Huffpo Commenters: “Obama Caved So Fast It Scared The Bats!”

It’s schadenfreude time! Tonight, The Huffington Post comment section is awash with 2,000 (and growing) yummy, yummy tears. The Moonbats are beside themselves at the news Obama will allow a two year extension of the current tax rates in exchange for GOP support for an additional 13 months unenjoyment extension. A small but tasty sampling of anguish:

But before we begin, my darlings, we need an appropriate soundtrack. Start the video below before you proceed. Wait a moment for the vocals to begin.


And now we are ready for the pain!

Go and sup, my pretties. Fill your bellies til they burst! Bwahahaha!

UPDATE: Looks like comments are locked at 2,182 and they’re only letting you read the first 500, now. But that will give you the gist.

UPDATE UPDATE: Now they’re up to 21,562! Guess it’s not locked, however you can’t see more than the first 500 or so… the wasp nest is a-buzz.

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13 replies

  1. Priceless. The moon-bats are falling apart. Of course, the Republican Party is no great shakes these days, either.

  2. Just added the video. read it again with the music in the background, it’s soooo much worse!

  3. In their own words, and to encourage itiswhatitmaybe-go for it. only the term isn’t “swallow lead” (I think that was a freudian slip for him). It is taste gun metal. An I strongly encourage all of the progressives who want our nation to die, to do just that-taste some gun metal and put themselves out of our misery!
    Just my opinion!

  4. So in the end they extended tax cuts for the rich AND unemployment. I would rather they ax both. We are badly in the red, if America was a person it would have 100$ in its pocket and a million dollar debt. If we don’t want to be owned by Chinese we have to either cut spending or raise taxes, probably both considering just how screwed we are financially. We are not Ireland or Greece, EU is not going to bail us out.

    Amid all the partisan hackery, the nation is drowning in debt.

  5. GOP Holding us again as hostages. ” If you don’t feed our rich friends we will choke out the middle class once and for all ” WOW what strong words coming from the fat cat party………………….

  6. LMFAO! Beast, you sure are on a roll!

  7. Great post THB. Providing a soundtrack was a nice touch. I’m still smiling about it.

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