Sometimes Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

This story hasn’t received a lot of internet coverage, and what coverage there has been seems to be somewhat slanted. The general consensus seems to be that this man is an out of control, loose cannon, that should be locked up for an extended period of time. Knowing that the CIA operatives and private contractors working in the Middle East have a dangerous thankless job, and they generally go unnoticed unless they mess up somehow. I also know that the job these brave unknown warriors do, often with no public recognition whatsoever, serves to keep America safe from muslim terrorists far more than any will ever know. Because of this, I feel that Raymond Davis deserves at the least the benefit of the doubt in the incident described below. Thus far I do not see him getting this. He may be guilty, he may be innocent. I will not judge him, and others should not either.

On Saturday morning, October 1, 2011, Raymond Davis was arrested by Douglas County, Colorado Sheriff’s Deputies, and charged with third degree assault and disorderly conduct – both charges are misdemeanors. Davis posted a bond of $1,750 and was released. Davis, as many will remember, is a former member of the U.S. Special Forces and employee of Blackwater, who was arrested in January 2011 while in Pakistan after he shot to Pakistani men who attempted to rob him. After three months in Pakistani custody, Davis was released and he returned to his home in Highland Park, Colorado.

CIA Contractor Raymond Davis in custody in Pakistan - Jan 2011

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the incident which occurred last Saturday began when Davis and another man began arguing with a third man about a parking space and the confrontation became physical. (Source). The alleged victim, Jeff Maes, told a news reporter, “he [Davis] literally parked his car behind me and started shouting at me and I says, ‘You need to relax.’ And he got out of the car. When I got hit, I hit my back straight on the concrete and then, I don’t know, I must’ve got up. I looked, he’s standing there and I got up to defend myself and started again.” (Source) According to Douglas County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Glenn Peitzmeier, Maes refused medical treatment at the scene. (Source) Up until this point, it seemed to be pretty much a piece of non-news, and then things changed.

After being told that it was in fact Raymond Davis with whom he had been fighting, Jeff Maes changed his mind about needing medical attention, and he went to Skyridge Medical Center for an examination. Maes said, “Well, actually I was there for six hours and they took some e-rays and cat scans and said that I have an injury to my back.” Later news reports have stated that the injury was a fractured vertebrae. During his interview with a News7 reporter, Maes stated that he had not been knocked out. Later news reports state that Maes is now claiming that he was knocked out for “about 30 seconds.” That these new revelations are coming forth after Maes was told by a Sheriff’s Deputy that he had been fighting with Raymond Davis is in itself curious and raises in my mind the validity of Maes’ later statements.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has also stated that in accordance with their protocols, they were required to report this incident to the Colorado Department of Safety, which they did. Whether they reported it directly to the Department of Safety Executive Director (James Davis, who was appointed by Democrat Governor Hickenlooper in January 2011) or not is unknown. What is known, however, is that not long after reporting the incident the District Attorney’s office decided to amend the original charges, making them more serious.

As Davis stood in court prepared to make a guilty plea to the two misdemeanors he was being charged with, Senior Deputy District Attorney Rich Orman asked that Davis’s guilty plea not be accepted as he anticipated and upgrade of the charges to better reflect the seriousness of the crime. And upgraded they were. Davis is now being charged with second-degree assault which is a felony rather than a misdemeanor, as well as disorderly conduct and a violent crime count. The “violent crime count” is not an independent charge, bit a modification of the second-degree assault charge which in turn modifies any potential sentence received for the assault. Assault in the second-degree with a crime of violence designation carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in the Colorado Department of Corrections, and a possible maximum sentence of sixteen years in prison, with a mandatory parole period of three years.

Five to sixteen years in prison for a simple fight? This makes no sense to me whatsoever. Granted, Davis could be called a proficient fighter, and even lethal if the situation called for it. After all, he is a former special forces member. But where is the complete story here? Thus far all we have heard is Maes’s account of the incident. And what about the unknown third man initially reported as being with Davis, and who initially confronted Maes along with Davis? Who is he? Where is he? Am I to believe that Maes did absolutely nothing to contribute to the fight? Even though he did say that he got up to defend himself – and by doing so admitted that he contributed to the fight. I cannot help thinking that there is much more here than meets the eye (or than is being reported by the media).

A look at the 18th Judicial District Attorney may also shed some light on the amended charges being leveled against Raymond Davis. 18th Judicial District Attorney Carol Chambers (known as the “hanging prosecutor”) is well known among Colorado attorney’s as being a “win at all costs” prosecutor. She makes no apologies for spurring her assistant D.A.’s on to win each and every case they prosecute and offering monetary bonuses in excess of $1,000 for a 70% success rate (felony convictions only, plea bargains and mistrials do not count), thus opening the door to possible unethical manipulations in the prosecution of those cases. (Source)


District Attorney Carol "Win-at-All-Costs" Chambers

A former jury foreman who served during one of Chambers trials has said of her and her office “In the DA’s office’s agenda to prosecute so overzealously, it seems that the facts of a case aren’t really an objective.” Other Colorado attorney’s have called Chambers “bloodthirsty” and accused her of abusing the state’s habitual offender statute. Colorado defense attorney David Lane says, “I think she’s more interested in serving political ends than in the ends of justice.” (Source) Perhaps this explains Chambers’ decision to charge a 10 year old boy with felony arson because he and a friend accidentally started a fire. (Source) (Source)

Allegations of prosecutorial misconduct on Chambers part are equally well known. She has been accused of illegally funding her prosecution of a high-profile murder case; she withheld evidence that may have acquitted a convicted killer (Source); and in perhaps the most egregious example concerns a rape case where Chambers ignored DNA evidence that did not match the DNA of the mentally disabled man she was charging. Chambers insisted that regardless of evidence all but proving the man’s innocence, he was guilty. She was convinced of the man’s guilt because the presence of another man’s DNA in the panties of an eight year old little girl could not possibly absolve the defendant because eight year old girls are basically little sluts, and the DNA could have come from anywhere. (Source)

Although District Attorney Carol Chambers presents herself as a “law and order” prosecutor, her attitude of “truth, facts, and evidence be damned” shows her to be someone who is fundamentally dishonest, self-serving, and clearly working her hardest to feather her political nest. Perhaps this is why she has decided to amend Raymond Davis’s charges. He is a high-profile individual and who better to seek headlines with.

With all of the unanswered questions (what did Maes do – if anything – to spark the fight? Did Maes truly injure his back during the fight – or did it happen at a different time? Why did Maes refuse medical treatment at the scene – but later seek it out after being told who Davis was? Why were the charges amended after it was discovered just who Davis was? And who and where is the mysterious “third man”?), as well as Davis’s “trial by media” (one should read the comments left after the online reports of the incident) combined with the “conviction regardless of evidence” mentality of District Attorney Carol Chambers – it appears that Davis hasn’t a snowballs chance for justice.

Does DA Chambers simply want to complete what the Pakistani’s tried to do?

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  1. Today’s reporting seems a pathetic remnant of what used to be acceptably professional news work; suspension of belief is getting to be a standard, in my view of things.

  2. Jack, I find myself more and more disgusted with what passes for news journalism in the dominant media in this day and age. Virtually nothing they say can be accepted as unbiased balanced truth. Not even from the venerable FoxNews (granted they are by far better than NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN). The term “responsible reporting” is fast becoming an oxymoron with these people.

    • Thomas, you are very right about that. FOX is actually owned by the very same people who own MSNBC and every single news agency, magazine producer, movie producer, etc. in America. Have you ever read my “Who is Rupert Murdoch & Who Owns the News?” article. In it, I actually document the stock market data that proves, 100% what I am saying. It was tricky, but ultimately, ownership falls to 6 families & groups- all of whom use JP Morgan Chase & Goldman Sachs to purchase the news. It is quite hideous. An open secret, as it were. And it is terrifying as well. When you look at the total structure, it is clear that these six groups are working in collusion with one another. They have split the news into equal ownership- as if to keep a check & balance between them. FOX is a little more free from these groups in that Murdoch & his son James, own the controlling shares by the smallest of margins. But Murdoch is as bad as any of these people. He has no loyalty whatsoever to anything other than his own personal aggrandizement. I suspect that we sheep are being presented with two stories (liberal vs. conservative) by these six groups. Ever wonder if there is a third story? Like the truth? I do.

      • That these 6 families control all the major news outlets is very troubling indeed, and should serve as a wake up call to every American. There is no “real” or “complete” news presented by them. Virtually everything they report is twisted, spun and packaged in such a way so as to influence Americans in a specific manner. It isn’t really “brainwashing” but it is a form of thought control. One cannot simply watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, or any of the others and expect to receive a full, complete, unbiased and truthful accounting of the facts surrounding any news story. That anyone even watches MSNBC for anything other than a good laugh at the moronic musings of its anchors and reporters simply amazes me.

        You ask if I have ever wondered “if there is a third story? Like the truth?” I really don’t wonder about it, because the truth is out there, you just have to find it. Which is, of course, why I read your blog!

  3. Let’s just never hold Raymond Davis accountable for anything, just to be safe.

    • PsiLOLcybin, now you’re just being silly. If Davis is guilty, then he should be held accountable for his actions. the point of my article is that 1) the reporting of this incident by the news outlets is incomplete at best, and obviously biased against him. There are too many holes in the story and too many unanswered questions; and 2) that based on Carol Chambers history it is unlikely that Davis will receive a fair and unbiased trial.

      • To be fair, I did my own research on Chambers and yeah, let’s just say she’s a real piece of work. Ugh.

  4. All I know about this story is what I just finished reading in this article. Hadn’t heard of it before. But I’m left with little sympathy for the man somehow. It seems clear that he assaulted a person over a parking spot from what I can tell. The only question appears to be how badly did he hurt the man he assaulted.

    • Whether or not anyone has any sympathy for Davis is not really the question. The question is, should he have a fair trial, or should his guilt simply be taken for granted and let him prove his innocence in a stacked court? It is clear that he did assault a person. Why is not really clear. It may have been over the parking space, it may have been over something else, the news reports aren’t really that clear on this. Was this a case of one man (Davis) simply assaulting another man (Maes), or was it a fight with both parties assaulting one another? Did Maes do something to precipitate the fight, or was Davis the only aggressor and Maes an innocent victim? If Davis actually injured Maes, then why did Maes refuse medical treatment at the scene? Why did Maes only seek medical attention AFTER he was told just who he had been fighting with? Why did Maes state that he had never been knocked out, and then AFTER being told who he had been fighting with change his story and say Davis had knocked him out for about 30 seconds? Again, there are too many unanswered questions that have been left unasked and unanswered, and unless these questions are asked and truthfully answered then Davis will not receive a fair trial and that is the real issue here.

      • All fair points that I would expect to see addressed at a trial by jury. I would expect him to get the fair trial he, and every other defendant, deserves. If he doesn’t I’d expect to learn about it and do whatever is possible to get him one.

      • I’d concede that Davis is dirty, but Chambers is much dirtier and does not have justice in mind with this. She’s going to try to make a name for himself with him. What an ugly situation.

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  5. But surely this Davis fellow can just be executed by the family of his victim? After all, in modern America, that’s the message the political class sends: if you don’t like someone, you’re allowed to kill them without giving your victim any right of reply, any semblance of due process, or anything so silly and old-fashioned as a trial. As above, so below – just blow up Davis’s house (and if there’s anyone else in it, who cares? That’s the New Murkin Way).

    Davis is a career sociopath – as is everyone else who is prepared to point a gun at another human being simply because a career parasite (a politician) tells them to. Tom Paine and H D Thoreau knew this (see the fifth paragraph of the first section of ‘Civil Disobedience’), so there’s no excuse for not being aware of it.

    Watch “Jesus Camp” (which is full of calls to jihad… those maniacs talk about Holy War ALL THE TIME) and compare it to even the most militant madrassa; it’s simply no contest as to where the real maniacs are. If anybody takes seriously the laws against incitement to violence (especially by religious nutballs), then the place to start prosecutions is in nutbar Fundamentalist child-abuse centres.

  6. Where in the Constitution is the C.I.A authorized?

  7. After reading your list of the facts in this story I feel that you yourself are being biased. Please let me address your questions from the comments section.

    Was this a case of one man (Davis) simply assaulting another man (Maes), or was it a fight with both parties assaulting one another?
    [This would be his defense in that is was “mutually consensual behavior. As there were 5 men there to break up the fight as stated in the news article and witnesses to the assault that will be determined in court]
    Did Maes do something to precipitate the fight, or was Davis the only aggressor and Maes an innocent victim?
    [This is the same as above]
    If Davis actually injured Maes, then why did Maes refuse medical treatment at the scene?
    [Typically injuries worsen over time do to the adrenaline wearing off and the head clearing from shock. This is very common with whiplash, neck, back and major muscle injuries]
    Why did Maes only seek medical attention AFTER he was told just who he had been fighting with?
    [I can not find mention to this fact in any of the articles you sited. Only that he later sought medical attention after his injuries became more apparent]
    Why did Maes state that he had never been knocked out, and then AFTER being told who he had been fighting with change his story and say Davis had knocked him out for about 30 seconds?
    [This was never clearly reported. Only that he hit his back on the concrete and “then, I don’t know, I must’ve got up.” Clearly he was stunned, dazed and confused and upon coming around would have found Davis standing there over him to which he rose and defended himself]

    As for the charges, they would be initially reported by the officer and then after Maes received confirmation of his injuries this would then be submitted to the DA’s office and a broken back would naturally cause an upgrade to the charges against him. Had Maes died would you be surprised that they would be increased accordingly?

    In regards to the Prosecutor and her record, while it is shameful it is also irrelevant. She will not be trying the case and Davis will be defended by his own attorney

    Raymond Davis is a 37 year old special forces veteran trained in combat and fighting against an average 50 year old over a parking spot. Regardless of how it started the fact that she showed no control in this situation and only aggression is shameful in of itself and a slap in the face to the military he served.

  8. The only point I was trying to make in the article was that the news reports of the incident are not clear and leave many unanswered questions. The news reports appear to me to be biased against Davis, thus leading to comments on the various news reports also biased against Davis. It appears to me as if he is being tried in the media and found guilty prior to any trial. I am simply giving Davis the benefit of the doubt. If he is found guilty in a fair trial, then he should be held accountable for his crime. That Davis is a special forces veteran trained in combat should not be held against him. As for Maes, we do not know if he is an “average 50 year old,” since we do not know his background. No do we know if the five men who restrained Davis had to restrain Maes as well. We simply do not know. Hence my statement that there are too many unanswered questions in the news reports.

    As for Chambers, yes her record is shameful, and it is not irrelevant. Although it is possible that she will not personally try the case, the prosecutor will be from her office, and will be her subordinate. Therefore, she will play a role in the prosecution of Davis, whether indirectly through the policies and precedents she has established in the District Attorney’s office, or directly either through trying the case herself, or directing the prosecution from her office.

    • Then the point is…..that you should give Maes the “benefit of doubt” too, and let the courts handle this because unless you are attending the trial and witnessing jury deliberations, you don’t have much room for comment.

      Jus’ sayin’…..

  9. Thomas,

    I agree with you that the case seems political at this point. Davis’ notoriety and the victim’s changing story (as well as medical claims) point to suspicion. People who RAPE women & children here in WA only get five years if found guilty. A simple fight can not lead to five years in prison. Riduculous.

  10. I was there and there was not another man. Who ever reported this is miss informed. Davis admitted to the Sheriff that he took the first punch and was wrong. Davis was ready to plead guilty to the misdemeanor. The witnesses said Davis punched first and thats why he was arrested. Davis had the opportunity to walk away and choose not to. Taking the parking spot which is located on the east side of the store was easily Davis’ or Maes’. Davis should of stayed in his car. Maes was walking to the store with his wife and two children. It was foolish and unprovoked. Most of us simply mutter something and let it go. Davis truly needs some PTS therapy and a leave from the duties he performs. I another person doesn’t cross him in a wrong way, they may get shot.

    • Interesting replys by all. Can’t wait until the truth comes out…. most of you will be shocked and shameful. There should be more men and women out there willing to put there life on the line for others to live freely as well as stand up to selfish rude entitled asses like Jeff Maes. Stop listening to the media – they are all liars and manipulators of information. Most of you sound like ignorant fools b/c you are seriously misinformed.

      Furthermore, do you really think Mr Davis is a killer. Had he died you would be calling him a hero, but because he was defending himself he is considered a killer. Dont get it? Anyway, its America. We all have the right to our opinions, regardless, if they are based on ignorance. Until we wear the shoes of others and are put in the same situation, it is not our place to judge. What would you do? How would you react? Truth? You have no idea until it happens. You can speculate, but until you are placed in that exact situation, you truly have no clue what you would do or how you would react. So get off your high horses and think, really think about what you are saying before you say it. And, before you judge another who is willing to die for his country make damn sure you are willing to do the same! Otherwise you are nothing more than a hypocrite.

  11. Yes he’s a poor hero because he’s American and killed two Muslim men. I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy to see the Lahore Police’s reports that he shot and killed two men in the back; the second one trying to flee from him much like Jeff Mayers. It was amusing to see the self-righteous Irfan Husain, an Indian fifth columnist in the Pakistani media call these men “robbers” and dismissed the claims of Davis being a CIA agent as “anti-American conspiracy theories.”

    Many in Pakistan speculated Davis’ victims were ISI operatives while I maintained that he suffers from psychopathic behavior and paranoia and this recent incident only strengthens my beliefs. No professional agent would let himself be discovered like that.

    And look how you Americans who defend thugs like him. Because your tax dollars got him released, religious extremists in Pakistan are using his release as an excuse to release their own people from prison using “blood money.”
    If anything your reckless policies have strengthened religious extremism in Pakistan an the Islamic world.

    If anything Davis should have been placed on permanent probation upon his release from Pakistan. Look at the consequences it has brought to the average American. Instead of learning something from these, just go on and defend people like him and reckless US government policy. Sad…

    • Pakistani: Actually I would be very happy to read the Lahore Police report that allegedly states that Davis shot and killed two men in the back – just to see if that is what it truly states. Of course, in a country such as Pakistan one can never really be sure if even the “official” reports are true and accurate, or simply based on some obscure emotional mohammedan precept.

      I have no reason to doubt Mr. Davis’s assertion that the two men he shot in Pakistan were trying to rob him. They were thieves and they meant to do harm to Mr. Davis. This is his story and I see no reason to doubt him as there hasn’t been any evidence to the contrary. The simple fact that he shot them before they could shoot him is certainly acceptable, and I have no problem with that whatsoever.
      That you would claim that Irfan Husain is a “fifth column” type of person is very telling, and speaks volumes about you. Husain speaks out against mohammedanism, and I suspect that is the true reason you dislike him.

      I also find it interesting that you speak of “religious extremists in Pakistan.” Aren’t you actually speaking of mohammedans, especially since mohammedanism is the dominant (or is it domineering) theocratic religious belief system in Pakistan, as well as that entire region? And I don’t know why you call them extremists since they are simply following the koran and the hadith as put forth by mohammed and his successors. I think the word you actually mean would not be “extremist” but “fundamentalist,” or better yet (and more accurate) – “orthodox.” To be a “religious extremist” one would actually have to be perverting the specific religious belief system. In the case of mohammedans, that would be those who eschew violence, disdain jihad, are disgusted by polygamy and pedophilia, and have an IQ greater than their shoe size. These would be known as “peaceful muslims,” and they are the true “religious extremists” in islam. The ones you are speaking of are actually normal everyday average muslims – you know, the ones who burn the American flag, trash talk America, brutally beat and abuse their wives and daughters for disobeying them, behead people for being “sorcerers,” practice female genital mutilation, murder innocent children and others when they blow themselves up in allah’s name, murder their wives and daughters for being “dishonorable,” and engage in the popular mohammedan past times of beheading, shooting, hanging and stoning anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

      If America’s “reckless policies” can do away with the normal everyday average mohammedanism as described above then I’m all for it. The fewer normal everyday average mohammedan pigs and dogs in the world, the better. I’m all for those “extremists” who want to do away with the barbaric murderous 7th century theocratic nature of islam, and change it into a truly peaceful religion. At the rate you folks keep murdering them, however, I don’t think they stand much of a chance.

      As for Davis, if he is found guilty of assaulting Maes in a legitimate and fair trial, then he should be made to pay for his crime. Simple as that. It’s the way we do things in America. Maybe Pakistan could learn a thing or two from us. Assuming you folks are intellectually capable of learning.

  12. Not really. I am secularist and have no love for political Islam especially Wahabism. That’s what I mean about you. I was going to counter your argument seeing you hold no regards to people who witness his crimes in America and Pakistan. But after viewing your emotional and childish provocations I realized what kind of personality I’m talking to.

    Irfan Husain embarrassed himself by dismissing claims of Davis being a CIA agent- only until it was confirmed by the CIA itself. This is how much he lacks credibility. But he will remain your favorite because he’s parrot of the US propaganda machine which sadly American people are also victims to.

    As for religious extremism, you need not go to Pakistan to find it. It is well established and growing in America. Watch Camp Jesus and tell me if it’s a lie. Only difference is America did not suffer through a dictator who empowered religious extremists the way it happened in Pakistan. Up till the 1980s Pakistan was a fairly modernized country and did not suffer from religious extremism the way it did in the 80s and beyond under US partner General Zia Ul-Haq.

    My point is your government got a murderer released using a law you yourself despise. I have been for a long time in favor of capital punishment worldwide and here your government using American tax dollars turned to Sharia law to release a mentally unstable killer. Thanks to that, religious extremists in Pakistan are using this as an excuse to get Salmaan Teaseer’s killer released, when I think he should be executed for murder.

    Don’t lecture me as if I don’t know. I’ve traveled around the world and lived in 3 different countries including Pakistan. I don’t get my facts from Hollywood.

    Lesson of the day, don’t practice what you preach against (Sharia) or defend those you personally favor (R Davis) when they have not one witness on their side weather in Pakistan or America.

    Case closed.

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  14. Is the data worth protection, that is for the President to decide. If it is then what means and level. On the Colorado matter, who does need it, who does, monies. No one. I don’t he or anyone else wants to do this again, It is shady, no one knows why and he can’t say if there were reasons for it. The first I can think off is you can’t travel and the media is watching you. There won’t be a next time and even if there is such a situation nice public place CCTV. No more charges or cash. Yes he does deserve to walk, he did the wrong thing, not a felony. Worst case scenario stand up in the box, someone want me to kill the President, think you are insane.


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