Is it Wrong to Celebrate Bin Laden’s Demise?

Is It Wrong To Celebrate Bin Laden’s Death? -

The bleeding hearts at NPR (funded by you) are worried that Americans are celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden (world hide and seek champion 2001-2011). “Is there moral philosophical justification for rejoicing over the demise of someone like bin Laden?” the article asks, the argument seems to be that no, indeed there is not. In fact the article goes so far as to draw parallels between those celebrating Bin Laden’s death, and those that danced on the streets of Gaza after the 9/11 attacks. Here are a few simple reasons why the good folks at NPR do not know what they are talking about:

1. There is nothing wrong with celebrating justice. Bin Laden is a mass murderer whose innumerable crimes went unpunished for decades. Now the survivors of his atrocities can sleep knowing justice has been done, and the dead can rest in peace.

2. There is nothing wrong with celebrating peace. When Hitler stopped sucking oxygen 65 years ago, people all over the world celebrated, they did so because they knew that his death was a precursor for peace. With Bin Laden gone, our troops can come home sooner, and countless lives on both sides can be spared.

3. There is nothing wrong with celebrating victory. Osama was first and foremost a symbol of a virulent genocidal ideology that encourages its followers to murder and subjugate the rest of humanity. The killing of Osama is a symbolic victory for the western ideals of liberty, democracy, justice, and human rights.

So in conclusion, Osama’s demise is a victory for peace, justice, and western ideals, not just the death of some some murdering lunatic. Americans are celebrating this symbolic victory, not gloating over the death of an evil man. The US even went so far as to allow Osama a Muslim funeral before putting his body to rest at the bottom of the ocean. This was done not because Osama deserves an ounce of respect, but because we respect ourselves, and do no lower ourselves to the level of the animals we fight. America is not celebrating death, we are celebrating life.

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  1. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. Now back to my happy dance.

  2. I’m with our favorite lib, Spinny. No problem with it whatsoever. We should celebrate our victories, mourn our defeats, and strive to destroy all those who seek our destruction.

  3. The message should be clear: mess with America and we WILL hunt you down and kill you. We will be relentless in our pursuit and we will succeed.

  4. Killing an unarmed people without a trial, no matter how bad you believe they are is called murder.

    • In Osama’s case, it’s called justice.

    • Even if I accept your premise that killing an unarmed person without a trial is NEVER justified, it is completely irrelevant here. Bin Laden was armed and was shooting at the special forces, they had orders to kill him if he resists but to take him alive if he does not, he chose the former and got a bullet in the head. Died of natural causes for his chosen line of work.

  5. Your argument is riddled with fallacies and you win this year’s Doublespeak award.

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