Stupid Viral Issue of the Day: Fox News Poll is Flawed

Fox News Makes the Best Pie Chart. Ever. | FlowingData.

Actually, the poll itself is not flawed, but the local affiliate who aired this segment may need a little help.   This screen capture has been going viral on many lefty sites today, including prominent blogs such as that of J. Bradford Delong. … who titled his post “Yes, Fox News Really Is This Bad!”.

Of course, this is an deliberate attempt by Fox News to skew the data. Or perhaps is shows the outright stupidity of the network?  LOL    Isn’t it obvious from the anchor’s strong delivery and the quality of the graphics (Opinions Dynamic?).

There may have been a better way to display the data (hint: bar chart instead of pie chart), and perhaps a better explanation of  just what the numbers represent-

Palin has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2012, along with a host of other Republicans. Among self-identified Republicans in the survey, Palin gets the highest favorable ratings (70 percent) amid a group of other possible contenders for the GOP nomination, including Mike Huckabee (63 percent), Mitt Romney (60 percent) and Newt Gingrich (58 percent).

Speaking of national news networks, has anyone noticed the quality of ESPN broadcasts recently?

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