Environmental Terrorism: Please Don’t Take My Lightbulb Away!

The Lightbulb Kid

When I hear third party supporters say that Republicans are just as bad as Democrats, I always duck and mumble, “No, not as bad.” And then I say, “We just need to get Obama out”. Or, I say, “A third party will only drain the most viable opposition to Obama. But here is the sad story of a Bush supporter who found out that Republicans really are as bad as Democrats. At least, sometimes.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am just enraged about the government making LIGHT BULBS illegal. Light bulbs! If that is not sticking their big, fat fingers into my pie, I don’t know what is. If that doesn’t smack of unconstitutional, I don’t what does. Where does the government get off legislating such an innocuous product? Should we fear the dastardly deeds of this Enemy of The State? Has it murdered anyone? Blown anyone’s fingers off? Seeped radiation or toxic fumes? No. It’s just a silly, little light bulb. Rather a harmless little guy. Oh, occasionally, it will bite your fingers with a little burn bite, but otherwise quite friendly.

And yet, it will be contraband very soon- 2012- just a few months away.  continue reading..

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  1. China is the only country making these bulbs.
    They don’t last.
    Don’t dare break them – terribly toxic.
    Bring them to your special store for disposal in a hazmat container.
    But…where do they go from there?

    Why have we allowed this crap into our country?

    Why have we allowed these various pieces of crap into our government?

    • Sylvania is the only maker of LED bulbs that will keep their factory in the USA. And guess what? Pelosi is in bed with them. By “them”, I mean the Steel Workers Union, which covers that plant. So, I guess if you are bed with Pelosi (a scary thought, even for a woman), your factory gets saved. Chinese factorys stand to make billions from this new, wonderful legislation. Bush really let us down at the end of his presidency. I wonder if he was just battered so severely by then that he gave up a little.

  2. I’ve been stocking up on ‘regular’ bulbs like crazy. I’ve undoubtedly have several years now and the goal is to get a lifetime’s worth…

  3. Outlawing incandescence uproots a fixture from the culture…have you ever tried to screw one of those new Art Deco dimmers into an heirloom chandelier?

  4. It’s pretty ridiculous. I’ve been stockpiling because I’m one of the millions of people who cannot see well under fluorescent lights and LED lights don’t help. This was one government move that really had nothing to do with the stated intentions.

  5. Psssst! Hey you! Wanna buy a light bulb???


    Japan has no plan to jump on this silly bandwagon, so I’ll get to keep my soft warm white incandescent bulbs.

    I think I’ll go into the mail order light bulb business.

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