Suggested Slogans for the 2012 Republican Presidential Campaign

In the spirit of great, short slogans that get noticed, i.e., “Give me liberty or give me death” and “United, we stand, divided we fall,” I’ve made up a list of short (10 words or less) suggested slogans that the Republicans are welcome to use or build further to help convince our fellow Americans that the current regime in the White House needs to go. These are in no particular order and, admittedly, borrow from other campaigns, but we all get the drift. The messaging needs to be short and sweet, doesn’t matter who the candidate is. Please, add your own in the comments section.

Got religion?

More oil drives down prices. Drill here. Drill now.

Corporate taxes are made up of your raise and bonus.

Soldiers die defending your right to insult them.

The American Way – Clinging to Guns and Religion

Obamacare – destroying the health care system since 2010

Liberty is not just a bell.

Bring back hope – change presidents

“Salt of the earth” is not a seasoning.

Joe the plumber was right.

Obama surrendered the Cold War – after we won it

Save NASA. Oust Obama

But, Mr. President, we WANT to go to the moon

Occupy Cubicles – get a job

People doing all the work, UNITE!

This isn’t the CHANGE we HOPED for.

Um, Obama, Gandhi actually understood the value of salt.

Michelle goes on vacation while Americans lose their homes.

Bitterness is not an American value.

We Christians already have a Messiah, thank you.

If anyone out there can come up with a good one for cheap chicken…a stewing hen is $13 this week!

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12 replies

  1. When funding Obamacare birth control and abortion, who can afford kids?
    Obamabeef, Free at School: PINK SLIME!
    Michelle: ‘They have no beef? Let’em eat pink slime!
    Remove the Israel problem: Vote Obama!
    Reject Known Liars and Thieves! Elect an Unknown Republican!

  2. “No matter how many times you bow, We won’t”
    “Pipelines are for oil to refiners, not guns to cartels”
    “My medical records for your college records, deal? Deadline June”
    “You know the will of dead voters but not dead founders?

  3. Occupy the White House
    Romney: Flipfloppers Unite!
    Pop ‘the pill’ but don’t make me pay for it
    Down with the ’round-heeled ones’…
    Mob rule sucks!
    We don’t suck as much as Obama
    Even on our worst day we’re better than ‘him’
    Better an elephant than a jackass
    Hero worship is just stupid
    Members of the Obama cult, don’t drink the kool-aid
    Be an adult – vote Republican
    Hate the Nanny State
    Grow up – Vote GOP
    Wake me up when the nightmares over
    Even a RINO is better than a Statist
    Mao would be proud
    Just say NO to the isms of the Left
    It take Liberty to run a country
    The Constitution – it still matters
    Marx was wrong – vote Republican
    True fascism will come from the Left, not the Right
    Obama may not be a socialistic, white-hating, Kenyan Muslim, but he sure acts likes one…

  4. Republicans: The 500-pound elephant in the room.

    (hey, I gave it my best shot!)

  5. “Your money does not belong to me.” -No Obama 2012

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