NO… Spain is NOT stealing the 2012 Election through Vote Count Fraud

For the past few months, I have been inundated with emails, posts and blogs concerning the Spanish-owned company “Scytl” which purportedly was going to count ALL the VOTES for the 2012 Presidential election and help Spooky Man George Soros & Barrack Obama STEAL the election. And predictably, conspiracy theorists and Alex Jones/Jesse Ventura robots have been flooding the internet with variations of emails, posts and videos. So let’s see if we can put this to rest once and for all.

As many of you know, I founded the American Patriot Alliance in 2010 as an organization that works with the various Secretaries of State to ensure they are in compliance with the MOVE Act (Military & Overseas Voting Empowerment Act). MOVE was signed into law in October 2009 to ensure that ALL overseas military personnel and U.S. citizens had the means and ability to vote in federal elections. It requires states to transmit, either electronically or by mail, absentee ballots to UOCAVA voters no later than 45 days before a Federal election except where the state has been granted an undue-hardship waiver for the election pursuant to the Act. The Department of Defense (DoD) is responsible for approving or denying requests for waivers.

In 2010, the Obama Administration, in conjunction with the Defense Department, granted “waivers” to 5 states: Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Washington. In addition, it denied waivers to Alaska, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Wisconsin and the U.S. Virgin Islands. New York was subsequently sued by the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department for failure to issue absentee ballots by the agreed upon October 1 deadline. In settlement, New York agreed to give military members and citizens until November 24, 2010 to have their votes counted.

There appears now, with the purchase of Florida-based SOE Technologies by Scytl, to be a tremendous amount of hysteria concerning 2012 election fraud and the FEAR that ALL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION votes are going to be counted in SPAIN through software technology and rigged in favor of Obama. It is utter and absolutely… FALSE. Here are the FACTS we need to consider:

First, Scytl, a software development company based in Spain did acquire SOE in January 2012. SOE writes “election management” programs that assist officials with everything from “Internet voting to election night reporting and online poll worker training.” However, it does NOT count each and every American vote. Scytl provides the software with which U.S. military personnel, U.S. citizens abroad and absentee voters can choose to vote through electronic ballot or select the option to print off an official ballot for mailing.

Scytl specializes in “electoral security technology” and electronic voting applications. Its cryptographic research initially was funded by the Spanish government’s Ministry of Science and Technology and later was spun off as a private-sector e-voting venture. Scytl works in conjunction with not only the Defense Department, but Overseas Vote Foundation to ensure that fastest, most secure means for casting a ballot in a federal election. Is it 100% secure? No. Nothing over the internet is. However it does provide realtime solutions for U.S. citizens to cast their ballot within their respective jurisdictions.

Secondly, Scytl is not owned by George Soros, nor do any of its Board of Directors have any identifiable or confirmed connection to Soros or his foundations! Scytl investors include Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital and Spinnaker SCR.

Third, only eight states, along with those working with the Defense department, have agreements with Scytl to use their software/services. Those are: West Virginia, New York, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas and Florida, as well as the District of Columbia.

So, let’s now break this down by State to see exactly what agreements they have with Scytl and how it affects individual voters in those jusridictions.

Department of Defense: Scytl was selected by the Federal Voting Assistance Program to provide a secure online ballot delivery and onscreen marking systems under a program to support overseas military and civilian voters for the 2010 election cycle and beyond. Scytl has been awarded 9 of the 20 States that agreed to participate in the program (New York, Washington, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, South Carolina, Mississippi and Indiana), making it the provider with the highest number of participating States.

West Virginia: Scytl provides Internet voting to overseas voters during the 2010 General Elections under an online voting pilot program implemented in Jackson, Kanawha, Marshall, Mason, Monongalia, Monroe, Putnam and Wood Counties. The pilot program utilized military-style encryption to ensure ballot security.

New York: The State of New York selected Scytl, in partnership with the Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF), to provide “Power to MOVE”, a MOVE Act compliant solution aimed at supporting the state’s overseas voter community in the 2010 general election. This innovative solution allows military or overseas voters to download their ballot, cast the ballot and have it in the mail back to New York State the same day. By obtaining their ballot by email, military and overseas voters can receive their absentee ballots earlier than they ever have before.

Washington, DC: The District of Columbia selected Scytl, in partnership with Hart Intercivic to equip their polling stations with electronic voter lists. Scytl’s solution, ePollbook, was aimed at replacing the paper precinct rosters used for checking in voters on Election Day. The system could synchronize voter registration data in real-time and increase the efficiency of voter check-in and verification processes at the polling location. ePollBook was deployed in the US 2010 Primary and General elections.

Alabama: The Secretary of State’s office awarded a contract to Scytl to provide a MOVE Act compliant process to address the difficulties met by overseas voters by the time they cast their vote. Implemented for the 2010 General Elections, Scytl’s system offers the possibility to overseas voters to receive their absentee ballot via electronic means and mark it electronically. This change has cut in half the overseas voting process completion time, knowing that in Alabama, this process can take up to 88 days.

Virginia: Scytl, in partnership with Election Systems & Software (ES&S), was awarded a contract by the Virginia State Board of Elections in 2012 to work jointly on an Advanced Research Project for Military and Overseas Voters aimed at identifying technologies that can increase voting participation across all military circumstances including disabilities, distance and location. In addition to voting technology, other election solutions that will be reviewed as part of the research project are mobile voting technologies for deploying military units.

Mississippi: Scytl and Election Systems & Software (ES&S) have provided BALLOTsafe technology to the State of Mississippi during the State’s 2012 Primary elections. BALLOTsafe’s implementation in Mississippi allowing full ballot access for U.S. military & overseas voters and blank ballot delivery & marking via iPad, tablet or computer.

Arkansas: Scytl and Election Systems & Software was awarded the contract to deploy BALLOTsafe for the State’s 2012 primary election and beyond. Arkansas’ military and overseas will be able to receive their online blank ballots electronically and cast their votes in Arkansas’ May 22nd primary elections.

Florida: Scytl provided its secure Internet voting technology in the 2008 Presidential election of the United States to allow the overseas voters registered in Okaloosa County (Florida) to cast binding votes remotely. The Operation Bravo Foundation, in partnership with the Supervisor of Elections of Okaloosa County and Election Trust, selected Scytl’s technology for its unique capability to allow individual voters to verify that their ballots were received and counted.

So now, the truth being told, we can focus on the more pressing issues of the future of America in the November 2012 election… that being the ousting of Barrack Hussein Obama and his administration from the White House AND taking complete control of Congress!

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  1. Thanks glad you are on top of this! Nancy Jane White cracker !!

  2. I do not want any votes leaving this country! We are America! Has this man in our White House not changed enough or simply ignored our laws and constitution enough already. Why is no one standing up to him? If he is elected again none of us will believe it was not rigged. Obamacare …………really?

  3. Nothing is 100% secure these days.

    The ones that vote determine nothing. The ones that count the votes determine everything. Joseph Stalin


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