The Ground Zero Slap in the Face

What is the purpose of the Mosque near Ground Zero.  Is it, as Imam Rauf claims it to be, a “cultural community center” for improving interfaith dialogue?  Or could it be what many believe to be a recruiting center for radical Islam?  Or maybe it will follow what the history of Islam has shown, and simply be a shrine celebrating another radical Muslim victory in it’s war against the infidels; a Western Mecca of sorts. 

Though there is no clear evidence as to what the purpose of this building is supposed to be, there is a large amount of evidence as to what it is not.  It is not what Rauf claims it to be.  It is not for “improving interfaith dialogue.”  Understand this…Rauf is a radical Muslim and practitioner of taqiyya, the Islamic practice of using deception to advance their cause.  While Rauf is talking to the western world about tolerance, acceptance, and interfaith dialogue; he has said to the Arab speaking world “I do not believe in religious dialogue.”  He has proclaimed his support of Sharia law a number of times.  The same Sharia law that drove the terrorists of 9/11 to carry out their actions.  The same Sharia law that allows for the beating of wives into submission.  The same Sharia law that calls for the execution of any Muslim who converts to another religion.  The same Sharia law that has pushed itself into the legal system of some European countries, and has America in its sights.  Does this sound like a man interested in “improving interfaith dialogue”?  Imam Rauf was even presented with a petition to end the practice of executing Muslims who converted.  He refused to sign it.  He is even been less than open about where the money is coming from to finance this project.  I wonder why?

Unfortunately, our own Constitution protects him and his endeavour.  He has done nothing wrong, even though he does share the beliefs of those who want us dead.  And what is even more scary, is that there are Americans who are okay with it.  I am sure that none of those who support it have any direct connection to those who died in 9/11.  The self-seeking attitude of the modern day American says “If it doesn’t affect me, what do I care?”  Another comment that has been told to me concerning this is: “It’s not that I support it, it’s that Raub has every right to do what he’s doing.”  Well, a wink is as good as a nod.  And what happens when a future terrorist attack leads back to this very “cultural community center”?  I recall what happened with the aftermath of 9/11; the huge outcry from the public that said “Why didn’t our government see this coming?  How could they have missed this?  Why didn’t they do anything?”  And now, not even a decade after we had our nose bloodied, we see history repeating itself.  But next time, they (as in those who didn’t speak out against this building) won’t be able to say “Why didn’t we do anything?” without incriminating themselve.  That just shows the short-sightedness, and short memory, of many Americans.

But being a recruiting center may not be the main purpose, or even a purpose at all.  Afterall,  Rauf could build a mosque anywhere, and still be a recruiting center.  It has been shown that mosques in America financed with Saudi money distribute educational and informational materials espousing radical Islam.  So, if he simply wanted to build a recruiting center, there are a number of other sites that he could have chosen.  It is quite possible that maybe he wants to build a mosque in honor of the “success” of 9/11.  Throughout Muslim history, Islam has shown its supremist attitude.  When Mohammed conquered Mecca, the Ka’bah was converted into the most holy place in Islam.  When the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, they built their mosque on the very spot that the temple had stood.  In Damascus, they destroyed the Christian church, St. John the Baptist, and built a mosque in its place.  And there are many more accounts of this happening throughout the world.  Why would America be immune to their subjugation?  And what better way to add insult to injury than to build a holy place in the same place where their jihadist soldiers took the lives of thousands of “infidels”?

But, again, realizing that they are protected under our own Constitution to build there, there’s not much we can do.  But, if Raub was truly wanting to foster polite and mature communication between the religions, this is only damaging his credibility.  Tactfulness would be the formost thought on his mind.  But its not.  He doesn’t care about the feelings of New Yorkers, the survivors, the friends and relatives of those who died, or Americans in general.  And that causes me a lot of concern for what his true motives are.

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  1. Good piece and Welcome Aboard. :)

  2. The fundamental question nobody seems to be asking is the relationship between mainstream Islam and the radicalism that gave us 9/11. Is Al-Qaeda some nutty fringe religious group ala the Christians who kill abortion doctors, or does it have a strong connection to mainstream Islam?

    Nobody would mind if somebody opened a sushi restaurant overlooking Pearl Harbor, people would mind if somebody tried to erect a statue of Tojo in the same place. So is the mosque/community center more like the former or the later? I think alot of people are unsure which is why there is this widespread unease about the project.

    • Zazu said “Nobody would mind if somebody opened a sushi restaurant overlooking Pearl Harbor…”
      But don’t forget that 60-some years ago, after Pearl Harbor, those of Japanese decent were looked at with suspicion, even if they were born as U.S. citizens. Remember the Japanese detention camps?
      It did take quite some time to get back to where it used to be. The other difference with WWII is that once the War was over, there was no more threat from Japan. We have yet to be done with this “war” on radical Islam. Maybe once we finally feel safe from their terror, things like this won’t be such a big deal. But for now, while their hatred for us still burns, this Mosque will remind us of the hurt they’ve caused us, and the distrust we have for anyone who associates with them.

  3. “Is Al-Qaeda some nutty fringe religious group ala the Christians who kill abortion doctors,”

    Al-Qaeda has killed tens of thousands in the name of Allah, how many abortion doctors have these “nutty fringe…Christians” killed in the name of God? Your false moral equivalency is breathtakingly dishonest.

    If the promoters of this Mosque really were interested in interfaith dialogue and healing the wounds they would re-situate that 15 story slap in the face elsewhere.

    • All terrorists who murder people in the name of God are equivalent. A man who murders one man is morally equivalent to a man who murders ten. The point was that the Christian whack-jobs who shoot doctors are not representative of normal Christians. The question is, are mainstream Muslims as opposed to Al Qaeda as mainstream Christians are opposed to bombing clinics. In other words, is there a direct link between the mainstream religion and the terrorist acts?

  4. From reading the prop 8 comments, I’ve learned from this blog that homosexuals are more hated by the Christian extremist than muslims are. That said anyone care to guess how many gay bars there are near ground zero in the financial district of downtown Manhattan?

  5. Yep, more Americans were killed in the 911 attacks (2,976) than at Pearl Harbor (2,117), yet no Muslims were sequestered by Republicans, as the Dems did to the Japanese in 1942.

  6. Then who does the US have locked up in Guantánamo Bay?

    • Enemy combatants. Not women, children and old people, of whom 16,849 were put away by Roosevelt and friends. Gitmo: 779, with about 229 left to-date.

      Are we going to do the Moral Equivalency Square Dance again?

  7. i prefer the waltz myself. unless you’re buying then i’ll dance to just about anything

  8. The use of inflammatory terms like “whack job,” could use some defining. Here’s a term I am comfortable using: terrorist. A terrorist is one who 1) in no way acknowledges or respects the universal sanctity of human life, and 2) is ideologically motivated to blindly end human lives to advance his own agenda. Yep, that’s a terrorist…and an abortionist. If a whack job is someone who resists an abortionist, does that make anti-terrorism whack work?

    • I’m hoping I misunderstood this last post but it could be interpreted as an attempt to defend the behavior of someone who would take the life of another human being in the name of their religion. @Ver, are you making the point that a Muslim who does this is a terrorist but not the Christian?

      • What I’m saying is that society is blind to its own double standards. What sort of worldly thinking makes abortion and state-sponsored euthanasia acceptable, while terrorism, state-sponsored ethnic genocide and the killing of abortionists are regarded as heinous acts? According to the Bible, God’s views the willful ending human life (outside of warfare and capital punishment) to be equivalent. Do not misconstrue this. I am not condoning terrorism, genocide or killing abortionists in the least. To the contrary, there can be no room in my heart for hatred. Instead I am flatly condemning abortion and euthanasia.

        In terms of equivalence, I consider abortionists in no way better than their killers (or for that matter terrorists generically). I am certain my views are controversial. I would never advocate murder. That does not mean I am ready to approve of infanticide, homosexual marriage, amnesty for criminals, rhetorical shell games, or any of the evils being thrust upon us in the name of progressive enlightenment.

      • “In terms of equivalence, I consider abortionists in no way better than their killers (or for that matter terrorists generically). I am certain my views are controversial.”

        OK, so you believe abortion is murder, and doctors who perform abortions are just like terrorists or serial killers, correct?

        “I would never advocate murder. ”

        Why not? If an abortion doctor is truly a serial killer that murders children every day, why not kill him? I mean I am sure you don’t have problems with the army killing terrorists, and if an abortion doctor is just as bad, why not kill him? The Bible permits defensive killing, and you would be saving plenty of babies by killing one “serial killer” abortion doctor.

        This is where the hypocrisy comes in, you don’t really think abortion is murder and abortion doctors are murderers. If you honestly believed that you would take a gun and kill the local doctor as well as the local pharmacist. Certainly you would atleast openly praise those that chose to do so. The fact that you don’t do this, tells me that you view abortion as something less than murder.

  9. First let me say that this is a good post. I do have some trouble with the statement “Unfortunately, our own Constitution protects him and his endeavour”. Such a statement is used by scores of people decrying such things as abortion protesters and tea partiers. Overall, we should be grateful for these protections. But I digress.

    It is an interesting hypothesis that wonders whether this is a long term way to claim a measure of victory for Islam by building a “community center” near the WTC site. I think Rauf’s love of sharia and financial support, if Isaiah is correct, are suspect.

    Conversely, I think Zazu is misguided but is far from the troll that many here might want to label him as. I would say to him that past and present authors have written extensively on the murderous and savage evil that Islam has heaped upon the world over the past dozen years. One only needs to open a newspaper to find that the common denominator of virtually every armed conflict in the world today is that one of the offending party adheres to the “religion of peace.”

  10. I just read that a number of liberal Muslims have urged Rauf to abandon his plans to build this mosque. Even they agree that his motive is purely to “thumb his nose” at America. Interesting.

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