Some Thoughts on the Conservative Ideology

Conservatism is a thinking mans ideology. It requires understanding and wisdom, research and knowledge, and the ability and willingness to judge right from wrong. It requires a moral compass, a fortitude for righteousness, and above all a love of liberty. To be a true conservative the value of the individual must be nourished and a fierce independence cultivated that can withstand the petty criticisms, persecutions and mockeries of those who have yet to see the light and embrace the truth. The conservative ideology cannot be separated from logic or from common sense.

To me being a political blogger and commentator is less a hobby than a civic duty. It is my job to help the sheep think, and therefore not be sheep anymore.

The conservative ideology is nothing to be ashamed of and it is important to point to the truth. There should be no shame in righteousness and living correctly. There is no shame in truth. People increasingly live in a culture where one’s conservative belief system can lead to social alienation, workplace isolation, and even job loss. Certain professions are now completely dominated, and ruthlessly policed, by the pathetic peddlers of a discredited and disgraceful ideology. I constantly find myself in a position of reassuring people who are inclined toward the conservative persuasion that it is “OK” to be a conservative. I have to remind them that it is an honor to hold firm and live the lifestyle of a conservative. Popular culture may sneer at such ideas as morals and values, sexual restraint and personal responsibility, at patriotism and good citizenship, and at honesty, decency and respect. Those are the failings of liberalism, they should not be ours. Conservatives should know what are the right things to practice as well as to preach.

We should be proud to embrace the concepts of hard work and personal responsibility. We should be proud to defend, nurture and provide for our families. It is not we who should be ashamed of themselves but those who have decided to worship the “god that is dead” and swallow the swill of every faddish political “ism” that might be popular at the moment.

Ignorance and apathy combined with a decadent popular culture  have spawned a generation that has swallowed the lie of “do what you will for tomorrow we may die” philosophy that lies at the heart of liberalism. It is a disgrace that the citizens of a great nation have rejected the wisdom of those who have come before and instead embraced self-indulgence and the pleasure of the moment at often great expense to themselves and those around them. Liberalism may portray itself as compassionate but in reality it is a selfish way of thinking.

The suspension of judgment and the concept that there is no true right or wrong is a devious lie and one that often fools even educated and intelligent people. If you are willing to suspend judgment and the concept of right and wrong, then you will eventually accept anything that is presented to you as long as it is packaged just pretty enough for you to let it into your heart and mind. The “if it feels good, do it” mindset produces only heartache and disaster in the end. It is the wise man who rejects such childlike idiocy and expects adults to act like adults. With adulthood should come responsibility, self-restraint, discernment and wisdom not dependency, irresponsibility, the inability to accept the consequences of one’s actions and the continued childlike dependency on others to fix one’s mistakes. With wisdom comes truth, and the truth is what I seek.

There is nothing wrong with uttering the truth, as uncomfortable or “incovenient” that may be for some on occasion. The application of medicine may initially sting when it is first applied to an open wound, but the initial pain is worth it if it helps heal in the end. The conservative ideology contains many time-tested answers to today’s cultural, societal, economic and moral open wounds and, though it may be painful for some, it is indeed good for us to hear them so that the healing process for our communities, nation and culture can begin.

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4 replies

  1. Right on. Good post.

  2. And yet the left will only hurl insults instead of engaging in thoughtful discourse on the issues.
    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  3. I am a Veteran of WWII, serving in the U. S. Navy. I was inveitd to attend the Memorial Day Connecticut Flight and must say that it was a day to remember. We were honored in a way that I will never forget. It could not have been a better and more touching event that I have ever been a part and Chris Cotou and his crew were magnificent in honoring us for our service. God bless em all. The real heroes, though, are those who did not return.

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