A Stab in the Back by my GOP Representative

Colorado House panel approves civil unions bill - The Denver Post

Nearly two decades after Colorado became known as the “hate state” for passing a ballot measure aimed at gays, a legislative committee approved a bill that allows same-sex couples to enter into civil unions.

Jubilation and tears followed the historic vote Thursday by a Republican-controlled committee that last year defeated a nearly identical bill.

Rep. B.J. Nikkel, R-Loveland, joined with Democrats in passing Senate Bill 2 on a 6-5 vote. She had infuriated some social conservatives by refusing to commit to vote against the measure, saying she wanted to first listen to the testimony.

“I think it was the right thing to do. We’re all Coloradans, right?” Nikkel said after voting “yes.”

I cannot tell you how furious I am at my state representative for voting for this progressive bill. And I made sure to let her know this morning. Ridiculous. A warning to all Republicans to properly vet your candidates on social issues before backing them just because they say they are ‘conservative.’ All must be held accountable for undermining the traditional family and the concept of traditional marriage. No apologies, no retreat, and no surrender in the culture wars.

There is still a chance the GOP leadership can stall until the session is out but that’s a remote possibility. Principle and integrity are becoming a rare commodies in this nation and within the Republican party on occasion. Shame on Republican Rep. Nikkels for not killing this when she had the chance to do so. I fight every day to defeat the agendas of the Left and while I have known and supported her for years and I expect more from so-called conservatives who have the actual power to defeat these agendas when they rear their ugly heads. When push comes to shove, have the moral courage to stand up for what is right. Stand up for morality and for decency. As a conservative and as a Christian I was just disgusted Monday morning.

It’s all about the mainstreaming of homosexuality and undermining the traditional family structure. It’s that simple. A basic goal and foundational block of the progressive ideology and part of a nation-wide agenda. The family is the cornerstone of Western Civilization. Once you start to weaken, redefine, devalue, and undermine it then you will nothing but trouble. And we see the evidence of that all around us.

Surrendering in the cultural wars is ridiculous. I won’t be a part of it. There is room for social moderates, but it doesn’t mean that suddenly the rest of us have to start cheerleading abortion and officiating at lesbian weddings. Selling out marriage is selling out the soul of civilization whether you realize it or not.

I’m not hateful but I’ve been fighting the culture wars for twenty-five years. I refuse to surrender no matter what and will hold accountable those who do. I’m a Republican because it has been the party of family values, moral conviction, defender of the unborn and traditional marriage and family. Defending such sacred things is a privilege and an honor, and one I will do at every single opportunity that is provided for me to do so. I’ve done it as a College Republican chairman, as a GOP county executive board member, as a columnist, activist, delegate, blogger and in a host of other roles. You have to stand up and draw the line in the sand somewhere. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Moral principles must be defended at all costs. I’m not going to surrender principle because some RINO might not like it. The Left pulls us to the left constantly by playing on our fears of the upset, ignorant ‘moderate’ and we go right along with it like sheep led to the slaughter. How embarrassing is that?

I’ve known BJ for many years. We met when she and I gave the nominating and seconding speeches at a GOP convention for then State Sen. Jim Roberts. But if she thinks for one second that she isn’t going to get publicly scolded by conservatives on this one she is nuts. One of my old college political buddies let me know today that a group of his went out and flyered the cars at her church Sunday morning. They attacked her “judgment lapse” in regards to this. Now that’s hard-core. But simply put, she deserved it.

There were conservatives out picketing the homes of the GOP House leadership today (who oppose the bill) but who may not have the moral courage to procedurally kill it. It’s at the end of the session and it will have to be rushed through to get a vote. If they delay it, there may be political costs down the road but are willing to do whatever is necessary to kill this darn thing? That’s the question.

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  1. You got to watch ‘em every minute, too. Our clowns decided to override vetoes on increasing Medicare benefits, and increasing city sales taxes literally on the last day. Sometimes you just can’t mobilize fast enough.

  2. We’re not fighting hard enough. And we are not recruiting enough fellow patriots to fight this along with us. Good solid protest article. We out number all the Nikkel’s, the Stephen’s, and the comrade Boyd’s legislator’s and they need to know this. These legislator’s are running rogue on us. We need to revive the Tea Party and give the disenchanted a place to go instead of the OWS, islam, or communism.

  3. I’d like to see this blogger go after “Divorce” with the same ferocity. This is obviously a more wide spread epidemic and threat to the sanctity of marriage than same sex marriage. And what about polygamy which is still alive and well within the Mormon community?

  4. Well, the GOP leadership ‘did it’ and stalled until the bill died the death it deserved. Great drama on tv last night as everyone freaked out about it. Awesome.

    Dramatic standoff over civil unions in Colorado kills dozens of bills

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