Barack Obama Gets a Lesson in Humility

Upon assuming the office of the presidency with all the majesty of a newly crowned king, duly ordained by the mainstream media, the secular priesthood of liberal punditry, and the unscrupulously deceived underclass, Barack Obama assumed all the airs of a transcendent president — above the people, the laws, and The Constitution itself.  Decreeing his vision of a fundamentally transformed America while afloat the ethereal clouds, the elected savior was to be our nation’s new lawgiver, the sole repository and dispenser of social justice, tantamount to Hammurabi, Solon, and Moses all rolled up into one gloriously redemptive figure.

The passage of time has taught the peremptorily anointed messiah a thing or two about lofty rhetoric and idle vainglory. Although the media gushed about the amorphous character’s suitability for the office, there was little or nothing in Barack Obama’s background to suggest that he had the legal acumen, political expertise, or governing experience to guide a struggling nation to the promised land of lowered unemployment, manageable deficits, and shared prosperity. Quite the contrary. The community organizer’s paper thin resume suggested that the future presider over the world’s most powerful economy knew only how to ride the left’s one-trick pony of wealth division, while displaying no understanding, let alone concern, for wealth creation. By the grace of the political gods of fortune and folly, Obama masterfully rode his Methuselah all the way into the Oval Office.

During the period between his election and his immaculation, the populace was in tumult and the riptide of a housing and credit collapse was pulling the financial order under. The charismatic Obama had soothed and wooed the bridling masses with his uplifting oratory, even persuasively arguing that once ordained he would even lower the sea levels, like the mad King Canute of English lore. But an immense economy comprising over 150 million workers, tens of millions of retirees, students, and soldiers proved less malleable to reality than to the president’s imagination. Adopting the same Keynesian canards that landed previous Democrat presidents in hot water, Obama bet the house on a technocratically administrated takeover of the private sector; housing, banking, energy, industry, and last but not least, healthcare all suffered the slings and arrows of the outrageous onslaught. And years later, the bleeding has slowed to a trickle, but only after the application of a tourniquet.

There were other areas where the disconnect between rhetoric and reality exposed the president as a charlatan not only out of his league, but out of his depth. After self-righteously chiding the former president Bush on his war policies, particularly his detainment of enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, the recently enthroned president eventually perceived the wisdom of what he had previously decried as human rights violations.  Not only did he then carry out the wars that he had promised to his base to expeditiously end, he ratcheted up the “overseas contingency operations” and effectively declared a war on Libya, not by appealing to the consent of the American people whose sons and daughters were to wage the campaign, but by justifying the measure as the final decision of some unaccountable international body! The actions of the president were no longer a matter of partisan contention, but were now encroaching upon constitutional authority. The president had dishonored himself and his office by wantonly disobeying his oath.

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  1. The Prez is indeed the things described and it gets him lots of support among voters…

    Today’s zeitgeist seems reminiscent more of Imperial than of republican Rome…

  2. Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find high quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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