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It’s a simple question. Why does Barack Obama appear to be so un-American to so many Americans?

First of all, let’s not confuse “un-American” with anti-American hereBarack Obama is generally the former rather than the latter.

Heightened interest in Donald Trump’s obsession with Obama’s non-birth certificate, and Jerome Corsi’s coming book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” is in large part, driven by a desire to understand why this president behaves the way he does. It’s simply part of the attempt to solve the elusive puzzle that is Barack Obama.

Continuing questions about his birth, (due mostly to Obama’s unwillingness to release his birth certificate) and skepticism of his patriotism persist because many Americans believe that Obama is unconcerned with typical American principles, traditions and values. It just doesn’t add up and we’re doing our damnedest to reconcile it.

Why the refusal to place his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance? Why did he object to wearing a flag lapel pin during the 2008 campaign? While hands over hearts and flag pins on lapels don’t confirm one’s patriotism any more than showing up for church every Sunday proves one’s faith in God, it is logical to assume that Obama’s abject refusal to participate in simple displays of patriotism signals something, isn’t it?

Remember America’s president standing beside Mexican president Felipe Calderón on the White House lawn as they bashed the state of Arizona? Or perhaps his refusal to recognize the uniqueness of American Exceptionalism? How about his pathetic penchant for bowing to foreign leaders? And who could forget our president’s insistence on criticizing America during his world apology tours? Obama in Germany: “America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive in the past.” It’s all enough to make Sean Penn proud.

Soon after Obama was elected to the senate, he boarded a plane for Kenya to campaign for his cousin Raila Odinga in that country’s 2007 presidential election. Obama spoke at rallies throughout Kenya on his cousin’s behalf, who for his part, promised to implement strict Sharia law if elected. The cousin lost, which didn’t sit awfully well with his supporters bestautolenders.com.

The persistence of those who question Obama’s birthplace or patriotism is not due to stupidity or insanity, as suggested by the president’s water carriers in the Obama Media Group. It is a result of this president’s words and actions, and a nagging belief that he does not have America’s best interests at heart.

THAT, my friends, is a whole lot more important than a birth certificate, a hand over the heart, or a flag lapel pin.


But the president did celebrate Earth Day, didn’t he?

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  1. [The persistence of those who question Obama’s birthplace or patriotism is not due to stupidity or insanity, as suggested by the president’s water carriers in the Obama Media Group. ]

    Part of it is (and I’m no fan of Obama). Part of it is racism. But most of it is just anti-Americanism by people who hate our democracy and would prefer a dictatorship with an authoritarian right-wing ruler.

  2. Wow, cut back on the Kool Aid a bit Ben.

    Anti-Americanism? You’re kidding, right? This is the only president in history who has traveled the world apologizing for America. Those who view his actions as disgusting do so precisely because they are Americans Ben, wise up.

    And of course you play the predictable race card, just as the rest of Obama’s minions do whenever conservatives criticize this guy. It doesn’t have the impact it once did when used to condemn real racism Ben.

    To suggest that those who question this president’s ideology and values “hate our democracy and would prefer a dictatorship with an authoritarian right-wing ruler” is ridiculous. We’d settle for a president who is proud of this country, and isn’t afraid of the rest of the world knowing it.

    The Rat’s post is based on documented words and actions of this leftist president, like it or not.

  3. All good points, Rat. I think you’re right… The birth-certificate, alone, is not necessarily a big deal. I have seen what seems to be a legitimate certificate, yet it is the overall “package” that is most worrisome… President Obama’s perceived discontent for the American people is what is really fueling this fire.

  4. Birth certificates, pledge of allegiance, flag pins, bowing to a foreign leader, not going to church often enough… All, very important issues that go under the overall rubric of BS nobody cares about. Here is a nice summary of those topics:

    Polls consistently show that Obama is more popular than his policies. People do not approve of his socialist agenda, but like the guy on a personal level, he is likable, photogenic, reads a good speech, and doesn’t cheat on his wife. Its his policies people hate. My conclusion from all this is that the GOP will defeat him if they run a campaign on the issues, if they run a campaign as a referendum on Obama (and the various BS you mention), they will lose.

  5. I will defer to you on said results of polls… Perhaps folks do appreciate his character more than his policies, according to those polls… But, I must ask that you define a “BS campaign”… As I said, I believe an equal attack on his policies and his character would produce a positive outcome…

    And, yes… the American public has much more at stake than just replacing a failing President…

    Zazu… tell me what you have in mind…

    • A BS campaign is one that avoids the real issues like economy, foreign politics, size of government etc, that will effect us, our nation, and our progeny for years to come. Instead it focuses on stupid tabloid questions. Is Obama a Muslim? Did McCain have an illegitimate black child? Was Bush a draft dodger? Is Palin’s mentally challenged son actually her grandson? Ultimately its all crap, BS that has no effect on real life.

      Such campaigns are low and dirty to begin with. But when dealing with a candidate who combines high personal appeal with unpopular policies, it is especially ill advised. You do not fight your way into a castle by attacking the strongest wall.

  6. I’ve stepped in a lot BS. Come on down Zazu and we’ll have a cow patty fight in some ones pasture. So to the BS video, I say BS. Wasn’t it Somali that he went to grade school? Did he study the Koran at that time? He does trip off the Muslim prayers very well. Did he have to memorize the Koran? If the answer to these questions are yes, how would they effect him as an adult? I understand there is a Catholic saying, “Give us a child to age six and he will be a Catholic for life.” If he was immersed in Islam, would that have an effect now.

  7. We seem to have one vote for the President here, a possible neutral and some well-settled opposition. Also, several quite different issues.
    1. His birth: Does it really matter? Not to me, but it specifically does to the Constitution. Will you follow the Constitution, pick what you wish to follow or ignore the whole thing? That’s the only point here; the man is not only hiding something but paying a lot to lawyers to keep it hidden.
    2. Presidential conduct: Stiffing the Brits, bowing to despots, ignoring traditional behavior at formal ceremonies, etc. He was elected to represent the country. If he wishes to lead us away from traditional formal Americanism, he has the right to try, just as we have the right to replace him at the next election if enough of us disagree.
    3. His policies: He ran as a leftie; he has governed so far like Bush on steroids or in some instances just like Bush, which makes his perennial complaints of Bush’s policies into almost slapstick by now. What do we expect from a U.S. politician today? Again, what elections are for. Except of course, in Chicago and a few other places…
    4. How to campaign against him? Damfino. I’d just keep listing all the above and leave the name-calling to the lefties; they’ve had more practice. And
    5. Racism? Seems like some of that name-calling: Some Bush-haters don’t like Texans (sorry, View; ya’ll just use up too much of the scenery! [a form of envy...]) some Kennedy haters didn’t like Catholics, and some hated FDR because they thought he was Jewish. Fringes you always have. If you’re putting me in a fringe because I dare to disagree with a President; I’ll call you a totalitarian (I can learn from example…). We’ll be better fighting it out at the polls and then going for a beer afterwards–or a glass of wine if you’re an intellectual.

  8. You’re in the Rat’s house Ben, how about you post examples of lies from Drudge? Cute name for your blog by the way.

    If you’re asking the Rat to post a video with a teary Obama on his knees saying “I’m sorry” verbatim, it ain’t gonna happen.

    If you can’t concede that “America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive in the past.” is an admission of wrong-doing, as well as an apology by implication, you’re not even half as smart as the Rat thinks you are — let alone the impression you have of your own damn self.

    • Ha! So you admit you’re a lying rat. Anti-American bastard.

      • You really should see a counselor about that anti-American guilt. It’s consuming you. Typical liberal. Love it.

        Oh, and Rat didn’t see your response to your ridiculous comment about Drudge on your blog, you hypocrite.

      • Ben seems to be one of those embittered Obamanites who fell for the change for the hope for the hope for the change crappola and now may have some bitter self-hatred for believing that The One would heal the land, stop the rising of the oceans, and all that silliness. Liberals are an odd bunch.

      • [Oh, and Rat didn’t see your response to your ridiculous comment about Drudge on your blog, you hypocrite.]

        And what comment was that?

  9. He does appear to be a bit high-strung, doesn’t he? Perhaps a switch to decaf would help as well. Poor angry liberals, they’re such miserable creatures.

  10. Mr. Hoffman may be setting up in the Feta cheese business; he appears to have collected quite a few people’s goats…

    And it ought to be good for the site; collecting left hand drivers with a right hand drive vehicle argues well for traffic. (And “argues” was not chosen accidentally.)

    I reserve the right to change opinions should Mr. Hoffman land on me, though…this opinion only applies when he lands on others!


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