Marines in Afghanistan: No Farting “Aloud”


According to The Military Times Marine Corps blog, Battle Rattle, the Marine Corps has banned audible farting in Afghanistan because it is culturally offensive to civilians working with the military, as well as members of the Afghan National Army.

The Military in Afghanistan had previously been ordered not to curse around members of the Afghan army, or the civilians they encounter while on patrol. They are also under orders not to discuss women or politics with Afghans. Now, audible bottom burps could land beer-drinking leathernecks in a stinker of a problem with their superior officers…

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Categories: Islam, Military issues, You Can't Make this Stuff up

9 replies

  1. Adds a whole new shtick to: “Put a cork in it!”

  2. No coffee, no beans, no cabbage, no broccoli….

  3. does that really mean all gas-bombs are out of question??? Where is the training?

    • Apparently the Afghans are mostly insulted by those that are accompanied by SOUND.

      The terrible silent type? Not so much; my theory being that as few showers as those folks take, odors beyond the immediate vicinity of their own bodies are by and large indiscernible – or perhaps even pleasant – given the aromas to which they’re normally accustomed. ;-)


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