Genocide in Our Time: The End of Zimbabwe’s White Farmers

Zimbabwe’s few remaining white farmers have lost a fools hope appeal to the Zimbabwe Supreme Court. The Land Reforms that President Mugabe launched in 2000 seem to be coming to their logical end. At the beginning of the reforms 4,500 white farmers were growing crops in Zimbabwe, today a little over 200 defiantly stay on their land. Mugabe’s land reforms were little more than Communist confiscation of private property under the pretext of righting past racial injustices. As is usually the case with wealth redistribution schemes, the land was not given to the black share croppers who worked it, but handed over to Mugabe’s cronies and their relatives. The corrupt bureaucrats who stole the land under the pretext of land reform had little knowledge or interest in farming, and as a result Zimbabwe, once the most agriculturally rich nation in Africa, has experienced complete economic collapse and is on the brink of famine.

The land reforms were accomplished with terror and violence. White farms were invaded by mobs of vagrants who squatted on the land and threatened the farmer and his family with violence if they did not leave. Those that refused to leave were beaten, terrorized, burnt out their homes, and often simply murdered. All this was done with the approval of the state. Once the farmer fled in terror or was hacked to pieces with machetes, the mob that accomplished the deed under the impression that they would get the land was promptly kicked out by authorities. The farm would then be handed over to a Mugabe crony with no interest in working it. Farmers who chose to fight for justice in court were often bankrupted by the costly proceedings, discriminated against by bought or biased judges, and in the rare case when they won, the government simply ignored the decision.

The international response to this injustice has been nothing short of pathetic. Britain, the former colonial occupier of the Zimbabwe washed its hands clean of the whole affair and largely ignored the atrocities. Europe, the continent that that goes berserk any time Israel fires a missile into Gaza, has responded to the slow burn genocide with a deafening silence. Russia, China, the Arab world, and South American rulers have all embraced Mugabe as an anti-colonial hero in the struggle against the West. What little outside help white farmers got was from other African nations. A regional South African court, the SADC, twice ruled in favor of the white farmers, declaring that the evictions were illegal, Zimbabwe’s government refused to honor the decisions, stating that the regional court has no power over Zimbabwe. However just this week a South African court ruled that evicted white farmers can be compensated with the sale of Zimbabwean state owned land in South Africa. Nevertheless, Mugabe has been largely successful in purging Zimbabwe of whites, and ruining the nation in the process.

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  1. My God, Zazu. This is disgusting. Where is Bono now? I guess he just loves black people. In today’s world, black racism is just fine and dandy. It is happening right here in America. But it goes much deeper than skin color. It is about dictatorship, socialism and revenge. Zazu, there IS evil and good in the world. There IS right & wrong. There IS a God who will destroy evil someday, I and I look forward to it. Though you don’t believe in God (or so you say), I am glad that you fight against evil.

    The difficulty of good men is that when the government & it’s judges & soldiers are all on the evil payroll, the good man can not win. He can only lose. There is only one hope: that the loss of his life as he stands against evil will inspire the hearts of other good men. And hopefully, they will come to right what is wrong. But if we allow all the great, good nations (like the USA once was) to degrade into the same corruption, then single men & women can do nothing but die for their cause. We need to fight for our own nation first. Then we can extend a hand to other countries in need.

    • The problem is that evil is not always obvious, and everyone is good in their own eyes, the world would be alot simpler if evil people had horns on their heads. You have the occasional Hitler and the occasional Gandhi, but most people are harder to figure out. Mugabe and Mandela started in a similar place, both were revolutionaries fighting dirty guerrilla wars against evil and vicious regimes. Some of their action crossed over into terrorism and atrocities. The difference is that when gaining power Mandela chose the path of mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation; Mugabe chose revenge and retribution.

  2. Let’s not get hung up in minor details! Mugabe is an outstanding success: He delivered what he promised those who put him into power and have kept him there and he became very wealthy in the doing. How can one complain because what he promised wasn’t free? What do you want, justice? Nobody can afford that!
    Hmnn…wonder how Michelle is with Mrs. Mugabe…

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