Caught in the Libya Trap


Surprise, surprise, as soon as the first salvo of America’s brand new war has been fired, the same forces that pushed America into this conflict, are now washing their hands clean of it while pointing fingers at the US. Everyone knew it was coming, and now the liars and hypocrites are revealing their true form.

Meet the coalition of the no longer willing:

Russia and China

China and Russia have condemned the Libya operation, despite both failing to veto the UN resolution calling for intervention.

“China has noted the latest developments in Libya and expresses regret over the military attacks on Libya” declares a statement from the Chinese foreign ministry.

Russia went even further, its foreign ministry stating:

“In that respect we call on countries involved to stop the non-selective use of force.

We believe a mandate given by the UN Security Council resolution– a controversial move in itself – should not be used to achieve goals outside its provisions, which only see measures necessary to protect the civilian population.”

Arab Union

But what about our stalwart Arab allies that took the extraordinary step of calling for western military intervention in the the conflict? The head of the Arab League Amr Moussa chimes in:

“What is happening in Libya differs from the aim of imposing a no-fly zone, and what we want is the protection of civilians and not the bombardment of more civilians.”

Africa Union

The African Union that for the past month issued impotent condemnations of violence and calls for peace, and that only two weeks ago released a statement that “condemns the disproportionate use of force against civilians and deeply deplores the many human lives lost so far”, has now demanded an “immediate stop” to coalition attacks against Libya.


But enough foreigners. What about the left wing humanitarians who for weeks demanded intervention to save the lives of the Libyan people? Well, we are already seeing left wing groups starting to call for an end to the no-fly zone. ANSWER Coalition has chimed in stating that:

“U.S./U.N. intervention will not bring “democracy” or “freedom” to the Libyan people. There is no such thing as “humanitarian intervention” for the U.S. government.”

If it was not obvious before, it is now, the US is in a war, and unless that war is ended quickly, the world and the left will increasingly portray the bombing campaign as an aggressive and imperialist crusade for oil and hegemony. Never mind that without US intervention the population of Benghazi would be slaughtered, never mind the weeks of pleading from the world and from the American left for US military to intervene in Libya, nobody will remember this six months from now. History will be rewritten by the left, and if this war is not won fast, America will once again be the worlds pariahs, wasting blood and treasure on an unpopular war to the jeers of those at home and abroad.

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  1. Obama slipped in his own b s

    • Obama is gonna happily retire in 2 or 6 years. American dead, American reputation, and American debt will not be reset when he leaves. The next Republican president will have to deal with the war he started if it drags that long.

  2. “Unless the war is ended quickly, the world and the left will increasingly portray the bombing campaign as an aggressive and imperialist crusade for oil and hegemony.”

    “America will once again be the world’s pariahs.”

    So what’s new? “The world” and the American left have accused America of all of the above for decades. Called us worse than pariahs as well. When America is at its best, it does things because they are right; not because they are easy or may be accomplished “quickly” or “fast.”

    If America’s leaders of the past based their decisions on the opinion of “the world” and left-wing revisionist history, we’d be in an even sorrier state than we find ourselves today.

    • Indeed, America has been victimized and slandered many times over the years, and doing the right thing can be difficult. However, doing the right thing is not always doing the easiest thing, and Operation Odyssey Dawn, an air-strike on a foreign country without any declaration of war, is by no means, the right thing to do.
      As Colonel Gaddafi has promised retribution upon us, then that just might add another eventual front of conflict for our proud men and woman in arms. We should not have 3 separate military fronts, let alone with no declarations of war.
      Don’t get me wrong, I in no way support Gaddafi, nor his rule, yet our actions although of some help to the rebels, do not help us much. There is no place in the Constitution to allow us to meddle in other country’s affairs without some kind of official declaration of war, so it is not something we should be doing. (Or vice-versa, since both D and R administrations have done so, they should pass an amendment on the issue.)

      If anything, individual organizations that are separate from the government should organize help to the situation over there, our government can and should help enforce the no-fly zone, but no more.

  3. Obama has assumed the mantle of the Bush he ran against; it’s a strange fit. Ameliorating Libya’s dictator, good: ameliorating Iraq’s dictator, bad. Funny, kind of. Some questions:
    1. We can’t pay for the wars we already have; how will we pay for Libya? If we print monopoly money much longer, we will lose more than a couple of wars no matter how we do on the battlefields.
    2. We’ve dumped a batch of missiles on Libya, blowing up people, places and things, which is the purpose of missiles. Have we declared a goal, a measurable purpose? Or does it continue until Obama feels like stopping?
    3. It began when Obama felt like starting; as a prior comment said , the Constitution limits declarations of war to Congress. Evidently, either bombarding the land and population of a sovreign country with missiles and airstrikes isn’t war nowdays or our Emperor has crossed his Rubicon, dismissing the Consitution.

  4. As the Rat has advised in the past, a bit of research helps before making declarative statements about things being “constitutional,” (or not) “declarations of war,” “meddling,” and so forth.

    Whether or not you agree with the Libya action is beside the point: Congress created the Presidential War Powers Act, realizing that there are situations where military force is necessary, particularly in conjunction with allies, but which fall below the threshhold for a full declaration of war. This is a fact; like it or not.

    If you want to debate threats from Gadhafi, whether or not American interests are at stake, the associated costs, etc. have at it. But, let’s get the facts straight.

  5. At this point it doesn’t look like the African Union (or anyone else) has anything to fear from America doing anything in Libya. Except harsh language perhaps. Really really bad harsh language.


  1. Told ya so Bambi. - Southern Maryland Community Forums

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