Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship


Holy crap Batman, what’s up with Superman? It sounds like truth, justice, and the American way just don’t get it for your Kryptonian pal anymore. What happened?

Yes citizens of Metropolis, it’s a dark day indeed. As unthinkable as it sounds, your super- hero is fed up with America and has renounced his U.S. citizenship.  How can this be, you ask?

It seems that Superman dropped in on a Tehran demonstration to stand with non-violent protestors against the Iranian regime. This not only ticked off the President’s national security advisor; the mullahs weren’t too happy either. Following a dress-down from the American government, the Man of Steel renounced his American citizenship at the United Nations the next day. (Hmm…you don’t suppose the Man of Awesomeness would follow suit, do you?)

Claiming that he was not abandoning his American values, Superman explained that he’s “only trying to implement them on a larger scale” and divorcing himself from the “political complexities of nationalism.” (This is sounding more and more familiar the farther we go.)

The Man of Steel said that he has been “thinking too small,” and that he is “too connected with the world” to limit himself to a singular national identity. As an alien born on another planet, after all, he “can’t help but see the bigger picture.” (BINGO, RAT’S GOT IT!)

Sources close to Superman indicate that the presidency of Barack Obama was the final motivation the Man of Steel needed to pull the trigger. As is the case with Obama, Superman finally realized that he is “larger than America – a true citizen of the world.”

Barack Hussein Obama can only dream.


The Rat also heard that Superman was fed up with the           incessant questions about his birth certificate.

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6 replies

  1. In that case he’s an illegal alien.

  2. No, no! You don’t understand…he was created in the U.S, grew up here, made his living here and was absolutely legally copyrighted here; he’s American through and through! THEN he followed U.S. industry abroad (cherchez le Bucks!) and got too big and cosmopolitan: He had to learn umpteen new languages, not offend Muslims, not show the soles of his feet to the wrong culture, (tricky when flying) and all that ‘citizen of the world” stuff. He’s just letting us recede into the past, like the IMF said, while he advances into the future.

  3. Superman is so Ashamed of Obama And American for electing him that he had to renounce his citizenship..

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