Blame it on the rain

I blame George Bush for bloggers like sting the away and the con club.

Excerpts from the Harry Reid 2009 Blame Calendar

January. Stimulus Package Failure – Republicans

February. Stimulus Package Passage – Republicans


March. The interviewer’s tie. (Okay not really, but a great clip. . )

April. No blaming easily seen, but there is the setup for future blame… Foundation letter…

May. April showers.

June. Sotomayor’s long winded opinions. (Admittedly an extrapolation.)

July. The Press

August. Next up, the Catholic Church. Or for an oldie but a goodie from 2006, George Bush .

Bring it.

September – that infamous group known only as . . . The gang of six. . . Not to mention the entire GOP is to blame for keeping the Democratic House and Senate from its agenda.

October – Traditionally known for Halloween, Fall Harvest, and the month to catch up for all of the other months of neglecting to blame someone, October offers a veritable cornucopia of blame, including His Church, The AMA and Republican Dirty Tricks, Republicans as a whole .

I can’t wait for November’s grouping. I want in. Pick me.

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  1. Wow where to ztart? OK I don’t get sound on my pc here at work so bear with me if I’m off track, but if paying income taxes is voluntary how does one unvolunteer? I’ve heard that whole ludicrous idea that since we do our own returns income taxes are somehow voluntary but considering the gubmint takes money out of my paycheck every other week without asking my permission I’d have to say it is very much compulsory.

    As for the idea that it’s the republicans fault that the dems can’t push throught their agenda SHHHHHHHH!!! Of course it’s not but don’t tell them that! Let them keep blaming the massive right wing conspiracy lest they actually clean up their own house and move forward with their agenda.

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