Breivik’s Own Words: He is a Pagan, Not Christian!

Breivik’s Own Words: He is a Pagan, Not Christian!.

Feel free to read the manifesto yourself, but I will take this guy’s word for it. We Christians never needed to take responsibility for this wacko, but even HE says he wasn’t Christian- he just thought Nordic Christians were superior than other religions. He, himself, claimed to be Pagan. Eat up the eggs, my liberal loony readers…  See video

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  1. Increasingly, from his own actions as well as words from himself and his attorney, he appears to more of a pagan fascist than anything else… More than a few of them running around Europe.

  2. Hmnn…for a few hours he was Moslem; then he morphed into a Christian and now he’s a pagan, bringing bad cess to each in its proper turn. He was at one point accused of Catholicism by at least one reader and of some sort of indirect Jewishness by another.
    Actually (shhh..!) He’s a Mormon, a disguise he uses to hide his true practice of Wiccan Voodoo.

  3. Q: Are you a religious man, and should science take priority over the teachings
    of the Bible?
    A: My parents, being rather secular wanted to give me the choice in regards to religion.
    At the age of 15 I chose to be baptised and confirmed in the Norwegian State Church. I
    consider myself to be 100% Christian.

    Page 1418

  4. All this hashing about of what is and isn’t Christian accomplishes, is to reinforce the bigoted view of cultural marxism Brevik expressed support and admiration for. It sounds just like the crap your expressing about the left to me. I don’t doubt that the executive powers given to Bush by some of us after 911 will one day be used to challenge your views on Christianity just as the military has had to eat their words and actions about Homosexuals.

  5. Any reason why you don’t quote him directly? He mentions Christ and Christian hundreds of times in his manifesto- and not in opposition. And he described himself as a Christian on his Facebook page. The FB page has been removed, but here’s a PDF of it before it was removed: (

    Not to say all Christians are to blame, but trying to deny the truth just isn’t right. I bet most of you aren’t so picky when Muslim terrorists attack!

  6. Yes – he is 100% Christian. That much is certain.

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