Great White Shark Leaps Onto Bow Of Boat

This appears to be a juvenile male, maybe six to eight feet in length. Not sure exactly what happened in this story because the Beast’s German is rusty, and currently limited to the “Wollen sie mit mir geschlafen?” level.

The Blonde News Babe is hawt too.

Update: Caught the words “Zwei hunderd kilo” and “affrika”  assume that’s  South Africa and 200 Kilo (weight of the shark), which would make him about 440 pounds. The weight to length formula for a White Shark is as follows:

WT = 4.34 x 10-6 TL 3.14

What does than mean? It means the Beast is an English major so one of you propeller heads figure it out.

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9 replies

  1. Nothin better than a blonde news hottie speaking German! She was better than the shark story.

  2. How do you know the formula is correct? I mean some sharks could be big boned!

  3. E, you are the second person to say that:

    “Vergessen Sie um den Hai. schaut die Frau an!” – SmellyMonkey

    AND she’s a bit scrawny for the Beast-taste.

    pg – no clue but as the Beast said, he is no math-geek. hehe – “big Boned…”

    If the Beast had been on the boat, he’d have been right on the bow kicking the shit out of it!

  4. Sheesh, PG… Sharks don’t have bones! :)

  5. All I can say is Wow! And that is why I do not like to swim in the ocean!

  6. We’re gonna need a bigger boat

    Sorry couldn’t resist.

  7. Hi the report is about a married couple than always wanted to go shark diving in a cage in south africa, they finally decided to live their dream and got more than they bargained for ;)
    The “hot reporter” said that the shark landed exactly where the safety briefing was going to take place and that they were extremely lucky!!!
    also viel spaß noch ihr spargel fickers haha

  8. Am fond of swimming and passionate abt. it. True sharks are fearful animals but there are more vicious predators in the world…those are the loansharks.!

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