Congratulations! It’s a Girl!

Here's Mother Nature, Our Newest Addition!

Congratulations! It’s a Girl!.

The United Nations has accepted the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Nature, giving her human status and legally defensible human rights. Environmental legislation is being pushed at the UN level which will supersede USA sovereignty. Read this fully sourced article and learn who the players are, who the winners are and who the losers are. Hint: just one more giant leap toward the American Union..

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  1. Ma Nautre–Gaia–whoever; if she’s now a legal person (like a corporation) we can SUE her! And oh, boy! Have I got grounds! Bermuda grass! Pigeons! The damn scorpions in my family room!

    Doesn’t it take action by Congress before soveriegnty is affected? Not that it’s trustworthy…

    • You would think it would take an act of congress. But Obama and his cronies aren’t bothering with Congress anymore. They use REGULATIONS to get the job done. It is a slow (well, not so slow) take over by use of regulations. First, Obama & the liberals scream that we must follow mandates by the UN concerning our war policies. Second, Obama, for the first time in US history, GIVES our troops to a foreign entity to use as they wish. Third, Obama is pushing for a new Commerce Secretary- a Mr. Bryson. This Bryson is the founder of a radical environment group with ties to Van Jones. All this is happening at the same time that the UN is set to vote for legal status of Mother Nature’s personhood. Also, the Commerce Secretary will have a big impact on whether or not corporations will continue to build their companies in right-to-work states. If the Republicans don’t block this man’s appointment, the regulatory creep will sweep the nation further from the Constitution, which states that Congress makes law.

  2. George Carlin (RIP) had the whole save the earth crowd summed up pretty good, warning, not safe for work but funny as heck:

  3. We should have pulled out of that organization years ago. It is exactly what happens when utopians get money. But of course the media dismisses such talk as nonsense and such talkers as crackpots.

  4. Conspiracy Theorist, Kooks, Loons, Tin Foil Hats etc…..
    There’s no New World Order, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderburger, Bohemian Grovers, MK Ultra, Project BlueBeam, Round Table or Illuminati.
    Even though George Washington and Albert Pike spoke fondly about the Illuminati.
    And George Bush’s thousand points of light New World Order. Or how about Henry Kissinger’s need for a New World Order. Even the idiot Dan Quayle spoke of a New World Order.
    Na. It’s all conspiracy. Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy begged the public to be aware of these nefarious groups. I guess their “tin foil” was wrapped too tightly around thier heads.
    Cass Sustein thinks you should be taxed for your conspiracies. So you best watch out.

    • If there was no new world order, then why do world leaders keep referring to it? Call it what you want, but either you have to say that Obama is stupid or he has an agenda. I give him the credit of believing the last. Or, at least suspecting the last. Believe me, I was dragged into this conclusion kicking and screaming…but Obama’s actions make no sense in any other context. And this new worship of Pachamama (mother goddess) is truly bizarre- no sane person could believe that world governments are even taking these indigenous people seriously. Mother Nature is a Person? If you think I’ve got the tin foil too tight around my head, what do you say about those loonies? The trouble is, my too tight tin foil and my insanity doesn’t hurt anyone. But when world leaders, including our own President, start to allow this kind of bizarre religious belief about Mother Nature being a person, or even a goddess, then it is time to take stock, Buddy. Even if Obama doesn’t take the whole ‘goddess’ thing seriously (I don’t think he does), he is at least bending the United States to the will of the U.N. That, my friend, is dangerous to our sovereignty as a nation. And one must ask, why would our president do that to the nation he is supposed to defend with his life?

  5. Oh, dear…if we’re getting serious, there’s only one thing on that tabble: power. And the games and players chasing it, using whatever and whoever comes to hand. All else is “sound and fury, signifying nothing!” LOVE that quote; been hoping for a spot to use it!

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