Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse.
Just when you thought that America could not get any worse, here we see the utter contempt of Michelle Obama, First Lady to us all, smirk and appear to say, “All this for the damned flag”. And the so-called President of the United States turns to her with a knowing shake of his head as if to say, “Yes, dear, aren’t the little people so droll?” It doesn’t matter what she said. It clear that she referenced the ceremony with her head, said, “damned flag” and then shook her head in disgust. Hubby put his nose into its usual location and smiled wryly.

But 95% of black people and 67% of Mexicans will still vote for this man.   All for a free lunch. I hope it tastes mighty good, people.

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  1. Conclusions from body language and lip reading tend toward the risky; I’ve found myself concluding what I wanted someone to have said instead of what they did say, once or twice. She might’ve been saying: “My feet hurt!” or: “Joe Biden just f….d” or who know?

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