Crooked Democrats Block Voter ID Laws to Cheat (reblogged from American Clarion)

March 15, 2012 ·By Gina Miller

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Voter ID Laws in the US
Voter ID laws in the US. Red is more strict while lighter colors are more loosely regulated. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

At this point, anyone who does not see that we are living under a communist dictatorship of the current administration in Washington is woefully ignorant or willfully blind. One of the latest outrages against America’s free and sovereign states has — no surprise — come at the hands of the lawless Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ, under the racist Eric Holder, has made a mockery of its own name, because there is no justice in that department. It has become nothing more than a strong-arm, thug tool for Barack Obama (or whatever his name is).

This week, the DOJ blocked Texas’ voter identification law, falsely claiming it would be a burden to Hispanic people in the state. The DOJ used an antiquated section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 as an excuse to block the law. Under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, certain southern states must get the approval of the DOJ before making any changes to their voting laws. This was put in place back in 1965 to prevent historical practices by some states, mainly in the South, that had thwarted black people’s ability to vote.

There is no longer any need for such a clause, because no one in this country who is legal to vote is prevented from voting—no one. Nevertheless, back in 2006, President George W. Bush signed a 25-year extension of that outdated clause, but even if he had not, the DOJ still would have dictated that Texas not enforce its own voter ID law, which was approved by the citizens of the State of Texas. You see, under this lawless administration, they do not need an excuse, like Section 5, to impose their dictatorial will on the states. They know that no one in Congress or the military will oppose them, because apparently, no one in authority has any guts to hold these criminals—from Obama on down—accountable for their illegal, unconstitutional, impeachable actions.

The simple question here is why do Democrats so viciously oppose common-sense voter ID laws? The simple answer is that Democrats, and even some so-called Republicans, cheat in elections. They have to cheat, because their communist ideology is diametrically opposed to the freedom and individualism that the majority of Americans cherish. Most Americans understand that communistic policies rob our freedom, our money and our way of life, and we want nothing to do with such monstrous dictates. Communism centralizes all the power of a nation into the hands of a tyrannical oligarchy which dictates every aspect of the citizens’ lives. We are now almost all the way there.

Not only do Democrats cheat, but they lie about the existence of election fraud. Their common refrain is that there is no such thing as election fraud, a ridiculous claim on its surface. When there is criminal activity in every conceivable place in our world, how can they make the stupid claim that when it comes to voting, there is no criminal activity? Well, because they lie, and they do not hesitate to tell the most outlandish whoppers imaginable. Considering the massive amount of power that is at stake in elections, only a fool would believe that election and voter fraud does not occur.

Of course, in order to make the statement that election fraud does most certainly occur, I should at least provide some examples. First, I want to make a note that diabolical, billionaire currency-wrecker, George Soros, created the “Secretary of State Project” back in 2006, in which he is attempting to install Democrats in the position of secretary of state all across our nation. As you know, among other duties, secretaries of state are the overseers of elections, candidate qualifications and election results, and they are able to manipulate state voter registration laws which can make election fraud easier (as in the case of allowing same-day registration and voting). Thus, Soros and his gang of globalist commies are worming their henchmen into these powerful positions. If there is no such thing as election fraud, why would Soros do this?

One of the latest, high-profile cases of election fraud was perpetrated by a Republican Secretary of State in Indiana. He was convicted in early February of this year of multiple felony counts and sentenced to a year of home detention. Since this was a Republican, you can easily find numerous stories on the Internet reported by the “mainstream” media. Election fraud by the Left is harder to find covered by these same media outlets, but it can be found with just a little bit of effort.

Also from Indiana back this past December was the case of the state chairman of the Democrat party having resigned as a result of election fraud stemming from the signatures to get Barack Obama on the ballot in the 2008 election. 500 signatures are required, and in this case 534 signatures were collected, but 150 of those signatures are declared to be forgeries.

Excerpted. Please visit the American Clarion for the rest of the article. It’s well worth the read and it’s the polite thing to do.

Crooked Democrats Block Voter ID Laws to Cheat

There is not really much to add to what Gina has written here. We need to get motivated on this because there will never be an election as important as the one coming up in November, and the Democrats WILL steal it if we are not willing to get right into their faces and stop them.

We need to get some serious discussion going on how we can do that, so start wracking your brains. Personally, I think we need to go back to paper ballots and purple ink on fingers. These machines are a menace and should be banned at all costs.

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  1. Last week I broke down and went to an Urgent Care center to get something to help kill a massive sinus infection. This was done of my own free will. I paid the co-pay and if I hadn’t had insurance, I would have paid the full $160 it cost to see a doctor and get a prescription for the drug I’m taking. I also had to show a photo ID. In this state, I have to show one to use a credit card in many places, buy Sudafed, cash a check, get a drink in a bar (of course, at my age, if I’m asked for this the bartender gets a BIG tip), get on a plane, train or other transportation, etc. BUT I really don’t need one to vote. There are voter cards sent to the homes of all registered voters. Photo IDs are accepted, but not necessary.

    So, what sense does that make that I can’t buy a decongestant without a photo ID, but I can put in my two cents on who the next “leader of the free world” is? I say make it a national requirement.

  2. Back in the 1970s I was an unpaid gofer working on the reelection campaign of a congressman in Southern California where I got to know a pollster that had been hired to track the race. I will never forget the “5% fudge factor” he put into every calculation to account for the voter fraud he damn well knew was going to occur.

    It’s something they all know about, and for the most part even accept as the price of running because they also know there is no way to stop it. Now that was a moderately Conservative area of the state. Can you imagine the fudge factor they would need in places like Detroit or Chicago?


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