U.S. and E.U. Long, Free Lunch Being Followed By Still-Growing Bill…

There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!

A new law, the National Defense Authorization Act 2012, says the military can grab and hold anyone it accuses of assisting terrorists, without charge or supervision. A group of right and left wing freedom lovers took Congress to court over that; Judge Katherine Forrest (Obama appointee) said the Constitution doesn’t allow indefinite detention without charge. Judge Quashes NDAA Indefinite Detention explains the basics.

The Obama Administration, rather than accepting its own appointees’ ruling, appealed it as is described in: Obama Appeals Anti-NDAA Ruling. Why did the President appeal his own appointee’s Constitutionally grounded ruling? Well, you may choose between the accusation that the Prez wants to add throwing whoever he pleases into jail without bothering with due process to his practice of assassinating whoever he wants with drones without due process, as a fairly recent case involving an American citizen Taliban illustrated or you can if you prefer, go with the Obaman argument in court: “Obama Claimes Harm to US If Can’t Use NDAA. I’ll leave that to you.

Things are happening fast here under White House pressure. Maybe you’ll wish to follow this… for some reason, the mass media doesn’t seem to think it’s worth reporting. But do you think Congress (both parties) agreed on this NDAA 2012 provision (Sec. 1021) by accident? And on funding a bunch of FEMA-built prison camps and on buying tons of anti-personnel pistol ammo for various government departments plus training the military in city policing by a further accident? Seems to me, this shrieks what Congress is expecting after the election when it finally, early next year, introduces European austerity to the U.S.

The E.U. is ahead of us on that, with the result being big riots in Spain and Portugal today. Europe is finally being forced to face the plain fact that it can’t afford to honor its politicians’ promises. Neither, if you remember, could the Soviet Union and neither can the U.S.

For the math freaks: Expensive Political Promises + National Debt and Deficits = Rioting Citizens + Government Thugs and Overflowing Jails.

All brought to you by Progressive governments of both parties that we have elected to replace Darwinian capitalism with compassionate Progressivism, in our perpetual search for a free lunch.

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