Dear Immigrant,

Dear Immigrant,

“Born in other countries, yet believing you could be happy in this, our laws acknowledge, as they should do, your right to join us in society, conforming, as I doubt not you will do, to our established rules. That these rules shall be as equal as prudential considerations will admit, will certainly be the aim of our legislatures, general and particular.” - Letter to Hugh White, May 2, 1801, President Thomas Jefferson

This is definitely my immigration policy.  We are the land of the free.  I would hope  your desire is to be free. Yet, I must admit that as an immigrant this may not be your reason for coming to America.  As many individual have done in the past sixty years, you may be here to better yourself financially.  George Soros came here from England in the 1950’s to make $500,000 then return to Europe.  It is too bad he did not follow his plan.  He become a citizen in 1981 and has become extremely wealthy.  As thanks to this nation for giving him the opportunity to become a billionaire, he is anti-American desiring to change this country.  So if you are here for money, make your money but do not try to destroy the freedom of this land.  When you feel wealthy enough, go back home.  Please, accept our established rules and the Constitution.

I also understand that some immigrants come to this country to destroy it.  If this is your reason, I feel you may have a warped view of America.  Hopefully, you will realize the tremendous high that comes with having individual freedom.  The freedom to think your thoughts, not that of your religion, ideology or culture.  Because you have freedom of thought, you automatically have freedom of choice.  Feeling and experiencing freedom here will hopefully change your view of America.  I hope you will accept the rules of this country and its Constitution.  If you still wish to destroy America after living here for a year or two, please, go back home where you might be happier.

This land is the last hope for freedom in the world.  It is not because it is a democracy where each person can express their wants through voting.  Nor because the form of government is a republic.  It is because we, the people, have the control of government.  I know this sounds strange but we do.  We can change the form of government at any time by amending the Constitution.

In this country religion can not control you.  You may accept or reject religion, it is your choice.  If you select a religion then change you mind, you may reject it.  You can practice your religion without persecution from government.  We call this religious freedom.

Please do not assume by coming here things will be easy.  This land has never been easy. For two centuries it was a hard land.  The citizens of this country have had to labor though difficultly after difficultly.  Our present achievements came only through the sorrow, sweat and determination of its citizens.  You will need to share in the toil of being American.

Understand that with freedom comes responsibility for your self.  You are responsible for what you think and do.  Accepting this responsibility allows you to fulfill yourself.  Always test any idea you hear especially political thoughts.  From day one the various ideas of the citizens have made politics a constant tug of war over who will guide how this government moves forward.  It continues today.  Even in the political parties there is a diversity of ideas which cause conflict.  By the struggle to have political control to steer the direction of this country, the effects of freedom can be seen.

You will find in this country a great variety and diversity of people, of passed cultures.  Once  we used the term “melting pot” indicating that becoming American meant you released you past culture to obtain the American culture of freedom.  In the last twenty-five years a new concept referred to as “diversity” became the buzz word of education instead of “melting pot”  It was hoped the concept would teach tolerance of others.  Those that thought this mistakenly thought knowledge would bring acceptance of another.  The problem is knowledge of diversity not achieve tolerance.  It has brought more decisiveness.  What makes tolerance is accepting that people with clashing past cultures, race or religions join together to become one culture, American freedom.  Tolerance comes from accepting that you can vote as I do, you can own the house next door to mine, your children can go to school with mine, you can drive a more expense car than mine or have more money. Tolerance comes from accepting you have the same freedoms that I have, not that you are different.

You must carve your niche into our society.  Remember, regardless of where your niche starts, freedom gives you the opportunity to achieve the best niche your intelligence, talent and skill can achieve.  It is up to you.

I hope you will find the exhilaration and excitement that comes from being a free person.  I hope you will accept our rules and Constitution.  I also hope you will help defend American freedom from without and within.

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  1. I don’t agree that immigrants must relinquish every aspect of their previous culture – merely that they must relinquish anything that is incompatible with their oath to uphold the US Constitution. The precepts of Islam are incompatible and irreconcilable with the US Constitution; thus, no one from a Muslim background or from a Muslim region should be allowed to enter the US without publicly disavowing any belief in Islam.

    Islam is not a religion in the sense that our Founders understood a religion to be, but rather, it is an expansionist enemy totalitarian political ideology that seeks to rid the world of everything but Islam.

    • I would think freedom of religion would be allowed for Islam provided Islam is able to remove from its religion the political and law portion. Of course, I don’t believe Muslims will be willing to do that. It is their inability to reject certain words of Allah. To do so would destroy heart of Islam. They will have to reject the concept that Islam is greater than any other religion. Since this tenement of faith will not be changed. You and I know the consequences of this problem but millions and millions of American do not. I recommend they following the only sound advice I’ve heard from El Presidente Obama. Educate yourself concerning Islam. A law similar to what you recommend was presented to the house in the last session but it died and no one has resurrected it. The congressman who put out the bill was probably warned it was not in his best interest to do it again. Push you congressman to make this a law and get signatures from others agreeing with you. It’s the American way. It is your freedom to do so.

  2. I think that multiculturalism is an unfortunate word, multi-ethnicism or something would be better. Immigrants can come to America as long as they accept the basic tenants of American civilization, basically our Constitution. Don’t come here if you want to promote fascism, or communism, or a theocracy. Don’t come if you cannot accept a society with free speech, free assembly, and free worship. You can bring with you your own cultural traditions, religion, history, cuisine, and politics, just as long as you can abide by the basic tenants of our civilization.

    America is a melting pot, not a salad.

  3. A model post that clearly channels Thomas Jefferson; unfortunately, TJ has been replaced. Now, we have BO who showcases rather different ideas and is in charge. He really is in charge; he has replaced the old Constitution thingy with himself pretty consistently without a peep even from Republicans.
    I’m not so sure America is a melting pot anymore but it does seem to be melting.

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