The UK’s Daily Mail reports that the “London Taliban” is working to impose sharia law in parts of Britain and is reportedly issuing death threats to women who refuse to comply with the radical group’s demand that they wear head scarves.

While police in London have vowed to pursue Islamic extremists suspected of threatening violence against women, at least one non-Muslim Asian woman doesn’t sound very reassured. The 31-year old woman was recently accosted and told to dress more modestly and wear a veil. After she went to the media to expose the confrontation, she was threatened with death: “Wear a head scarf or we will kill you.”

Dismissing claims of death threats as ridiculous, radical Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary says he is aware of individuals who would “speak up” if they saw a woman without a head scarf, but he insists they would only “give advice” about their views on Islam. “Speaking up” and “giving advice” with these people tends to lead to death by stoning or beheading. The “peaceful religion” doesn’t tolerate dissent very well.

I’ve written extensively of the Islamization of Europe and the refusal of Muslims to assimilate into European society. This is a stark reminder that the threat is very real.

When women, including those who are non-Muslim, cannot walk the streets of London without being threatened with death for their refusal to follow the tenets of this ridiculous religion, it’s time for sane people to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and end the madness.

I’m sure I’ll get the same predictable comments from the same predictable loons demanding “proof” of these “allegations” that I always get. Whenever I take the time to respond with additional references, they tend to disappear. Perhaps they’ll be back with the same silly indignant comments they always make.


The religion that kills people who don’t follow its rules is hard to defend, isn’t it? 

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  1. England in general and London in particular is a classic example of being so open minded your brain falls out. This is all 100% their own fault, England has sheltered and pampered Muslim radicals for years, they have allowed clerics like Abu Hamza that were kicked out of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and even Syria (!) to live and preach in England. Generally the whole nation bent over backwards to accommodate Muslims.

    The British have essentially criminalized opposition to Islam, just recently a BNP member was arrested for the “crime” of burning a Koran. Geert Wilder, the anti-Muslim Dutch politician was denied entrance to England, too bad he wasn’t a Muslim terrorist, they would have given him asylum and let him open a mosque. If you wrote this column in England Rat, you would be at risk for arrest.

    England is also by far the most anti-Israeli nation in Europe, completely casting its lot with Hamas against the Israeli’s. Several major unions and academic organizations passed boycotts of Israeli institutions, and The Guardian, The Independent, and The BBC are viciously and vitriolically anti Israeli. Ken Livingstone the longtime mayor of London was fanatically anti-Israeli with a history of anti-Semitic remarks.

    With Muslim population of London pushing 20%, that city is racing Paris, Stockholm, and Amsterdam for the privilege of becoming the capital of the Caliphate of Eurabia.

  2. Well, in Denmark, when a woman (non-muslim) is raped and if the police think it might be a muslim, no investigation is made and no evidence collected. Of course, if they did arrest a muslim he could request Sharia law trial and be found not guilt according to Sharia law, it isn’t a crime for a muslim to rape a non-muslim woman. Enclaves have been established in European countries that do not allow any non-muslims in the community. They are being to established here. As the old Christian song goes, “Are You Ready?”

  3. Well no, it doesn’t seem hard to defend a religion that kills dissenters; that’s what the killers are doing, right? They don’t find it hard at all. We seem to find it hard to remember that we think killing people is a crime. We appear to be creating exceptions to our laws and mores for the convenience of certain folk who oppose them but not for others. Pretty soon along this route we won’t have any laws and mores anymore. And we will be speaking Spanish…

  4. The Rat always asks an obvious question at the end. Sometimes ironic, usually sarcastic. The fact that these people run and hide under the bed when challenged with facts they can’t dispute is what makes it all so much fun.

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