For Your Conservative Uncle: Big Mike Breaks the Deficit Down

The following video is being billed as ‘The Best Explanation Of What’s Really Going On With The Deficit” by our progressive friends. is even so proud of this that they sent it out in an email to all their ‘members’ with the following commentary.

Dear MoveOn member,

Do you have a conservative uncle, or someone in your family that you’ve gone ’round and ’round with over the budget fight that nearly shut down our federal government?

Or did you find the whole thing totally impenetrable as the story seemed to change daily?

Well, here’s a video that breaks it down. It’s a quick, funny, and honest explanation of what’s actually happening in D.C. Check it out, and then share it with anyone you think could benefit from a little straight talk.

We need to have a real national conversation about how we can address the deficit. This video can help kick that off, but only if you share it.

Believe me, you do not want to miss this.

Big Mike Breaks the Deficit Down

Seriously? This is the best they could do? Hilarious. If they think one ‘conservative uncle’ out there is going to be persuaded by this steaming pile composed of outright lies, half-truths, gross simplifications, progressive spin, and worn-out scare tactics then they are more disturbed, dazed, and confused than I had feared. How many can you spot?

Draconian cuts? Really? Let’s cut the $1 trillion we need to from the budget and then talk about “draconian.” Trotting out the same old tripe that Republicans blame Big Bird and the baby-wackers at Planned Parenthood for the deficit is stupid and the statement that they want to starve grandpa and grandma is nothing more than the usual bottom-dwelling scare tactics. Is this really the best they could come up with? Just tax the rich and corporations more and the horrendous financial mess will just ‘go away’? Incredible. The next time a Democrat starts talking about ‘fair share’ grab your wallet and run away as fast as you possibly can.

And last, but not least, let us not forget the wars we fight are just as much John Kerry’s and Hillary Clinton’s wars as they are George Bush’s. Most democrats voted for it and they funded it. They own it too. Their weak attempts to play Pontius Pilate and wash their collective hands of their shared responsibility for every dollar spent in overseas wars may fool the unwashed masses of Obamanites, but not those who pay the slightest attention to what is actually happening around them.

The liberals, progressives, and Democrats are steadily losing the ideological battle when it comes to deficits and the debt. They know it, they are increasingly desperate to protect their attempt at create and fund a liberal utopia on the backs of our children’s children’s children while bankrupting the nation and robbing the taxpayer in the process. While both major political parties played a role in creating the crisis that we face, they are the ones in denial now that it must be addressed and resisting all serious, responsible, adult-like attempts to finally begin to deal with it. Like spoiled children they are throwing a temper tantrum now that the party is finally over, and it us to the rest of us to clean up their ugly mess.

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