The Divider-in Chief: Why Barack Obama’s Partisan Presidency Must Go

The president acts not only like he doesn’t like his job very much, but he doesn’t like this country very much. At least, that is the takeaway of someone who has watched his criticism of the country while he has traveled abroad, his bowing to fellow foreign heads of state, his unwillingness to embrace American exceptionalism, and his recourse and appeal to foreign authorities like NATO and the UN, rather than his acknowledgment of the proper jurisdiction of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Maybe voters can accommodate Mr. Obama this November and free him up to do something more suited to his miraculous talent for soaring, un-American rhetoric. Like community organizing, for example.

It’s not where he’s from, but where he stands that makes Barack Obama such a strange presence in the White House. The president acts as if he is a member of royalty holding an office below his station as a favor to us trifling and meddlesome Americans. Electing such a man as our nation’s leader is an unusual and dangerous turn of events in our history. It perhaps says more about our gullible electorate than about Obama himself, but that’s another story.

There are certain memorable images that reinforce the perception that Mr. Obama is less than enthused about leading this country, such as his failure to salute the flag while on the campaign trail in Iowa. A truly patriotic American would not forget such a courtesy, especially acting as a politician thrust upon a public stage. You don’t just forget such basics of national decorum.

Such warning signs that Barack Obama was a different kind of political actor went unheeded by the public. It is as if the Aztec natives had their Sun God, and could not see that they were following a mere man. Our duly elected head of state now acts as if he is unbound by our country’s laws and not even compelled to act in its best interest — such as his offering of missile defense access with the Russians and by funding the Muslim Brotherhood. Citizens don’t generally demand “flexibility” of their president on such issues as national security, although there may be a need for compromises that benefit our country. But there are numerous occasions when the Mr. Obama has “compromised” with our adversaries and enemies with no discernible short-term or long-term benefit accrued. The lack of reciprocity proceeding from the Russian “reset” is one of the most blatant.

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  1. Ultimately, it was us Conservatives who failed our country for not speaking up louder. ‘Course that also begs the question, had we done so, would it have mattered?

  2. Mad Mike, I wonder that too. I think the conservatives need to appeal more to the independents, but I do think there is a strong chance that Obama will be a one-term president.

    • What I’ve found is that conservatives are being too bashful about shattering the supposed PC group think of social media like Facebook. I’m done being cowed by the left. They post their political garbage shamelessly online. We need to make their destructive thinking “un-PC” by overwhelming them in sheer numbers. We outnumber them. They need to feel like it.

  3. The irony and contrast cannot be more glaring….unless you are busy worshiping your sun god of course.

    On the one hand we have a man who could have been worshipped refuse the opportunity. While he did not want the position he nevertheless accepted our first Presidency and the dealt humbly with our nation’s capitol city being named after him in adoration. He desired for power to be retained by the individual, and praised the tools for retaining that right.

    On the other hand we have a man who now sits in that capitol named in honor of the embodiment of humility, wisdom, and honor. A man who loves the worship being heaped on him and now is on the verge of stripping us of the last vestiges of our liberty leaving those same tools the last thing between himself and a new kingship.

    We watch in amazement what is happening in Europe with Islam and wonder why these western nations are committing what many there call their own suicide. We need not be amazed any more. In our own way we are not as far behind as most think, something the “progressive” leaders do in fact understand.


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