International Space Station loses its air conditioning

International Space Station

NASA said it plans to send astronauts aboard the International Space Station on an emergency spacewalk this week to repair a cooling system that failed Saturday.

The space agency added that ISS’s current residents—three U.S. astronauts and three Russian cosmonauts—were not in any danger.

NASA said the problem began when a circuit breaker tripped on Saturday night, causing the failure of a pump that feeds an ammonia-based coolant solution to key systems and avionics instruments. Crewmembers attempted to reset the breaker and restart the pump on Sunday but the effort was not successful.

Despite the breakdown, NASA said the ISS remains in a “stable configuration,” with backup systems working to ensure that critical components on the ISS don’t overheat.

In the meantime, the ISS is a completely useless $100 billion piece of junk.  They may or may not be able to fix it.  ISS is slated to close up shop at the end of 2015.  That’s five years.  Given the current political climate, I don’t see Obama, Bolden, or whoever claims to be in charge of NASA‘s lack of direction coming up with anything beyond next week as far as planning goes.  As with everything else science under Obama’s administration, it will just die.  It’s just a matter of when.  The argument could easily be made to just let it die now instead of wasting more money over the next five years.

However, I’ve got that special something Charles Bolden and Obama do not.  I’ve got vision.  Rather than simply letting it die along with the Shuttles, turn it into a Mosque where Muslim kids can go to feel good about their contributions to science.  Rather than the Muslims spending millions of dollars building a Mosque in Manhatten where a LOT of people don’t want them, spend that money keeping up ISS and the Shuttles.

Win, Win, Win.

If that doesn’t fly based on separation of government and religion  issues ( for some reason that doesn’t apply with NASA this year  but does with other religious non-profits ), we could always lease it out to Richard Branson and Paris Hilton so they could make the first space hotel.  I’m sure Richard would want to call it Virgin Space, but if Hilton’s involved, that just wouldn’t seem quite right.

And of course there’s always Plan C.  Use it for science research that can not possibly be done on Earth and expand it to be a base for satellites like Hubble that need regular maintenance.  However, I realize how silly that sounds under an Obama led NASA.

NASA is hoping a spacewalk will allow them to fix the problem.  If not, with this administration, they may as well come home.

Originally posted at Moonage Spacedream.

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4 replies

  1. I like the mosque idea, but without gravity, which way would the minaret point? Furthermore,
    1) In space no one can hear you call to worship,
    2) The position of Mecca is constantly changing, and
    3) How many times do you need to pray in a 24-hour period when the sun rises and falls every ninety minutes?

    One upside to the mosque angle: It makes not only a great platform but also a safe haven for suicide orbital bombardment.

    • It could be insurance coapmnies, banks…”Gee, and Obama was touted as the world’s greatest orator just a few short months ago!But we should ask ourselves who is Obama’s REAL audience.It isn’t us.It isn’t the common man and woman.It looks like it is the deep-pocketed donor.The man/woman who can open the wallet and write the BIG check.Obama speaks to the audience on hand and we get to hear about it if/when someone records it.So, who was there?It was a Boston fund-raiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.That little group wrote $900,000 in checks after Obama spoke.Obama made those rich donors feel smart and superior to us by implying they still have their wits about them.WE, otoh, are ruled by emotions.I don’t know.Insulting the vast number of voters so you can get a few thousand bucks might make sense in the short term, but are those insulted voters so ready to forget and pull the lever for more Obama in a few days?Reply

  2. “Rather than simply letting it die along with the Shuttles, turn it into a Mosque where Muslim kids can go to feel good about their contributions to science. ”

    LOL. Now that’s pretty good…


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