Trayvon Martin: Ideology, Race, and Media Bias All Enter the Mix

Uproar over student newspaper’s politically incorrect Trayvon Martin cartoon

Eisner, a scholarship student who grew up near Houston, explained: “I feel the news should be unbiased. And in the retelling of this particular event, I felt that that was not the case. My story compared this situation to yellow journalism in the past, where aspects of news stories were blown out of proportion with the intention of selling papers and enticing emotions.”

In its apology, on the other hand, The Daily Texan noted that Eisner had been fired, and it explained that “the decision to run the cartoon showed a failure in judgment on the part of the editorial board. We have engaged in meaningful dialogue with many people who shared their concerns and outrage with us.”

Unless you’ve been living completely isolated and cut off from the civilized world testing out your doomsday bunker for the last few weeks you undoubtedly have found yourself inundated with news, opinion, and commentary on the Trayvon Martin shooting. In a nutshell, a Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer was keeping an eye on a possibly suspicious black male, was then possibly viciously attacked by said male for doing so, and then in a possible act of self-defense shot and killed his possible attacker.

For the month and a half since then whites, law enforcement, government, and about any authority figure except President Obama (who in effect informed us that he possibly might have had a son who might have had a passing resemblance to and worn a hoodie like the now deceased Mr. Martin and possibly suffered his same fate), has been lambasted for not immediately making a rush to judgment and locking up a very unlucky Mr. Zimmerman in the stockade for possibly defending himself from his possible attacker.

The threatened public lynching of Zimmerman has now been moved from outside the court of law to within it as the basically previously  exonerated defender of life and limb has now been charged with 2nd degree murder. One can only suppose the bloodlust of the mob must be fulfilled even in the modern age. It’s an amazing thing to watch as the media-driven frenzy has continually stoked the fire of racial hate and strife across the land for weeks on end.

As the above article points out, what may or may not have been a simple case of self-defense, or the panicky overreaction of a scared man, has now not only taken on the cloak of a racial incident but is swiftly drifting into the ideological realm as well. Daring to not immediately swallow the official media and ‘progressive’ line that an innocent, skittle-eating, happy-go-lucky kid was simply gunned down in cold blood for ‘walking while black’ can now result in public consequences and punishments as Miss Eisner found out the hard way.

Good for her for merely pointing out the obvious and for those who are standing up for her. One of the great lies of liberalism is that it encourages independent thinking, free speech, and racial reconciliation. The exact opposite is reality and the tried and true tactics of speech suppression, forced conformity, and racial tension are being played out before our eyes in an orchestrated and coordinated manner.

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  1. I’m reasonably sure, that had I have been in Trayvon’s body that night, nothing would have happened. Why? Because I wouldn’t have been acting like a hoodlum for one thing. I would have lowered my hoodie and faced the man and explained that I lived in which house and the whole thing would have been over. Trayvon must have done something to escalate the situation apparently into a fist fight that was threatening Zimmerman’s life enough that he pulled the trigger.

  2. Good summary of this rape of the American justice system. Excellent cartoon. Through the Trayvon affair we see, perhaps as never before, the descent of a once-proud nation into the cesspool of Third World political life.

    I have rarely seen in my lifetime a spectacle as unnerving as the announcement by Florida prosecutor Angela Corey of the decision to try Zimmerman for murder. Here was this functionary, this lump of sub-mediocrity, useful idiot, Party hack, Diversity whore, announcing one of the most solemn moments in American history with the tone and demeanor of a corporate human-resources drone making a rah-rah speech at her company’s annual meeting. Thanking this one and that one, blah blah blah. And then openly bragging of her bias in the case, talking of Trayvon’s “sweet parents” and how she assured them that justice would be done. Ms. Corey could hardly contain her triumphalist joy at being the one to seek out and destroy the ultimate scapegoat to the gods of Diversity.

    Whoever heard of such a perversion of law enforcement? I am sick to my stomach of what is happening to this country.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the continued suppression of free speach and thought in the world of acedemia. It is now so bad in the universities that it has unfortunately infected the schools in Texas. It is a sadness that today’s students cannot experience true freedom of speech in the false centers of education. I was truly amazxed that the lady making the announcement could keep a straight face.

  4. I have been called a “cracker” so many times by black men even though there is not a racist bone in my body and I was minding my own business. Two different times in the last year I have observed blacks sucker punching whites from behind and when I intervened they jumped me and assaulted me. There is much more racism in the black communities against whites than there is in the white communities against blacks. By the way, cracker is a racial perjorative every bit as offensive had I called somebody a nigger.

    John Wilder

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