Remembering Those in Chains

Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl of Sun Valley, Idaho went missing on June 30, 2009 in Paktika Province, Afghanistan. He is currently being held in an unknown location, possibly moved to Ghazni Province or smuggled across the border to Pakistan making the logistics of rescue even more difficult. The Taliban has released several videos where Bergdahl is reading forced statements in violation of international law. In exchange for his release, they are demanding $1 million dollars, the release of 21 Afghan prisoners most of whom are held in Guantanamo Bay, as well as the freeing Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani terrorist sentenced to 86 years in prison by a US judge.

There is controversy concerning how his capture came about. In the first Taliban video Bergdahl claims he was captured when he lagged behind his patrol, the Taliban released a statement that Bergdahl got drunk and walked off the base, both claims are to be taken with a grain of salt since the propaganda arm of the Taliban is not known for journalistic integrity. The US has been mum about the capture, but there have been some leaks and anonymous accusations coming from the military. One leak accused Bergdahl of walking off the base unarmed and in the company of several Afghan men, another anonymous letter accused him of deserting the base for “life in the mountains” and being captured by the Taliban when he went to a village to get water. In a despicable display of journalistic irresponsibility, Fox News analyst Ralph Peters accused Bergdahl of being a liar, said the media should not portray him as a hero, and stated that the Taliban may be doing the US a favor if they execute him. Can you imagine being a prisoner of the Taliban, suffering torture, brainwashing, the constant threat of execution, and untold psychological distress, only to have your captors show you a video where an American news analyst is calling for your execution?

In a recently uploaded Youtube video, Bowe’s father, Robert Bergdahl, pleads with Pakistani authorities, and the Taliban captors for the release of his son. Please keep Bergdahl in your prayers as well as the men of the US army and intelligence agencies working day and night to secure his release. Until found guilty by an American court Bergdahl is innocent of all charges leveled against him. Regardless of how he was captured, he is an American soldier and we do not leave our men behind.

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  1. Appreciate your bringing reminders of the war to us. We are not fighting honorable people. Actually we are not fighting people. We are fighting individuals who have not concept of decency, goodness or acceptance of their enemy as being worth any thing.. They are trained and educate to hate and not consider any one worthy of living, only deserving death. They have no compassion. In this soldier’s case they have chosen to torture the family and use him to get concessions for themselves. Once they feel he is useless, off comes the head. It becomes discouraging that this government refuses to recognize this.

    • I don’t think anyone has illusions about the nature of his captors. He is alive only as long as he is useful to them. Hopefully, they see enough propaganda use in him not to murder him. We should dangle the possibility of prisoner release to make sure he is not executed, meanwhile hopefully our boys or Pakistani boys find and rescue him. All else fails, we should make a reasonable trade for some of the Taliban we captured, I am categorically opposed to release of terrorists, but if they fought as guerrilla’s (attacked military, not civilian targets) I can live with it, I really do no want this kid staring in a decapitation video.

  2. We should never forget these lost warriors either. It is good to see that they are not completely forgotten. At least not by us here on Conclub.

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