Harvard Offers ‘Understanding Obama’ Indoctrination Course


Communist countries from the old Soviet Union to present-day China and North Korea are famous for their “reeducation” camps. In a related story, Harvard University Law School is now offering a for-credit “Understanding Obama” course – taught by O’s longtime mentor, Charles Ogletree. How revolutionary. The course is designed to indoctrinate teach students how the O-man’s upbringing, race and religion helped shape him into the unique “leader” that he is today. Damn – what took so long?

Here’s how “Understanding Obama” is described in the Harvard Law School course catalog:

This reading group will focus on the way in which race, religion, and politics have impacted the development of President Obama as a leader. We will explore his views as a biracial child, his time as a student at Harvard Law School, the successes and failures of his political campaigns, and the way religion and his views on faith nearly derailed his campaign. Finally, time will be spent analyzing the challenges he faces as President of the United States in establishing both his domestic and global policies.

I wonder if students can receive extra credit if they have O’s face tattooed on their asses?

Professor Ogletree was a mentor to both Obamas while they were Harvard law students. In arecent interview with The Daily Caller, the professor explained that the “reading group” will deal with both the positive and negative issues surrounding Obama and his presidency:

“They’ll be reading both critical and positive issues about Obama – of what’s happened in terms of the way race and religion have been viewed during his candidacy, his presidency, and how it affects the larger country; and some other classic reading on issues of law and justice.” 

Ogletree said his personal views about the Obamas would neither be part of the course nor affect his teaching of it. Uh huh.

“I’m an Obama fan, I love the president – love him and his wife. They were wonderful people to serve as a mentor when they were here in the law school at separate times in the 1980s. There’s a lot to learn.”

Not all Harvard Law students are thrilled to death by the inclusion of an “Understanding Obama” class in the curriculum  – especially for credit – as one student told The Daily Caller:

 “Everyone knows professor Ogletree is an uncritical admirer of the president. To me, this looks like course credit for participating in an Obama fan club.”

That’s exactly the way it looks to me; at least all the brains of Harvard’s law students haven’t been turned to liberal mush. Maybe real hope and change lie somewhere around the corner after all.

Any bets as to whether positive or negative issues will predominate the course? 


What’s next, Mount Rushmore? Although, dude deserves his own mountain.

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10 replies

  1. I’m speechless. And our Leftist friends think we are the nutty ones. Ha. The liberal mind is an unfathomable abyss of confusion, illogic, and idiocy.

  2. “I wonder if students can receive extra credit for having O’s face tattooed on their asses?”

    LOL! Be careful, Rat, what you propose in jest. I seriously think that some of these indoctrinees would take you up on the idea.

    This insanity serves to reinforce my belief that the university, as a repository and transmitter of the Western cultural tradition, is nothing more than a rotting corpse. Time to move on.

  3. Makes me ashamed to be a law student. I hope other law schools won’t follow suit. How presumptuous to offer this class in the “spring of 2013,” when Obummer might actually be booted from the WH

  4. They can offer this course along the side of Historical studies of Marxism and Socialism. It would fit well.

    Jeff Metz

  5. Harvard is now a communist indoctrination clinic. Oh yea, I knew that already.

  6. Mount Rushmore? The only rush this fraud should have is the Bums’ Rush out of our White House.


  1. the 3 forms of influence: rewards, indoctrination, and punishments « the magic of language blog: partnering with reality – by JR Fibonacci

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