Will the Dems’ Mobs Keep Their Tea Party Pacifism?

The First 'Occupation'--What Will The Next One Resemble?

Mobs of teens and young adults have been attacking people on the streets and in malls for a year or two. More often than not, the attackers have been blacks and nasty, racial epithets have been heard. Our professional informants the media, have been careful to avoid mention of race in most of the stories. Not so when a black is the victim rather than the attacker and especially not so if the attacker is white or increasingly, Hispanic. By now, we expect this.

Since the Dems brought out their Occupay troops, we’ve been keeping fingers crossed against street violence escalation; so far, that seems to have worked. There hasn’t been a lot of political, organized violence. Now, we’re entering what Occupy promises will be the “next phase” of their very political if also very incoherent, program. They haven’t run out of money yet, apparently.

So now that it’s Spring and the Lefty machine is organizing an election year race war around the push to lynch non-black Zimmerman for shooting black Trayvon before any facts appear, is this an attempt to add black street riots to the Occupy activities? An earlier post on the Constitution Club raised the question. L.A.s Watts riots were very effective politics and no one has pushed that button for a while. And there’s all those kids who’ve been practicing: Police Ponder Curfew After Youth Mob Attack shows what’s been going on in Minneapolis, which has seen its share of this. Noting that loud silence on the racial makeup in this story, a good guess suggests it was blacks attacking non-blacks, since that’s been the pattern. But that’s a guess; we’re not told.

St. Lous just had a warm-up too: Trouble in Loop Was Anomaly, Officials Say involved 200 – 300 teens mobbing a couple of streets full of people and firing into the air; no one beat up this time and the cops ran them off. Later, some kids were shot. but in S. Louis, two or three hundred kids getting together and mobbing a commercial area is considered unusual, per the officials. Wasn’t so unusual last year, though. And no trashing of property this time, which likely IS an anomaly. Again, no word on race so you know the way to bet. And I’ll bet we’ll see more of this as the weather warms…

I can’t guess if the Dems are planning to escalate the level of street violence this summer and if the race war tactics on current display are part of that. Public behavior has been degenerating for a while, with kids leading the way. And the self-esteem, entitlement, racial guilt, unrestrained and morally relative precepts of the Left have had much to do with that. The appropriate tools for street violence are available; we’ll have to see whether it grows into organized use or remains–what was the word? Anomalous.

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  1. Fully expect more of the same here is Texas as else where.

  2. as one familiar with St.Louis and the area where the “anomaly” occurred this weekend, the media was sooooooo not being truthful about how unsafe that area is becoming. It used to be a nice area to go to for a night out, evening dinner and hear good music. But the area its in is like an oasis surrounded by desert. The oasis has been intruded on a lot. Myself I will not go there. The food and entertainment there is not worth getting harmed or more likely your car broken into.

    But what was even more infuriating was the chief of police getting on tv and saying that its not dangerous, they just have to do a better job at spotting those kids breaking curfew. What a joke, after his non-speak, no semi-intelligent person would expect the authorities to take any significant action to protect the people that go there.

    I say “authorities,” because way too much emphasis is placed on the police and what they will do or not do. The real problem is the courts and the politicians. I dont know if anyone has heard of the “knock out” game. Its were a group of teens, target a victim, and one of them gets 1st chance to try and knock the victim out on the 1st punch. If that doesnt work, if the victims fights back, then the whole pack attacks and punches and kicks them into submission. Just kids sorta “sowing there oats.”

    Recently an attack occurred and it was thwarted.by somebody’s bodyguard. I think it was the mayor’s. Anyway, one of the perps was caught, and his mom got on tv and said that it was no big deal. That its just their way of establishing street ‘cred.” Not one public official got on tv and took her to task. It was like, saying they agree with it.

    Bottom line, I stay away from the whole area. Since it seems i’m the only one really concerned about my family’s safety, or whether we suffer some kinda attack. The only time there is really any pushback, is when its bad publicity for some area that is important for tourism or a night life area.

    Following is a good link…or google “st.louis knock out game.’


  1. Black-On-White Link In Minneapolis Violence – John Malcolm

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