funny is that he actually thinks people are coming over here and posting supporting comments to racist and barely literate temper tantrums. Far from deleting such a comment, I’d love to see someone actually attempt to support the twisted and, frankly, rather sad and personal anti-woman crusade of Mr. Horner.

    This thread doesn’t bother me at all. It is a great sociological and psychological look into what a lonely and bitter person (which we can only speculate has some difficulties interacting properly, civilly, and intellectually with others) will do in an attempt to garner attention and a measure of self worth.


  55. What’s funny is that he actually thinks people are coming over here and posting supporting comments to racist and barely literate temper tantrums. Far from deleting such a comment, I’d love to see someone actually attempt to support the twisted and, frankly, rather sad and personal anti-woman crusade of Mr. Horner.

    This thread doesn’t bother me at all. It is a great sociological and psychological look into what a lonely and bitter person (which we can only speculate has some difficulties interacting properly, civilly, and intellectually with others) will do in an attempt to garner attention and a measure of self worth.


  56. You saps DID get dragged back into this.HA-HA-HA-HA. You’re all such frickin’ dopes. Steve Horner

  57. I see that you’re stirring up a hornet’s nest again, Mr.Horner,by standing up for your rights at the Rockies game.What’s wrong with those major league dummies,anyhow?Don’t they know that gender discrimination is illegal? Well, I guess they do now.

    You’re a fine patriot,Steve.And remember,the next time you and the little lady are in D.C.,the Lincoln suite is yours.

    Our Best, George and Laura

  58. I agree with Steve Horner. Women are the worst! They are almost as bad as blacks and jews!


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