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Black Hats vs. White Hats

Republicans, if you vote for Romney, will save the American Dream from Obama. If on the other hand, you vote for Obama, he’ll save women and minorities from being put into GOP chains, returned to slavery. Right. Never mind that the offensive overspending the GOP so objects to is authorized by the Republican-controlled House ever since those complaining Repubs took it over. Never mind that Obama’s policies are just a continuation of Bush policies on steroids. I’m the good guy; my opponent wears a black hat; that’s all you need to know. And to help avoid confusion, the GOP convention Rules Committee voted not to seat any delegates elected by the states if the leadership objected to them. What do you think the Grand Old Party is anyway, a damned democracy? We don’t need no damned democrats in our party! When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you!  Next week, we’ll see what kind of democrats staff the Democrats. I’ll guess: Pro-Obama democrats without exception.

The pols and the media are all about Romney Mormonism, Bain Capital exccsses, white racism (Obama’s 3/4 white racism isn’t racism) and Barak’s lack of leadership and overspending. Really helpful. And BIG, BIG DEAL: Romney’s old tax returns, the recent ones aren’t good enough. Now if Romney was entirely legit, he’d respond: “Ok, you’ll get my returns when I get Obama’s real birth cert. and school records.” Right? But we know Mitt won’t say that and thereby, we know things ain’t legit, don’t we?

The USADA is going after Lance Armstrong for doping without any physical evidence at all; he passed every test while the guys he beat who are now complaining and testifying against him, didn’t. Something doesn’t add up here, right? And something ain’t legit when two Presidential candidates have used the same governmental methods and principles as have Obama and Governor Romney who now suddenly disagree with each other so much, though they remain rather vague on details. But they clearly agree Obama’s invisible antecedents are just fine.

So this is all sound and fury, much ado about nothing to convince the yokels there’s a contest. And just as Obama’s Hope’nChange morphed into a continuation of Bush’s TARP and Afghanistan, whoever wins this time will ‘fix’ ObamaCare, not repeal it and spending cuts will remain crucial needs…for the future. Until the trapdoor opens under that noose, at which point, it’s every man for himself.

If anyone is really listening, he will have noted that not one single candidate has provided specifics about resolving U.S. debt and overspending. Nor especially, about what will follow when those specifics are implemented. They prefer it to be a surprise. But none of our leaders of either party will be surprised; that’s why they’ve set up the military for domestic policing, built prison camps  and are buying all that ammunition you’ve read about.  They’re treating us like kids and so far, we’re acting like kids.

At some point, we’d best start acting like adults or we’re going to lose it all… So far, the only adults in sight, drink tea. Or did. So it seems to me…

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  1. It’s unfortunate. We have to contend with “big” business, “big” unions, “big” oil, and now, apparently, “big” parties. One with bad ideas and one with no ideas.

    “If anyone is really listening, he will have noted that not one single candidate has provided specifics about resolving U.S. debt and overspending” — good observation.

  2. Ouch (a good ouch)…I’m drinking tea as we speak. Good thing.

    • It seems notable that the Romney/Boehner etc. Republican Anointed just deprived the local Republicans of their power to select delegates of their choosing for the next four years in a palace–or convention—coup. When the leadership wants your opinion henceforth, they’ll give it to you…

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