Jesse Helms: 1921 – 2008


Well done, thy good and faithful servant. Enter into thy rest that hast been prepared for thee.

Our old friend Bob was kind enough to notify me of the passing of Jesse Helms. Truly the end of an era

 …Wish I’d had the honor of shaking his hand and thanking him for all he’d done on behalf of decent, traditional Americans.

Like Jefferson and Adams, gone on our nation’s birthday.

Indeed, for a patriot, the Fourth of July is a good day to die. The great conservative icons are passing one by one, and “Senator No” is just the latest of them.

Thank you Senator for your service to your country and unyielding dedication to principle no matter what the consequences. You will be missed.

U.S. Senator and Conservative Champion Dies

“Jesse Helms was one of the most consequential figures of the 20th century. Along with Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, he helped establish the conservative movement and became a powerful voice for free markets and free people. The defeat of Soviet communism and the rise of Ronald Reagan would not have happened without his intrepid leadership at decisive times.

He was the longest serving U.S. senator from North Carolina and a great friend… Although America has lost a great Patriot, his legacy will live on.”

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  1. (: FYI – All pre-1972 quotes were made when Jesse Helms was a Democrat. He, like Reagan, was a Democrat who wised up,l saw the light and switched parties.

    You and I both know that pulling quotes from the 1950’s is ridiculous, and many democrats in congress including KKK Byrd would be in big trouble if that was the standard used. And not compromising on traditional Judeo-Christian values is hardly bothersome to conservatives. I didn’t agree with everything he said or did, nor do I with most people, but we look at the whole of a man’s life and his was a heck of a life. I salute his staunch opposition to communism and Castro, abortion and homosexuality. The giants of conservativism range from Buckley to Reagan, from Heston to Helmes to Goldwater. They all brought different strengths and weaknesses to the Cause, but they all are indispensible to the movement in many, many ways. Helms was indispensible to the rise of Ronald Reagan and that alone is worthy of praise.

    He never compromised, was never apologetic, and was completely unafraid of the media or even his Republican critics. In an era of political whores and sell outs, he rejected their moral relativism and secular humanism. He was hardcore, and for us “children of the eighties” he was that ‘old man’ who stuck to his guns no matter what. And hence, there is always that subtle hint of admiration for a man who always brought a smile to our faces with his rejection of political correctness and squishy Republicanism.

  2. A side of Helms which will probably be missed as this makes the media rounds:

    “Helms and his wife, Dorothy, had two daughters and a son. They adopted the boy in 1962 after the child, 9 years old and suffering from cerebral palsy, said in a newspaper article that he wanted parents.”

  3. I can add little to the obit of Helms. The combined thoughts of Dave and Downing Creek summarize well my thoughts. It is certainly fair to hold the man to account for his statements. It is also necessary to give the man his due. The later Helms retreats on AIDS and other issues are revealing, and allow us to give him the benefit of the doubt, on some things.

    I would add that he was a stalwart anti-communist and his leadership of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the Reagan/Bush/Clinton years was mostly stellar and can definitely be described as being instrumental in the US cold war victory and beyond.

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