Murder…or an Act of War?

This past week, we have seen the worst of humanity paraded before us in the Middle East. Men (at least, we have to assume they are men) captured, raped and killed official representatives from the United States of America. Forget the circumstances of why or who knew what and when – the government officer of our country was raped.

Recently, I’ve been researching pre-Christian pagan societies and the viewpoints and practices regarding marriage, homosexuality, divorce and more. It’s not been all that easy for the primary researchers I’m reading as Christians destroyed most of the records, but one thing was made very clear – rape was considered an act of war in almost all pre-Christian societies, and in various Christian countries as they waged war. Rape of men was not acceptable in any other circumstance in some cultures. And in almost all of them save Greece and Rome, what we know as sodomy was considered rape (and any man who submitted to such, was seen as unmanly).

In any century, any time, that particular crime has been used in war for the specific purpose of degrading, demeaning, humiliating and dominating the enemy, most particularly when a people or land is conquered. In the United States, where we really try to be humane to prisoners of war and we tend not to forcibly conquer any more, war rape is somewhat not in our national psyche. But in places that do not have the basis for American-style decency, rape is still an act of war, and in that context, still acceptable.

Add to that that the victim in this case, Ambassador Chris Stevens, was a man, raped by other men, in a culture that considers homosexuality to be an abomination, and one has to wonder – was the mob really just killing the man as a statement, or is there more to it?

Whether we in the United States like it or not, Islam has been at war with the rest of the world for over 1,300 years. Our European ancestors forcibly kicked out Muslims from various countries, even to the point of losing skilled physicians and scientists due to the destruction of Christian churches, the non-assimilating culture of the people, and crowding out of those who were there before. We are now seeing this played out in the US and Europe yet again, as Islam makes its next move. Whatever good we seek to do with them is undone because they aren’t interested.

Islam only understands brute force. Western Europe found that out the hard way centuries ago, and that reality is not setting in all that easily with the United States and other powerful countries today. There is nothing civilized about the more hard-core of Islamists, at least not from the perspective of Christians who ask questions first so that we can avoid shooting. It would be advisable to remember that. They don’t want to negotiate or settle peacefully. Until Islam is pushed back and on the ropes, we will continue to see our government officials killed, raped and dragged through the streets again and again.

The regime currently in power in the United States has to know this. There is no way they cannot. Why they continue to put officials in harm’s way either by leaking information or not providing adequate security is a subject for another time (and a darn good reason for working to vote them out of office). Getting used to the idea that there is a “religion” at war with us simply because we exist and profess a different set of values is not. Whether we want it or not, Islam will not stop working to destroy that which they cannot convert.

President George W. Bush pledged to have resolve to destroy those working to destroy us. Just because he is no longer in power, does not mean his was wrong or that we should not finish the mission he started. Until this is done once and for all, there will be no difference when it comes to the Middle East. The disciples of Muhammad are determined in their jihadist resolve. We must be equally determined to push back.

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  1. Enjoyed CL. I consider it an act of war just as I consider 9-11 and Pearl Harbor an act of war. This was not nice people acting out in anger for sure. But, the present administration will not consider it an act of war. It will continue to wring its hands and say woe is me.

  2. Well, yes…and no. Violent, murderous Muslims attacking innocents act like beasts; they deserve the same consideration they provide their victims, as economically and expeditiously as may be. And in fact, that’s about all we can afford to give them.

    However, violent, murderous Muslims aren’t Islam; nor even close. One of the salient difficulties dealing with Islamists is the lack of any central authority one might deal with, right? We don’t usually down a tree for a splinter off it. No, this isn’t a ‘religion of peace’ pitch. Just recognition that Islam is really a number of opposing religions that kill each other more often than they kill us and I doubt we’ll get far lumping them together.

    To end an another note of agreement, we will only strengthen our Muslim enemies by failing to back our own culture and values quickly and publicly against their excesses. One recommended step: Remove the pols in the White House from supervising local military affairs. Protecting the enemy while fighting him turns war into nonsense and death into farce! Or so it seems to me…


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