The Sobbing Kenyan

Who among us has not been flabbergasted by the fact that half the country still supports our infamous president? We scratch our heads in disbelief, thinking, what will it take to bring sobriety to the populace.

All the more infuriating as we know that Hussein must be booted out in the next election if the U.S. is to have any chance of an orderly recovery. Granted, in our present condition of advanced rot it will take much more than a replacement of elected officials to stem and reverse the tide. But after another four years of Hopenchange, we’ll be so far underwater that the tide won’t matter. We need the breathing room afforded by the flushing of Marxists from government.

Do not expect the percentages to change anytime soon. The Obamunists enjoy an automatic 30-40 percent voting bloc. To the extent that they implement their plans, and America comes to resemble the USSR, they succeed in energizing—not alienating—their base. This fact is one of the hardest to swallow in our increasingly bizarre society.

To be sure, whenever the Leftist establishment twists the knife in the gut of the nation, one or two supporters are lost. Take any recent outrage as an example; say, the new tax on the manufacture of medical equipment. I was appalled but not surprised to discover that the Obama regime will impose an excise tax on medical devices and surgical supplies, a move expected to drain $20 billion annually from one of the most productive sectors of the economy. So yes, Joe Urban-Liberal, an engineer at the Acme Prosthetic Company, might wake up and realize that the adorable Magic Negro is about to destroy his livelihood and wreck one of the last remaining gems of American industry.

But weighed against this convert to rational thinking are millions of government dependents who could care less about the medical device industry, or any industry for that matter. For them, any tax on the “wealthy” is a good thing; it brings more benefits to those who deserve it (the “oppressed”).

Who comprises this immoveable bloc of Hopenchange automatons? Here’s an approximate reckoning (groups are not mutually exclusive):

  • Myriads of apparatchiks at all levels of government, particularly those with job descriptions from the fantasy land of multicultural nihilism (“Associate Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion,” etc.)
  • The corresponding functionaries in private industry, who oversee compliance with government diktat
  • Single mothers dependent on the government for financial support, or for the muscle to extort payments from private individuals
  • Welfare recipients, including the ever-growing ranks of fake or exaggerated “disability” claimants
  • Blacks
  • Mexican immigrants in the vast slums of California, and in the equivalent districts in other states
  • The super rich, à la Warren Buffett, who have hitched their cart to the Obama gravy train, along with people dependent on their largesse
  • Those living off the scam of Climate Change (or whatever they call it now)
  • Members of labor unions that are enjoying a new heyday under the aegis of the Kenyan
  • Academics and students in the humanities and social sciences
  • Recent graduates of our local anti-American brainwashing centers (public schools) and their teachers
  • Miscellaneous useful idiots, such as hard-core feminists or the Sixties-generation practitioners of what I call the certified rebellion; that is, people who forever confirm their hipster credentials by despising everything representative of true culture.

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that tyranny is the default condition of mankind. Lacking a natural and hierarchically ordered society with real standards of quality and merit, the masses default to their base emotions, particularly envy and resentment. No one is better situated to exploit this vacuum than collectivist movements characterized by the drive for “fairness” and equality.

A free people, who live in an ambiance derived from a deeply-rooted, organic culture, have no need of social engineering. They would rather be left alone. Government, with the exception of its legitimate core functions, is seen as a nuisance at best, and a mortal threat at worst. In its current incarnation, the Leviathan only interferes in or sabotages the development and practice of art, literature, science, industry, charity, family, recreation, and everything else that comprises a meaningful and productive life.

We face a Herculean task, to be sure. How do we overcome the insidious phenomenon of a third or more of the population jumping for joy whenever the America of liberty, opportunity, growth, and accomplishment is kicked in the groin? Is the slide into tyranny inexorable, dragging everyone and everything into the abyss?

I believe that the answer is no. The challenge is not insurmountable. But we must proceed, first and foremost, by not losing our nerve; by not being intimidated. Let us remember who we are and who they are. Their power is based on lies, extortion, and treachery. This type of authority is a mile wide and an inch deep; it depends on constant hype and a never-ending flow of money to keep it going. Setbacks can prove fatal, because there is no conception of long-term goals reached through honest work.

I am reminded of those old movies where a thug rises to a position of great power, crushing everyone in his path. But once he is stripped of his privileges and his henchmen, we find that he is nothing but a coward and a bully. He cracks under pressure and pleads for mercy.

Let us apply this lesson to you-know-who and his lieutenants. Lately I have begun nurturing a mental image of Hussein at his trial, breaking down under cross-examination, sobbing like a small child as he confesses his role in bringing untold misery to hundreds of millions of people. Meanwhile, Eric Holder and Jay Carney flee to Venezuela. Janet Napolitano and Arne Duncan beg for forgiveness. Others seek exoneration by insisting that they were simply following orders.

If we maintain our fortitude, such can be the epilogue to one of history’s most spectacular national downgrades.


Sometimes, social engineering doesn’t end so well:

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  1. I guess I can’t say that your picture of “El Duce” was to small… “Let us remember who we are and who they are.” Absolutely.

  2. Excellent post, Gary. Ameritopia comes to mind, does it not?

    While I agree with you, that – to paraphrase Dan King, who paraphrased someone else – it ain’t over til the fat lady sings – the stark reality of “We scratch our heads in disbelief, thinking, what will it take to bring sobriety to the populace” nags at me like a dull toothache.

    While there are certainly more than a few to whom we refer as the liberal elites, the real power of Democrat incumbency lies in their ability to keep the less-than-informed onboard. These are people who neither want sobriety – nor truth. They choose instead to wallow at the trough of entitlement.

    I will forever remember Orwell’s famous quote from Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” America’s real problem lies in the fact that the stupid animals fail to realize that the pigs changed the mantra on the side of the barn decades ago.

  3. This is a great post! Puts the reality right out in front without makeup. People always sign up for something-for-nothing, that’s human nature. The tougher, smarter tough it out, knowing it’s a trap, but there are always more new suckers being born and new scammers to pitch to them. Always been so, always will, until human DNA alters…

    The sad part is the cost of the periodic recycling, something we’re beginning to re-experience.

  4. “Who among us has not been flabbergasted by the fact that half the country still supports our infamous president? We scratch our heads in disbelief, thinking, what will it take to bring sobriety to the populace.”

    Uh-huh. You’re referring to the President as a “Kenyan”, and you wonder why most of the country dismisses you as a bunch of nutcases?

    Think carefully – it’ll come to you…

    • “…you wonder why most of the country dismisses you as a bunch of nutcases?”

      Hmm – wonder why a recent Gallup poll found that 40% of those polled identified themselves as conservative, 35% as moderate and 21% as liberal?

      The “nut cases” are the Socialists – including the Kenyan – who seek to destroy America as we know it.

      • “Hmm – wonder why a recent Gallup poll found that 40% of those polled identified themselves as conservative, 35% as moderate and 21% as liberal?”

        Bzzzt – nice try, but “identifing themselves as conservative” does NOT equal “thinking the President is a Kenyan”. That last attribute paints the possessor as a nutcase.

      • I didn’t say it did – I said that twice as many Americans identify with conservative ideology as do those who identify with the leftist ideology of your Socialist president.

        Not real sharp with deductive reasoning, are you?

      • I’m wondering why any thinking person would pay attention to polls. In statistics class we learned how to rig them.

      • Two reasons: When they tell us what we want to hear. As third-party proof against those with whom we disagree! ;-)

      • I said THINKING person. Anyone looking for reinforcement of their currently held beliefs isn’t always thinking, especially when it comes to subjective politics.

  5. “I didn’t say it did ”


    Me: “People think you’re nutcases because you say the President is a Kenyan”
    You: CHANGESUBJECTCHANGESUBJECT Conservatives! Liberals!
    Me: “You’re ignoring the fact that people think you’re nutcases because you say the President is a Kenyan”
    You: SNIFF Conservatives!

    Not too quick with the rhetorical evasions are you?

    The reason why people consider you lot to be nutcases has nothing to do with conservatism, despite your attempt to muddy the water.

    People think you’re nutcases because you say the President is a Kenyan.

    Deal with it.

  6. Okay, you win. THE PRESIDENT IS A KENYAN. Happy, now? Too funny.

    • I’ve yet to see it reputed enough to believe otherwise.

    • Very good. And when you ask

      “Who among us has not been flabbergasted by the fact that half the country still supports our infamous president? We scratch our heads in disbelief, thinking, what will it take to bring sobriety to the populace.”

      the answer is simple – people aren’t going to listen to you because they think you’re nutcases.

  7. From the poem. For whom the Bell Tolls…
    and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee

    Anna you always miss the forest for the trees….the problems laid out in this article are there…and regardless of any label you have on you or you put on others…you swim in the same pond as the rest…you think a criminal justice system that has failed as much as the school system doesnt pose the same danger to you, your friends and family

    do you think a government that hardly does anything right…that has lots of webs and steamrollers for the citizens to watch out for, cant ensnare you or roll right over you…and do you think for a second that those in power somehow love you and care for you and you are safe…dont work like that…..Are you and all those you love and care about…made any safer by leaders with no values but power and money…leaders whose answers to complex problems are always the most simplistic….the list could go on and on…

    you are in the middle of history now…and you never understand what is going on, until its in the history books…if your thinking is…yes he/she is a liar, a person with no character, a crook,…but he/she is my liar, my person of no character, my crook….my person that feigns care of compassion…that gets us all into the same bad situtations….because those people eventually take down even those that support them

    you think thats not true…look to Cuba and all the ppl that helped Castro rise to power…would your family have stayed there, or would they have tried to make it to the safety and security to the US….which is possible only if the US exists as it was then

  8. Liberals always resort to anger & sarcasm. When that doesn’t work, they resort to name calling. Logic is the ONLY way to debate- polls be damned. Further, if 90% of the people jump off a cliff, does it make it a good idea?

    Anna, you should go away, calm down and return- after you have something of substance to say. Looking over your remarks, if you subtract the sarcasm & name calling, nothing is left!

    • But, Rebel, I am calm.

      The question was implicitly asked “why are they not listening to us?!”

      And i am calmly pointing out the simple answer – if you go calling the President a Kenyan, people assume you’re a bunch of nutcases.

      • Anna, if you say so. You know you have matured when you can actually see, acknowledge and address your foibles. You ARE being sarcastic and you are calling names. Hard to take seriously.

        Personally, I am not married to any party or any ideology. I want the TRUTH. Truth is logical and makes perfect sense. It WILL come out in the end. In my research, I can’t help but find myself opposing the progressive movement (neither dem, nor repub). I also believe that people who call themselves liberal or dems more often than not inadvertantly are serving the Progressive agenda. When people yell & scream, call names and use sarcasm, I tend to think that either 1) they don’t know what they are talking about or 2) they have something to gain by what they say. Either way, I can’t consider them as an honest broker.

        p.s. I was one of these people (didn’t know what I was talking about but wanted to be ‘cool’) so I know what I am talking about.

  9. reread the article because it was so good….fables and sayings from long ago are recordings of something someone observed in their times, and then the fable is born…when it is relevant in our times, it simply affirms that history repeats itself…

    Few would disagree “the emperor has no clothes” is one of the most relevant fable with Pres. Obama and his hollywood/DC/liberal/progressive enablers. Were eventually a child states the obvious, the king is naked, and by extension, gullible and prideful. His end in the eyes of others is not to be envied.

    Anybody that is any good at getting a sense of people in their professional and personal lives, knows he speaks untruths and has only the foggiest idea on important matters that he speaks about. He appears to be a shallow, fragile individual with average intelligence, made to appear smarter by good PR.

    When he no longer has the power of the presidency, especially if it’s by losing the next election, the rest of his life he will have deep painful regrets. Regrets, such as few historical figures have ever had. Having been in the one position where he truly could have made a positive difference for a nation that appeared to be in decline. He could have been a healer and rebuilder and be looked on in history as having achieved great things…but instead…

    he will probably be a “haunted, irrelevant historical figure” along the lines of Jimmy Carter…irrelevant, except for the damage he did here and around the world

  10. “Personally, I am not married to any party or any ideology. I want the TRUTH. Truth is logical and makes perfect sense. It WILL come out in the end.”

    Uh-huh – and that’s why you associate yourself with people who call the President a Kenyan?

  11. what’s that saying…a rose by any other name…let’s try mr_teleprompter_guru….mr_hope_forever….here’s_your_change_from_the_trillion….mr_words_matter_cause_thatz_all_i_am….lecturer_in_chief….arab_spring_architect….mr_edict_dujour…..mr_fast_N_loose_with_fast_n_furious….no_fence_except_the_one_i_sit_on….mr_valid_ssn_NOT….the_ronald_reagan_wannabe……take your pick of just these few, i’m sure others can think of more

  12. Obama’s father was a Kenyan.


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