The Science of Ridicule: Flat Earth Progressives Denounce Non-Climate Change Fanatics

ImageIn a perfect world, the words “science” and “skeptic” would go together like biscuits and gravy. Alas, we live in that enlightened era when so-called scientists grab oodles of cash from the gubmint and lambaste anyone who doesn’t agree with their theories as ideologues or even Nazis (actually, I think Nazis would be quite warm to the theory which provided them with the rationale for controlling all property, natural resources, and human life). But wait — wouldn’t so-called scientists calling out any opposition to their theories whatsoever be, I don’t know, inherently ideological?

Here is an idea, chaps. Instead of running your insipid mouths about how we little-brains can’t understand the nuances of climate science, why don’t you cut your hyper-arcane arguments down to size with an Occam’s razor, and just for kaka and giggles, quantify how much impact man has on the greenhouse effect? Wouldn’t that be a more potent form of argument than running around like chicken littles with your heads cut off yelling “the earth is warming!” or “the climate is changing!” for decades on end?

Continued on Conservative Daily News.

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  1. Well, the climate is always changing, right? No glaciers in sight when looking out the window, though the earth has been a popsicle some 90% of its estimated life, with occasional warm periods like the present. Nobody knows why, though the sun cycles we do recognize seem a reasonable place to look. If we take geologic history to heart, we’d be better served worrying about the coming next ice age, seems to me.

    The man-made warming alarmists have no supporting data they’ve been willing to publish; only models they have made based on their guesswork…and it’s true, the real climate doesn’t seem to imitate those models the way they would prefer. Aw, shucks! Shut down the Western worlds’s use of energy anyway…

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