Sarah Palin and the Media: Who’s Laughing Now?


- Remember Katie Couric’s “gotcha” interview with Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign? It’s a safe bet that more than a few of the liberal media loons (I know, that’s mostly redundant) were howling at their TV sets as they watched then-Governor Palin squirm as she attempted to answer questions that were obviously designed to trip her up.

What a difference a few years makes.

Sarah Palin may not have grown any more intelligent, (she’s much smarter than the loons will ever admit anyway), but she sure has grown wiser. She’s obviously discovered that she can treat the sock puppets of the Obama Media Group any way she wants to. And better yet – there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. To add insult to injury, they’re forced to cover her whether they want to or not. To this end, Pallin got the last laugh – and she’s milking it with all the in-your-face gusto she can muster. 

Whether or not Sarah Palin ultimately runs for president – much less wins her party’s nomination and goes on to beat Barack Obama in 2012 is beside the point – Palin is forcing the mainstream media (as well as conservative and liberal politicians alike) to play by her terms this time – and she loves it.

A first grader can see that Palin clearly loves the attention. That same first grader can also see that she hasn’t forgotten the way she was treated by the press in 2008, (and every day since), and that she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder as a result – which is fine by me.

While reporters for The New York Times, The Washington Post and Time magazine were left guessing when or where she might appear next – Fox News host Greta Van Susteren announced Monday morning that she had secured an exclusive interview with Palin aboard the “One Nation” bus. Any doubt that she stiffed them on purpose? Nope.

In contrast, the CNN Express bus – filled with reporters, camera operators, and producers – sat in Gettysburg for hours Monday, not even sure she was coming. What a shame that they couldn’t be joined by the MSNBC bus – that is, if they can afford one.

So, do reporters who are being forced to follow Palin around feel used and manipulated?

“Ya think?” said an NBC producer who was among those who waited for hours at Mount Vernon. When the bus tour finally stopped there, Palin slipped away without making an appearance. “Used and manipulated,” huh? Welcome to the club, pal.

Time’s Jay Newton-Small, who has covered Sarah Palin for several years, has a different take on the goings-on:

“Congratulations, Sarah Palin, you have turned the Washington press corps into a bunch of paparazzi – stalking your every move.”

As for Palin’s take on the whole thing, she believes that many in the press will twist her words and portray her in a negative light anyway, so as far as she’s concerned, why should she help them do it?

In a recent interview, Palin explained her strategy:

 “I think to start with, we ignore some of these reporters and their requests for us to comment and be interviewed. We know going in what they are going to do to us to as conservatives — so why participate in their game?”

Message to left-wing loons: Is this not eerily reminiscent of the White House’s refusal to allow the Boston Herald access to Obama recently, because of the paper’s “unfair coverage” of the president? Just because your president has a problem with hypocrisy doesn’t mean that you must have one too – be honest with yourself, you’ll feel better.

As I was writing this article, I was reminded of Ronald Reagan. The Gipper had a unique ability to speak directly to the American people – over and around the mainstream media. He did it because he knew that the most effective way to make sure his message got to the American people- uncut, unbiased, and “un-analyzed” – was to deliver it personally. 

While Sarah Palin understandably has a bone to pick with the mainstream media for the way they have treated her – and her family as well – she has learned her lesson:

Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me.

To paraphrase The Who, she won’t get fooled again. Not by the Obama Media Group anyway. 

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7 replies

  1. That is one good looking bus, I’ll give her that.


  3. I have had experience with the media, especially the gotcha interview. What they do is talk to you for hours being all nicey nice and then go for the throat and have the camera do a tight close up on the stunned victim’s face.

    The best course I ever took in college was called the Socilology of Social Problems. I will never forget the author’s chapter on the media and all of their dirty tricks. The last line of the chapter I still remember some 30 years later. “There are liars, and then there are damned liars and finally there is the media”.
    John Wilder

  4. I am not sure what she’s up to on this bus tour, either. BUT! I know that she knows, and if she’s having fun giving the media conniption fits at the same time, more power to her.

  5. It’s ironic to see Palin talk really big but then refuses to give interviews to main stream media. You’re either tough or your not. Talk of “gotcha interviews” and media mistreatment is such bs. She controls her message and exposure for a reason…..she’s nothing but a talker.

  6. Witty
    Why should she bother, knowing in advance that they will do their best to ambush her? She is doing the same thing Reagan did and bypass the supercilious and self important media and went straight to the American public.

    I don’t persoally blame her and she need not give the media the ratings that an appearance of her on their shows would garner. The media is one totally corrupt organization. I know from personal experience.
    John Wilder

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