Video About the New World Order & Obama

Video About the New World Order & Obama.

Get some coffee- take a bathroom break. Make sure you have a little time. This video is frightening. It also agrees with much I have been theorizing over the past two months concerning Obama and his desire to create a new American Union. Apparently the actual name being thrown about is: The North American Union. And while I’ve been saying Ameri-dollar, others have been saying Amero. Funny. Cause I saw this happening without first seeing the video. The video was made years ago (2008) and yet, someone who has heard nothing of it has seen the plan unfolding. Interesting, to say the least. No wonder they need control of the Internet. Cause even though the news media is quiet as a tomb, the People are not. The Internet must be controlled to stop us from finding this out.

I don’t think that the video is correct about one thing: The American Union will include Brazil. It will need its oil when the Middle East burns. see video..

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  1. Dreams of this sort of thing predate the American Revolution. They’ve received some new currency among the international set in recent years. Open Borders is part of it, right?
    Cynical folk see the difficulties more than do the Progressives pushing this direction; difficulties like those materializing now in Europe over its Union.
    Back when, Canada stayed with George III and while a good number of western Canadians might consider shifting allegiance south, enough to really make a change seems doubtful, at least to me. And down south, Brazil and Spanish-speakers have never been very simpatico if I’ve got that right, clear back from when the Pope drew the line.
    I don’t know what I’m talking about here but the gut says we’re currently seeing the high water mark for the North American Union, at least for a good while. Hell, we can’t even mange the U.S!
    But the idea will never entirely drown.

    • Jack, I wish I could share your confidence. It’s not even that I think it will succeed. It’s that I think the very effort to bring it about will destroy America as we know it. Brazil may not have been sympatico in the past, but they are also not aggressive toward us. George Soros owns Petrobras, the state controlled Oil company of Brazil. Obama has sent billions of U.S.A. tax dollars to that company, not to mention the first completely new exploratory oil permit in the American Gulf Coast. It has been very hush, hush. Obama also made official state visits to Brazil & other south American countries before making state visits to our traditional European allies. That is when he said the infamous, “America wants to be Brazil’s biggest oil customer!” and promised to help the Brazilian oil companies with American money & technology. Weird? Only if you don’t take this ‘grand vision’ into account. Because when you do, it all makes perfect sense.

      These people do not understand Americans. Can we be too busy to care? Can we be too lazy sometimes? Can we be overly confident that nothing bad could ever happen to us? YES. But. We are still the same inside. We will fight this once everyone sees what is going on. These people think we are stupid, fat & lazy. They will have a big surprise coming. And that may very well be war. But those crazies will have to beat down an awful lot of people to get their way- THAT I am confident about.

  2. It’s all about the money and visions of glory. I check the Dallas CFR membership and I knew one of them, but there were some impressive business titles. Texans push back on the road and Gov. Perry pet project got dumped. I is definitely about global activity.

    • Americans need to put aside their liberal vs. conservative ideas for a while. We need to demand the end to private ownership of the news by so few people. We need to scorch ANYONE who wants to take control of the Internet as the FCC and Joe Lieberman are AT THIS MOMENT attempting to do. Without communication and information, there is no way to coordinate rebellion. We will be cut off from each other and will be prey to larger powers. If people can not control information, they can not control anything. We still have a chance here. But not if 6 families own all the information and can manipulate it any way they wish.

  3. Well, if we outlaw private ovnership of the news, that leaves government ownership, right? Now, THAT’S scary!

    • I would never say to end ‘private’ ownership of the news. I advocate legislation that would prevent the ownership of the news by so few people. The news should be owned privately- by publically traded companies. Ownership of these companies needs to be evaluated to ensure that they don’t actually funnel the ownership to a small number of private hands. Our monopoly laws are clearly not ‘clever’ enough to cover the situation. It wouldn’t be hard to do. A little thought & determination would do the trick.

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