Libya War Update

After almost a week of failing to make any headway against Ghaddafi tanks in Ajdabiyah, the rebels have broken through and liberated the town. This happened thanks to a massive delivery of airborne democracy on Ghaddafi’s tanks courtesy of coalition jets friday night. But in defense of the rebels, they continued to hold parts of the town for over a week of siege despite artillery bombardments, tank pushes, and a lack of food and water (let alone decent anti-tank weaponry). The rebels continued routing Ghaddafi forces past the town of Brega which was taken without a fight and have taken the oil port of Ras Lanuf. They are now on the outskirts of Bin Jawad, where they were first stopped during their initial push following the revolt.

Meanwhile, the rebels in the western city of Misrata have been under siege and intense attack from almost the beginning of the rebellion. Both the military and humanitarian situation there is critical, with constant rocket barrages and tank shelling making the city look like Stalingrad, and snipers from both sides making the streets impassable. But if the rebels want to retake Misrata, and go on to Tripoli, they must first take the town of Sirte, Ghaddafi’s hometown and stronghold, and a place where the locals may pick up arms against the rebellion. If Sirte falls, Ghaddafi is likely to end up hanging in the town square.

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  1. NATO should leave AFRICAN countries . it want to destroy them like IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, libyans sory for whats going on but be wise dont associate with the whites

    • …know what???,it’s about time that the Euro-American countries stick their noses out of Africa and Asia…time will come that WE’RE going to be the ones pointing our collective guns at their countries….

  2. GHADAFI man be stong fight till the last man if at all they dont want peace talks as the african union says, NATO just want blood shed in Libya coz AU wants to end war but they just want proceed kill GHADAFI, those r killers not rescures , there like terrorists

    • Ghaddaffi what they want…tyrant…dictator…murderer…etc…but if anyone looks close enough…who are the real monsters here????

  3. I hope the world could do what they do to Libya to many Africa countries, where the people are not able to express they political will. The Africa leaders use the national military and police as personal security to keep them in power. I hope the people of Libya find democracy.

  4. Even as things stand, the aim of the invaders is to create a condition for Libya to need Foreign Aids and World Bank Loans and US Grants and all sorts of foreign economic entrapments to ensure that Libya can no longer be economically independent or call the bluff of the Western World. It is not all the Whites that know what really is/are at stake. When capitalism perceives a person or country or institution as a threat to its interest, that institution must go, at all cost – including the death of millions. In 1912, it had to take the careful planning of the building of the Titanic, the elaborate planning of the maiden intercontinental trip of the ship, the choice of Captain Edward Smith (who was suspected to have been a member of a questionable cult), the contrivance of sailing without the required precautionary measures and the unbelivable mix-up in the colors of the flares to eventually eliminate the trio of Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, and John Jacob Astor who could have used their wealth and influence to oppose a Federal Reserve Bank . . . It is the tragedy of this generation. Sorry it is happening here.

  5. all what we need in africa is peace

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