In a partnership made in liberal heaven, the left-wing blog Daily Kos and the Service Employees International Union have announced that they will join together to measure Barrack Obama’s approval ratings and favorable polling numbers every week. Seriously.

Obviously unhappy with honest, legitimate polling numbers, Kos publisher Markos Moulitsas said,  “Daily Kos is committed to advancing a new generation of progressive activists across the country and partnering with the 2.2 million members of SEIU is a huge step forward for everyone.” (“Everyone” is defined here as liberals and left-wing zealots.)

SEIU spent in excess of $10 million promoting liberal Democrats and policies in last year’s mid-term elections. In 2009, then-SEIU president Andrew Stern visited the White House 22 times — topping the visitor log that year. An undercover video recently surfaced featuring Barrack Obama leading an SEIU chant in front of frenzied members of the union.

So just exactly how objective and representative will their results be? Here’s a peek into the mind of Tom Jensen, head pollster of the partnership: “The lunatic fringe of the GOP is basically half of the party’s voters – in which case, it’s really not a ‘fringe,’ is it?” Yep, this thing has objectivity written all over it doesn’t it?

SEIU National Political Director Brandon Davis: “We continue to work to ensure our members have their voices heard in the political process. This partnership helps our members continue their efforts to improve the lives of workers and their families and create a more just and humane society.”

We’ve heard your “voices” loud and clear Brandon. Comparing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hosni Mubarak? We get where you’re coming from. Threatening to molest his children? No room for confusion there either Mr. Davis. The Wisconsin assemblyman screaming “YOU’RE F**KING DEAD!” at a Republican counterpart on the floor of the assembly? We got it.

Oh, and that gibberish about a humane society? We’ve seen your idea of that too.

Does a “humane society” include union thugs in Georgia screaming “F**K YOU before crossing the street and attacking Tea Party members?

How about the Tea Party activist in Sacramento who was hospitalized after being assaulted by a Teamsters Union shop steward?

Perhaps you’re talking about Fox News Channel’s Mike Tobin being struck twice by a union member who first threatened to break Tobin’s neck as he filed a live report on the union-organized protests in Wisconsin.

Or maybe the Communications Workers of America member striking a female Tea Party activist who was filming him with her cell phone camera outside the offices of FreedomWorks in Washington, D.C. is a better example of your “humane society.”

The left goes ballistic when we reference the “state run” media. Add in a desperate desire to control the results of public opinion polling and we get the Daily Kos – SEIU partnership. The delusional hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds.

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  1. I swear the union guys at my office are filtering my comments. I suspect it anyway, I just can’t prove it.

    Anyway, that’s odd, Rat. Polls say that 98% of people everywhere approve these two entities joining forces to usher in a new era of civility in polling data. Why does it seem that YOU ARE so DEAD set against it?

  2. I gotta say I kind of like the hard right political angles of Region Rat. The text mixed with pics mixed with some solid analysis makes for good reading.

    • The Rat thanks you E, although he reread his post and is having a hard time finding the hard right political angles in this one. Well…maybe a comment or two. Anyway, c’mon back; the Rat doesn’t bite.

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