Obama Signed Bill to Arrest U.S. Citizens, Deport Them To Foreign Detention Camps- No Trial Needed

I’ve written about this topic before.  But in the light of the recent take-over bid of the last form of free news (the Internet), I feel it is imperative to repost these critical news items.  Most Americans are completely unaware of this new law and are completely unaware of the complete tyranny within them.  This new law, called the National Defense Authorization Act 2012 , is so treacherous that Democratic leaders such as Carl Levin (Chairman of the Armed Services Committee) were stunned and outraged by it.  The Act is so treacherous that the ACLU, normally Obama’s greatest ally, said, “President Obama’s action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law.”

Obama is the master of slight-of-hand.  First, he threatened to veto the bill.  Then he demanded that the clause, called section 103, of the bill be removed.  And then he quickly signed it into law late New Years Eve night while the rest of the world was drinking champagne and ushering in a bright, new year.  Section 103 would have protected American citizens from being detained indefinitely without trial.

Repeat:  Obama threatened to veto the entire bill until Section 103, which protected U.S. citizens, was removed.  Only then did he sign it.

I know.  I sound like a lunatic.  I sound like a conspiracy theorist.  I sound like I am wearing a tinfoil hat.  Therefore, I leave you with the astounding proof below.  God help us all.  Americans, please wake up.  Before we are forced into violent rebellion.  Of this, I am sure:  no red-blooded American would agree with this.  But the news is fully controlled and the only way to know about these laws is via the blogging community on the Internet.  And it is being taken over as I write.  Act now.  Stop the passage of the Cybersecurity laws being voted on in the House & Senate today.  Call your senators while you still can, my friends.  Call now.

National Defense Authorization Act 2012- Wikipedia

Obama Administration Demanded Power To Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens- Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com Monday, December 12, 2011

President Obama Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law -  ACLU news article December 31, 2011 CONTACT: media@dcaclu.org

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12 replies

  1. Oh yes- those evil democrats.

    How convenient to ignore the fact this bill was probosed by republicans. That when it was first introduced and the democrats controlled both houses the bill died. That it was reintroduced by republicans after the tea-party helped them take the house. And that ultimately, it was passed by a veto-proof majority of both houses, with almost total support by the right.

    But of course- that makes it the democrats fault.

  2. Obama is a narcissistic idiot.

  3. Mr. Ed was lost his privilege to comment on my articles long ago as he fails continually to actually make a constructive point. Mr. Ed. Don’t bother.- sincerely, Short Little Rebel

    • I don’t believe SLR was blogging during the Bush era but I can tell you that a good many conservatives and libertarians have been complaining about these kinds of things all along Ed. We stand for liberty and oppose all regardless of party who attempt to smother it. People like you just don’t pay attention until it’s your guy under scrutiny for doing so. The night my friends and I watched the announcement of the DHS we all just shook our heads and told each other it was a very bad idea. And we were right then, and we are right now when it comes to this concentration of all power in the hands of a president.

    • You deleted my post. Now you don’t understand your deletion of my post? Y’all are more Stalinist every day.

      Restore my post, maybe we can talk you into understanding the point.

  4. I’m telling you guys, Pretty soon we are going to have to get microchips or something with the number 666.

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