Why Obama MUST be defeated

Recently I have heard alot of fellow political buffs on both sides of the political spectrum claim that who wins the Presidency is irrelevant. The argument goes something like this: politics is just a show, McCain and Obama were chosen for us, and their Presidencies would be identical; the GOP and the Democrats are on the same team, and anyone who thinks his vote makes a difference is buying into the con. I strongly disagree with this sentiment, and can conclusively disprove it with nine simple words. Justice Kagan, Justice Sotomayor, Justice Alito, Chief Justice Roberts. Four recently appointed Supreme Court judges who have changed our nation forever.

Just in the last 10 years our nations social and political landscape has been completely transformed by the Supreme Court. In Bush v. Gore the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to effectively hand the Presidency over to Bush, a single justice voting the other way could have completely changed the fate of our nation. In Lawrence v. Texas laws banning homosexuality were struck down by a 6-3 vote, the decision was a catalyst for a massive political campaign by gay activists which continues to rage across America almost a decade later, recently culminating in the repeal of DADT. Just recently the twin cases of District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, for the first time affirmed that the 2nd Amendment protected an individuals right to own guns. Both were 5-4 decisions, Americans came within an inch of losing their guns to a judicial repeal of the 2nd Amendment. There will be others as well, with a growing list of states approving of same sex marriage, the issue will go before the Supreme Court this decade, a likely 5-4 decision will settle the issue one way or the other. Anti-abortion activists are gaining ground around the nation with personhood amendments and a variety of legislation to limit abortion, the Supreme Court will have to make numerous decision to determine how far does Roe v. Wade reach, or if it should be eliminated all together.

This is why it matters who is President. Bad laws can be repealed, corrupt legislators can be recalled, unjust wars can be ended; but a Supreme Court judge can sit on the bench for half a century, and the decisions he or she makes will continue to shape America forever. If Gore or Kerry got to chose the two Bush judges, or if McCain got to chose the two Obama justices, America could have been a completely different nation. Ginsburg is a cancer survivor approaching her eighties, Scalia is 75 and overweight, America is one blood clot or bad cell division away from having a solid liberal or conservative majority on the Supreme Court. There is no room for apathy. Conservatives must fight tooth and nail to make sure a real, dependable, and viable conservative wins the nomination, but if the unthinkable happens and we are stuck with Romney, we must not only vote for him, but do so if it means crawling through broken glass. This nation cannot afford another Obama appointment to the Supreme Court, conservatives must do all they can to make sure it never happens.

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  1. That certainly is not the only reason but an excellent one. I suggest that you google all the lies of obama and all the broken promises of Obama for more ammunition. I have heard more and more libs now disenchanted with this inexperienced radical and he continues to be an embarrassment to our country.
    John Wilder

  2. Don’t you think it odd that the u.S. Supreme Court is either catholic or jewish? Not one protestant is serving. The next justice will also be a jewish.
    I want some diversity dang it. How about some Hindu’s or Scientologist? I fear we will be under Noahhide laws before we know it. That’s right christain protestants. You’ll either submit to the catholic faith and risk being burned at the stake. Or convert to Ashkenazi Judaism and be beheaded.
    And all the time the zionist media has scared you about Sharia Law.
    After all of the distractions of scary mooslum boogymen. The enemies of Liberty has stolen your government. Ben Franklin warned future generations of these fanatics in our AMERICAN REPUBLIC.

  3. Got to love the black widow dress. How appropriate.

  4. Hmnn, guess I’m incompetent and not smart enough to get it all. I just think Obama, part black and part white, is leading us into economic ruin for his own reasons. The reasons aren’t what matters; the act matters (to me) since I have to live here. Very personal. I don’t know whether to blame his black part or his white part; I just blame HIM. And George Bush and the malorganized crime family called Congress and…(degenerating into foam and spittle)

    • A bad economy will recover eventually if you just live it alone, Supreme Court judges get to write notes on the sideline of the Constitution, they can do permanent damage.

  5. Been a lackluster primary season so far but it is early. Newt has already self-destructed, the Donald circus has come and gone, looks like both Bachmann and Palin will get in which will make it at least entertaining and blog worthy if nothing else, and Romney gets in next week. I think it will be much harder to defeat Obama than many people think, and the GOP must field a respectable, conservative, intelligent, charismatic, articulate, and principled nominee. Not sure if any of them meet the criteria that would be necessary to defeat The One. He may be a pathetic president but he is a formidable candidate.

  6. Email: May 19, 2011

    Governor Rick Perry,

    I have never written a letter like this before…but I have never been more concerned and worried about the direction our county is heading in…We are truly at the crossroads of what could be the most vital turning point in our nation’s history…We are being led off a cliff by a madman that somehow became president of the greatest country on earth…A madman that no one knew anything about and still was elected to the most powerful position on the planet…only because he was always and still is protected by a bias and corrupt national media without a conscious…that only knows how to give him a pass and would never dare question who or what he really was…Now we know that this madman is a compete fraud and he is pushing our country into the abyss and to brink of no return…

    I have followed your political career and I highly admire and respect you… I have seen the true qualities and the solid leadership you possess in all the great things that you have done for Texas…I know that the great state of Texas needs you…but this great country needs you more and needs you now…Our country has never been in a more dire and desperate position than it is now…Our county is slowly dying and is in a death roll of a crisis like never before…Obama is our nations greatest crisis…he is the cancer that is painfully destroying our country from within…If we do not stop Obama in 2012, our country will never be the same again…we will never recover from the fundamental changes and this nightmare that we all are being forced to live in…

    I am only one voice right here and right now… but there are millions of others all around our great country that are pleading and are praying along with myself, for you to consider running for the presidency of the United States…There will never be another time like this…there has never been a more crucial time than now and there may never be another chance left for any of us if we do not stop the madness that is breaking the back of our country and bringing us to our knees…

    The republican party is a mess just like everything else is in this country…We have no leaders…the party and the candidates are weak and in total disarray and will defeat itself against Obama…We need you Mr. Perry…our country desperately needs you…we need a true, strong conservative leader that has proven himself…we need a leader that can talk the talk and walk the walk and that has a great family behind him…we need someone that can lead us out of this nightmare and put us back on a path that helped make our country the greatest and strongest on earth…we need someone like you that can make our country stronger and better than ever before…or we will never be that great country again…

    It is now or never…We must persevere…We must win…There is no option…

    God Bless You and your family and God Bless America…

    Respectfully Submitted,


  7. In the case of Payette Idaho, Ish went into said region’s Court House, with very spceific case information *Names of Parties, Dates, etc. .. It helped that Ish were losely connected to the case, even being referrenced during court* and was informed that they, and it seems many, municipalities, have Websites set up, where in, if you have Names/Dates/Locations you can look up Many court recordsContact King’s County’, by phone or e-mail, and politely explain what you’re wanting .. Hint, Ish generally starts said conversations with something along the lines of I’m not sure if you’re the right person for Ish to Bother with this, so Please let Ish know if We’re in the wrong department’ or a tried and true opener is “Ish are dumb as Stumps, so please bear with us” .. This usually puts the person in a nicer frame of mind to be helpfulIf the case involved one or more Big Names’ like possibly a Religious Institution, then gaining access to some of their records, be they Public or Private, should help with narrowing down what re looking for Was this answer helpful?


  1. Rick Perry Could Beat Obama in November 2012 - Page 2

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