Arguing with the Brainwashed

Don’t.  Just don’t.  It’s not worth the heartburn.It was a great temptation, though, Sunday night when the most satisfying news of the current round of Islam vs. Everybody Else started breaking.  Osama bin Laden wasn’t just captured, he was dead and the U.S. had the body.  Okay, kudos to the person who gave the order to go in: the current resident of the White House.  The vast majority of thinking and fair Americans out there have no problem with that.It’s the rest of what the brainwashed have to say that’s a problem.

Like everyone else who grows up in the U.S. of A., Cultural Limits (that’s me) has a circle of family, friends and acquaintances that runs the entire spectrum from hard-core leftist vegan nutcases to suspicious, gun under the pillow, bury the cash in the back yard nutcases.  It’s really rather interesting that the ones more toward the bury the cash in the back yard side are more patient when it comes to actually gathering facts to be sure they are correct than the holier than thou lefties are.  That surfaced with a vengance Sunday evening.

Nothing has demonstrated the power of brainwashing more than the blind loyalty to the current resident of the White House I see in these people.  I mean nothing.  “This happened on his watch, so he gets the credit.  ALL the credit.  Not like that “stupid” Bush, who couldn’t find him.  Take THAT, you conservatives.”  One normally fairly mild mommy complained that so much credit was going to soldiers (I didn’t want to break it to her that S.E.A.L.S. are in the Navy, but, to be fair, she didn’t grow up in a defense household like I did.)  and not nearly enough to Obama.  She didn’t say a word about the CIA.

Trying not to laugh and cry at the same time – or respond to the nitwits who apparently have no clue how covert ops work or that Obama didn’t even appoint his own defense secretary – is not an easy task.  I mean seriously, are people determined to worship the man going to listen when you explain that: the intelligence alone took almost four years to gather (there was a CONSTITUTIONALLY mandated election during that time in which W was no longer eligible for the office); no defense policy has been put in place by the current regime in Washington and they are still using “stupid” Bush’s (it’s always a temptation to ask how many of them are fighter pilots or have an MBA from Harvard, but that just gets you nowhere); Pakistan, an “ally,” didn’t quite tell us the whole truth; the dreaded prison camp interrogations produced the first pieces of info that led to the raid; or that Obama didn’t face the bullets or do the shooting.

Yeah, don’t bother.  None of that seems to matter to them.  Listening, reason and sensible deduction has been removed from their political thought, if you can call it that.  Regurgitation is closer.  Here’s to hoping it doesn’t doom us next November.

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  1. Whoa there, Cultural Limits, the Rat senses a subliminal racist undertone that runs throughout your right-wing, hate-filled rant. Haven’t you learned a thing since Sunday night?

  2. I think it goes both ways, there are people who think Obama rides unicorns that poop rainbows, and there are those who blame him for everything under the sun with baseless attacks that amount to little more than partisan hackery. If Obama was Republican and Bush was liberal, Republicans would be praising him now while liberals would be screaming how he had nothing to do with killing Osama.

    I think American politics is messed up, too much focus on celebrity and personality, Obama does not matter, his ideas do. If Republicans spent half as much time communicating their vision for America as they do attacking Obama, they would get alot further ahead (ditto with liberals and Bush). Generally, conservatives shouldn’t spend half as much time talking about Obama, as they do talking about issues.

  3. Yeah, this has really been too focused on Obama.

    What the White House and Democrats should have done was hold the speech on an aircraft carrier and have Obama fly in on a navy jet and march around in a flight suit before the speech before a giant banner that told us all about his success.

    • What the White House and Democrats should have done was hold the speech on an aircraft carrier and have Obama fly in on a navy jet and march around in a flight suit before the speech before a giant banner that told us all about his success.

      Why not put him in a flight suit even though he can’t pilot a jet? That’s no more insane than half the country electing him president even though he can’t lead a Cub Scout troop. Let’s do it! Let’s show the world that we haven’t hit absolute rock bottom yet.

  4. Go along with the “Stupid Bush” comment and remind them that FDR was an icompetent loser and it took Truman to win WII. I like to see libtards vapor lock on their own moronic illogic.

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