Lawfare – Litigation jihad against anyone who criticizes Islam (video)

Lawfare – Litigation jihad against anyone who criticizes Islam (video).

A new non-profit watchdog group, called the Lawfare Project, founded by Brook Goldstein, monitors the abuse of courts of law as a weapon of warfare.� Specifically, how lawsuits like the infamous one against Greer are being used to ‘chill’ free speech.� Because she is not ‘free’ under Canadian laws squelching speech in the name of ‘hate’, Goldstein has come to N.Y. for protection we offer under Article 1 of the Bill of Rights.� This group monitors the USA & Canadian courts, The United Nations, the International Court of Justice & the International Criminal Court.  see video..

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  1. America is the last hope for freedom just as the founders Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson wanted it. The freedom of speech of the constitution allows Americans to speak against or for any thing. Most nations and the UN have hate speech laws, America does not because the constitution states we have free speech. Hate speech law prohibit free speech. America has hate laws under the guise of civil rights and unconstitutionally establishing special classes and giving them protection not given to everyone. That is the reason Europe looks to America to stop Islam. You cannot sue free speech against any ideology, religion, political thought. Thank you Christian founders.

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