ObamaCare: Abortion Surcharge to be Included in Monthly Premiums


Forget all the promises Barack Hussein Obama made about not subsidizing abortion – about people not having to pay for abortion coverage if they chose not to. Forget all the speeches by Democrats and their liberal media lapdogs ridiculing conservatives and accusing them of “lying” that Obamacare would indeed fund abortions. Forget it all, America.

As we’ve come to expect from this president, we’ve been had. Again.

The Regime has finalized the rules governing state healthcare exchanges – including the funding of abortions through a mandatory monthly ‘abortion premium surcharge’ that every plan participant will be required to pay.

The $1 surcharge (I can hear the loons now, wailing “It’s only a dollar!” as they spectacularly miss the entire point.) is neatly tucked away inside the controversial (and court-challenged) “individual mandate” – the portion of ObamaCare which requires every American to purchase government-approved health insurance – or pay a penalty.

The abortion mandate requires all persons enrolled in insurance plans which include elective abortion coverage to pay a separate abortion surcharge – specifically designated to fund abortions. Almost as disgusting, the surcharge is identified as such – as if to flaunt it.

The Regime not only lacks the moral values of tens of millions of Americans; it seeks to stick its lack of values in the faces of those with whom it disagrees.

Here’s how our disingenuous president attempts to get around the “promises” (lies) he made in saying the government would not fund abortions:

Under O’s shell game, the government is not technically subsidizing abortions; you and I are – by government mandate. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a liberal ideologue.

Insurers will collect a $1 monthly surcharge from each participant. If you write checks for your premiums, you’ll have to write two checks; one for the premium cost, and a separate $1 check for the abortion “surcharge.” If premiums are billed to your credit card, you’ll see two separate charges; one for the premium cost and one for the additional $1. Slick bastards.

Moreover, insurance companies may only disclose the purpose of the surcharge to plan participants at the time of their enrollment. Thereafter, they are not permitted to reveal in any of their policy literature what the $1 is for. In addition, insurance plans may only advertise the total cost of the premiums – without disclosing that enrollees will be charged a $1 per month fee to directly subsidize abortions.

Contraception and abortion are neither sicknesses nor diseases. The Regime has changed the definition of “women’s healthcare” in America to mean contraception, abortifacients, abortion and sterilization – without exception. This means that insurers will either provide “complete” women’s “healthcare” coverage, or they will provide none at all.

Is this freedom? Is this choice? Is this “fair” – to borrow O’s favorite word – for those Americans opposed to the murder of unborn children? It is not; it is an abomination. 


Margaret Skinner would be proud of O – yet again.

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9 replies

  1. Frickin’, lying, baby-whacking, pathetic excuse for a president if I do say so myself.

  2. Of course he is. And when he’s not outright lying – he bobbin’ and weavin’ and obfuscatin’ with the best of ‘em.

    These are sad days for America, people. Dangerous ones, too.

  3. As someone recently observed: Conscientious objectors to war may opt out of compulsory military service, a long standing bow to the Constitution’s prohibitions protecting religious beliefs/practices…this is another government attack on Christianity and other beliefs that value life. The formalities applied make it indisputable. Any bets on it becoming newsworthy?

    The bishops rose up to defend their hospitals, will they face this much bigger attack? It’s the Church out in public against the government or the effective end of the church…And Obama is betting the farm, too so far as his own reelection goes, seems to me. Or maybe he’s willing to take one for the cause? That’d be surprising!

  4. Obama’s distaste for – and battle with – the Catholic Church runs much deeper than most people realize – or care.


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