20,000 United States Army Soldiers to Protect America From Its Own Citizens!

20,000 United States Army Soldiers to Protect America From Its Own Citizens!

This is only the beginning. We can only hope and pray that the soldiers, in their heart, are against this complete abuse of the Executive Office as we are. Hopefully, when the day comes when we stand in the streets demanding the return of our Constitutionally based America, the soldiers won’t shoot. What a day we have come to.

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  1. All one needs to confirm the stories concerning some type of Matial Law scenario. Is to research REX 84/FEMA. The brainchild behind this detestable “conspiracy” is none other than mass murderer(s) and drug smugglers George Bush and Oliver North. Bill Clinton has his hands all over this plan as well. Why do you think George Bush laid down and practically gave away the election to Bill Clinton? Just like certain agreements were made to Al Gore in 2000. If Gore would concede and go away. He would be handed the Global Warming scam to fleece billions in carbon taxes. It’s the age old action of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”.

  2. Why are people so delusional that that can’t bring themselves to the truth? I will give you a challenge.
    If you EVER get the chance. Ask the following simple questions of the politicians mentioned above.

    Do you know Cathy O’Brian?
    What knowledge do you have of Miami’s Pier 66?

    I can guarantee you if you stood up and asked these two simple questions to the above criminals. You will find yourself detained in handcuffs and charged with statutes under the 1947 National Security Act.

  3. Forget not the 250,000,000 firearms in hands of US citizens. And many of us know how to use them from past military experience, hunting, or personal defense. We can as citizens defend ourselves. Not that we want to, but our forefathers gave us the second amendment to defend ours selves.

    Do not take the average armed citizen lightly especially when armed citizes out number the military by 200 to 1 and many of the military and police would side with the average citizen in a second.

    We have nothing to fear, read below…..

    A policeman stopped a citizen for speeding and after receiving the ticket, the speeder proceeded to thank the officer and they talked. The driver told the officer he had a 9mm handgun in the glovebox and a 44 magnum revolver under the seat. Note this was legal in this state due to the man having a concealed weapons permit. Also, it was legal to carry guns in your vehicle.

    The officer then notice a shotgun and a AK47on the back seat and gave the driver a ” look” at which time the driver said ” you should see the two AR15s in the trunk”.

    The officer stood there for a moment and leaned over to the driver a said “Sir, what are you afraid of ?”

    The driver looked up at him and said………..”not a f–king thing”

    I rest my case.

  4. Too many stopped on the street by officers who then find guns in the care are being immediately arrested and the guns confiscated on the spot. In at least some instances, the officer is later reprimanded and an apology issued but often enough, the guns aren’t returned regardless. This, along with arrests for recording public actions of police, are frequent enough to intimidate irrespective of the legal nicities. It gets in the news but doesn’t seem to arouse much fuss, for which we will in the long run, pay, I expect.

    • Kind of like the jihad-islation in Canada. Intimidation is a huge problem. Just put your M16 in your safe and keep it around, just in case. Don’t forget the bullets. Lots of them.

      Our soldiers are exceptionally well trained. They may not like the President, but they are loyal. I feel certain, however, that they would NEVER turn against their own. It is not in their mindset. That being said, if they believe the group is some fringe element intent on the destruction of America, they just might….

      That is why our grass roots movement needs to include them in it.

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