No more freebies- at least without disclosure

Breaking: Government Figures Out How To Shut Down Blogs | QandO.

The Federal Trade Commission has just released a ruling (PDF) that requires bloggers to disclose anything–and I mean anything–they receive as a result of their blogging.  Free review copies of books.  Trips to oil rigs.  Payments.  T-shirts.  Whatever it is, you better disclose it, or you get slapped with a fine of $11,000 per infraction.

In other words, the government is now putting all web sites, professional or personal, under its thumb for failing to disclose everything they receive from any source.  And what are the guidelines for disclosure?  Why, none at all.  So, assuming you receive a free copy of a book–even if you don’t review it–you must disclose that you received it.  How do you disclose it?  I dunno.  How do you you know if your disclosure is sufficient?  I dunno.  The FTC, you see, will make those decisions on a “case-by-case” basis.

Fess up lady and fellas.  What freebies have you received for your blogging here on the Club?

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  1. I’ve received multiple books and even a t-shirt as a result of my blogging and column writing. And this is the last time I’ll “disclose” or admit anything of the sort. (: The Feds can bite me.

  2. I have received the adoration of my fans. Phooey is chief among them. It is really creepy though. He sends me black roses, dead birds and mice.

  3. I have received several cases of indigestion, one bad case of heartburn, and an unexplained rash since reading and posting on this site. The doctor thinks the rash will go away on its own, but the other items he’s not so sure about. Can’t wait to disclose them to the appropriate governmental agencies.

  4. I think sting the away is actually sarcastic enough to actually be considered for posting privileges. We don’t have enough oddballs here.

    • Sarcasm? Who is sarcastic around here? Better, who are you Sage?

      “Whose wine, what wine, where the hell did I dine? Must have been a dream I don’t believe where I’ve been. Come on – you wanna do it again?”

      What in the hell are all you people doing on MY blog?

      Who is running this reservation anyway?

      Phooey drove me over the edge with his suicidal-love-poetry-emails, and it is E’s fault!

  5. I’ve received a couple of hangovers from semi-annual conclaves. Can I write those off?

  6. Dave – actually honored, actually. (heh.)

    By the way – whoever posted that bit about Glee the other day should be commended – but you missed one of the best ones – the Josh Groban segments. (Which would come in handy for PG to use on Phooey… “STOP sending me emails. STOP sending me love letters. STOP sending me naked pictures of yourself…”)

    Teenage girls throwing their panties at Josh Groban on stage, that doesn’t do it for Josh Groban. No sir. Josh Groban goes for the sloshed middle aged married women. (Seriously paraphrasing Josh Groban’s line. . .)

  7. I think PGW misread my comment. It was meant as a compliment. I enjoy “the sting.” PGW should try being a sweet slice of pie instead of a sour pickle once in a while. Such negativity leaves such a sour taste in one’s mouth. Life’s too short to be bitter about stupid things.

    As for who am I? That is a question best left unanswered, but perhaps just a gift from the gods sent to walk among the mere mortals muttering their madness who populate this little slice of cyberspace…

    All hail the Sage.

  8. And yet I am more sane than you. What does that tell ya?

    And actually, I think actually is an under used word. Don’t you? (:

  9. And yet I am more sane than you. What does that tell ya?

    That your delusions about yourself are both wide and varied.

  10. I have a great sense of humor. Anybody can see that.

  11. I do recognize and appreciate sting. I did not seek to offend, at least this time. Nobody gets my high/mono-brow humor.

    • I (for one) was not offended in the least by PG’s comments. I simply assumed it was a short term memory issue. ;-)

      I am also honored to be the cause of additional drama on a board known for the calm demeanor and clarity of thought presented by every single one of its participants. Cough.

      In all seriousness though, one of you should send me an email that gets checked regularly so I can at least send ideas when I see them. There have been things that I have thought would make great drama fodder, er I mean submissions that have SO fallen by the wayside. (Sigh)

  12. Methinks a certain Sting is angling for posting privileges…

    You have to get past Dave, Sting. But you got the Beast’s vote (which is worth what you paid for it).

    Phooey – NO. Bad DOG! Get off the sofa!

  13. I’d be a “yes” vote. DFV and E are the tough ones, not me.

  14. DFV and E are the tough ones…

    Since when? I always say the more the merrier.

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